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  1. If Danish B teams have their own competition in the default database, then there's probably some B team/II team specific setting you've missed that's causing the game to remove them from the normal pyramid and put them back into their reserve league. I'm not at home right now so I can't check in the editor, but I'd start there.
  2. Have you considered using the club philosophy section of the editor to add a club philosophy to these teams to prefer/only sign players of X nationality? I've not tried it myself but it seems like something that should work.
  3. Miami and Nashville were already included by SI, if you choose one of them you just don't get games until the 2020 season but you can stilll sign players etc. Uncle Sam (the guy who did this DB last year) was able to include teams entering in later seasons (basically, by placing them in the MLS "division" but not actually including them in any of the competition stages until the year they entered) and there were some things that didn't work perfectly with them but by and large it worked. I don't see why that wouldn't work this time around but that might be for people who are trying it to explain.
  4. I saw a thread from @aeronorrisx in the FM20 download forum that looked like he was basically updating this file, that might be worth watching if they aren't already talking to each other or working together.
  5. A helpful thing I found here is that if you set the competition for a team-picking rule to "American National Academy League" (or any other parent competition), it'll also pick from its linked children. So Get Best Teams In Division/Competition or Get Best Youth Setup Teams, for the National Academy League (or the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, if the real name LNC fix is active) will pick the best teams from all of the subdivisions combined. I use this rule to pick US teams for my FIFA Youth League custom competition (or at least I will once the update uploads) If you want to exclude all the other youth teams in there and pick from ONLY the MLS academies, you'll need to set up an earlier, separate rule like this to ignore the independent academies: Ignore Teams (enable and check) Type - Get Best Teams from Division (it has to be this one, because the sub-option we need to use seems to only be available here) Competition - American National Academy League (or whatever it's called in your DB) Don't Use Affiliate Teams With Same Board As Main Team (enable and check) (there's another option here for Don't Use Minor Affiliate Teams, but in my testing it seemed to exclude teams it shouldn't, so I recommend going with the narrower rule)
  6. I've been eyeing youth-focused games in the Languedoc and Breton regions of France and was really disappointed by the extent to which regional differences like that were reflected in the DB, so this is basically my dream edit (and I can see just how much work went into it). Excellent idea, looking forward to seeing it in practice!
  7. They should, on at least a similar level to results in the unmodded UEFA competitions, but I've never really done a rigorous observation to make sure.
  8. Sorry, that was my fault, I uploaded without running verification again. Should be fixed now.
  9. I'd like to start by thanking Graaa, the mad genius behind this custom USA database from FM15. This edit includes a lot of his work on the Extended Club World Cup that was part of that file alongside the changes I made, and I only posted it because he chose not to continue that mod or update it, but left its details as fair use for others, and I thought the idea was too awesome to let it vanish - as someone who plays a lot in the Americas I really liked the option of being able to take my team onto a bigger stage than the CONCACAF Champions League could provide. But enough biography. This database edit replaces all club continental competitions and the Club World Cup with three worldwide club tournaments: the FIFA Champions League, World League, and Youth League. All domestic leagues are left untouched and will run alongside the intercontinental tournaments: fancy midweek trips to Argentina to play Boca between your league matches? I BET YOU DO. The FIFA Champions League and World League are senior-level tournaments that mostly work how you expect: Champions League has better competition and better payouts (though the difference between the two isn't as derisory as in real life), finish high enough in your domestic league or win your major domestic cup and you get a ticket (if your league of choice doesn't use a single table or has some other continental qualification shenanigans, it SHOULD work properly depending on how SI or your database modder of choice coded that specific league, but I can't be certain. There are qualifiers (the Champions League winner, World League winner, and champions of 30 specified leagues do not have to go through them, and instead get automatic group stage places), and a group stage, and a knockout stage, and Big Fancy Neutral Site Finals. There is now also goal line technology and VAR (in CL/WL group stage games and onward). The FIFA Youth League uses a similar format and replaces the Viareggio Tournament or whatever it is called for people that aren't using the Susie Real Name fixes, that pits elite U18 teams against each other - I couldn't get the editor to choose exactly the teams that qualified for the CL, the way the UEFA Youth League does, but the idea is the same. There is also a a FIFA Super Cup between the Champions League and World League winners, scheduled after qualifiers finish (since neither of those teams participate in them) but before the September international break and the start of the group stages. News: No changes from the FM19 version except for bug fixes. The FM19 version is unlikely to receive any further updates. Downloads: The FM20 version of this mod is available on the Steam Workshop, or as an attachment to this post. (Steam will usually be updated first if bugfixes are necessary) Known Issues Squad registrations may disappear upon loading a save game - this is apparently due to an SI bug, but on a CL/WL matchday you will still be able to select and register ineligible players even though it says you can't, so this is annoying but not fatal? Duplicate squad registration prompts may appear on the deadline, and the second one usually has glitches. I can't see why this is happening yet (there's nothing in the editor rules that would explain it), so in the meantime I've changed the squad registration for the tournaments so that it's now possible to get past the broken prompts. If you need more details, they're below. Let me know if there are any other bugs or if you have any suggestions, and otherwise have fun! Qualifiers: The number of spots is fixed, unfortunately (even the advanced editor won't let me do otherwise), and laid out as follows: 1 automatic CL group stage place, 3 places in 4th QR, 1 place and the cup winner in 3rd QR, 1 place in 2nd QR: Spain, Germany, England, Italy, France, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Argentina, 1 automatic CL group stage place, 2 places in 4th QR, 1 place and the cup winner in 3rd QR, 1 place in 2nd QR: Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Czechia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, USA, Austria, Croatia, Chile, Denmark, Colombia, Paraguay, Poland, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Japan, China. 2 places in 4th QR, 1 place and the cup winner in 3rd QR, 1 place in 2nd QR: Uruguay, Scotland 1 place in 4th QR, 1 place in 3rd QR, 1 place and the cup winner in 2nd QR: Romania, Belarus, Ecuador, Cyprus, Norway, Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Peru, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Slovakia, Qatar, UAE, Moldova, Hungary, 1 place in 3rd QR, 1 place and the cup winner in 2nd QR: Honduras, Algeria, Iceland, Morocco, Australia, Canada, Bosnia, Nigeria, Ghana Every other FIFA member country ((in other words: all other countries in the DB except for defunct, disputed, or the following: Bonaire, Martinique, Reunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Zanzibar, Micronesia, Kiribati, French Guiana, Sint Maarten, Mayotte, Northern Mariana Islands, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Tuvalu).) starts in the 1st QR, with one or two spots: Countries that are playable in the base game that start here include: 2 spots (league and cup champion): Finland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, India 1 spot (league champion only): Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Format Details: The Champions League has four qualifying rounds, with two-legged fixtures starting in July. All CL qualifiers are seeded into these rounds depending on how high they finished and which league they qualified from or won the domestic cup in, as above. The 96 winners in the 4th qualifying round (August) go to the CL group stage along with the 32 automatic qualifiers, the losers go to the WL group stage. Each group stage features groups of 4 (so six games each). CL plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, WL on Thursdays, from September through December. CL: 32 groups of 4, the top 2 in each group qualify for the knockout rounds. WL: The 24 group winners and the 8 best second-place finishers qualify for the knockout rounds, along with the 32 third-place finishers from the CL. Everything goes as you'd expect from there. Prize Money (all amounts in Euros) CL Qualifying Phase: 1st round: 75k 2nd round: 150k 3rd round: 250k 4th round: 400k CL Group Stage (WL pays about half this amount) 20M for all Group Stage participants, 1.5M per victory, 750k per draw CL Knockout Rounds (WL pays about half this amount, Super Cup final pays approximately half of World League final): 7M for all knockout round participants, + 4M for reaching second knockout round + 6M for reaching QF + 10M for reaching SF + 20M for winning final or 15M for losing final Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  10. I feel like it's always been this way on both of these? Had you been able to get your UEFA revival competitions to use coefficients, to show up in the league rules, and use the default colour-coded qualification places? Because I've never been able to do that with mine (but I don't use the existing UEFA competitions at all), so I just settled for "can't do this, okay, we'll just go without".
  11. There's another way that should be more compatible (because it doesn't depend on any specific continental competition and lets you keep your edits self-contained): In the advanced rules under your new competition in there SHOULD be an entire section (similar to the fixture dates or TV money sections) called "continental cup qualification" or something similar. I'm at work so I can't check in the editor directly. But it basically decides what teams count as "qualifying for continental competition from the league" (spots from domestic cups, if the club continental rules qualify teams from there, aren't included on that page). So if you edit that page in your nation's top division (as decided by the division levels set in nation rules), you can basically make whatever weird-ass continental qualification order you like, even one that ignores that division entirely (SI's default rules for MLS use it to handle the notoriously complicated way that MLS hands out continental spots (it even handles the exclusions for Canadian teams properly), so when you first edit the advanced rules for the USA you can look at that page and see how it works. For example, I have a personal edit to the Canadian Premier League custom DB, that uses that page to give a continental spot to the Voyageurs' Cup runner-up,, the CPL champion, and then falling back by places in the CPL overall table., but specifically excluding the MLS B-teams I moved into the CPL).
  12. Great simple idea and I absolutely agree. I had done a similar edit for myself but as I was thinking about it I realised that mine nerfed players a bit too much (mine required 185+ for a -10, 175-185 for a -95 rather than 170-180, and so on) so I'll be downloading yours to use instead, thanks!
  13. I guess that if you didn't give your scouts any other assignments at all, and filtered out stuff like agent offers and so on in the scouting centre preferences, then it would basically do that?
  14. Isn't there still the checkbox on any shortlist to "keep scout reports up to date"? I THINK you can just check that and your scouts will periodically scout players on your shortlist to full knowledge?
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