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  1. Mostly, six years of trial and error, because as you surely know, the documentation for the editor is terrible and the bugs are worse. Steam tells me I have like 10,000 hours combined in FM games since I took over this file and I can assure you I've spent more of that time in overnight test saves than actually playing the damn game. Thanks for the compliment though! Re your crashes, I was going to say that I ran a test overnight using Africa Extended, the Royal League Collection, a few of pr0's custom leagues, a couple of my personal custom leagues, and various database-only edits (
  2. I prefer static as well honestly - I like the idea of dynamic but the compromises to make it work in the current FM are messy. The static version doesn't have the spot-shifting stuff, so nobody should lose spots. My test with both versions got past those dates but I'm sorry you're having crashes. Do you know the exact date in June they're happening?
  3. So this took a little longer than I had planned but here's the 21.3 update for both the static and dynamic versions. A couple of additional bug fixes: FIFA Super Cup colour scheme should be less eye-tearing One more desperate try at stopping teams from being drawn into both the CL and WL Squad registration bugfix Worldwide Champions League (static).fmf Worldwide Champions League (dynamic).fmf
  4. I'm already working on updating this for 21.3: I want to run a quick test before I release but it looks like I should be able to put it up today or tomorrow. Unfortunately they still don't seem to have fixed the bug with updating items on Steam Workshop but if you're reading this thread that clearly isn't a dealbreaker!
  5. Cup ties make a player unavailable for registration for another team for the entire season of the competition (this rule used to be in the real CL before it was removed a few years ago, but I prefer things with it included). In the current version of the file, a player only gets cup tied to their team if they play six CL matches for them. Thanks for the compliment. I do the best I can with what SI give us, and as for more support in the Editor - well, we're not the only ones asking for things, are we. I imagine that if you were using the static version of qualifying spots (so
  6. Glad to find this thread, because I have a save with Vancouver that's impacted by this issue sooner - as in, the board gave me this objective for the first season, and then four months in on April 5th 2021 (which is before the Canadian Championship for that year even plays its first round) the objective flips from "struggling" to "failed" and the board calls me in for a tense meeting. I have a save from the same day (when the objective is still "struggling", so like two hours before it's registered as failed) that I can upload if it will help reproduce.
  7. As ever, I'd like to start by thanking Graaa, the mad genius behind this custom USA database from FM15. This edit includes a lot of his work on the Extended Club World Cup that was part of that file alongside the changes I made, and I only posted it because he chose not to continue that mod or update it, but left its details as fair use for others, and I thought the idea was too awesome to let it vanish. This database edit replaces all club continental competitions and the Club World Cup with three worldwide club tournaments: the FIFA Champions League, World League, and Youth League. All
  8. I actually don't think the Required Teams panel is of much use, but it's been there since the original version of the edit and I've seen no reason to change it. What happens when you try and set "None" as the continent you're setting continental rules for? It's been a very long time since I changed that setting in the editor for Worldwide CL (to be honest I'm not sure if I ever did it or whether it was Graaa's code I just kept), but I seem to remember doing it that way. If you can't do it that way, you should be able to get the same effect by exporting the edit to XML and manually ed
  9. @nepejkeI literally can't play the game without this edit anymore and if I'm doing it for myself I might as well share it, so yes I will be updating. The work for the 21 version is actually pretty much done, I just haven't had a lot of time to test it yet. But I expect to post it this weekend, or next week at the latest (since I'll have time off from my day job).
  10. Try setting the reputation of the cup lower? When I've had the board consider a cup "not important", it's usually because it's lower reputation than my other competitions.
  11. It does, yes. It seems to have something to do with moving Q1 and Q2 losers into the World League but only in the first year, subsequent years work fine. I'll see if I can make another try at fixing it before Tuesday but I'm not expecting to find an answer. I did catch a bug in the dynamic version (teams ending up in both group stages AGAIN, ugh) and a fix I hadn't made in the static version, so I've reuploaded both of those on this page and in the OP.
  12. The first few seasons of my holiday testing are in and, while the competition itself works as well as before, there wasn't any visible change in league reputations so I can't tell if the dynamic system is actually working. My guess is that the same bug being discussed over here, which only SI are in a position to change, is freezing league reputations entirely, but it may be that I'm just not watching for long enough. Anyway, even if they're static it's not a huge change from the static version, so I'll post the update and go from there. Since the FM20 version is now final, I'll also post
  13. Unlike last year, it wasn't possible to get a head start on testing this mod for the new game by using the old version with the beta and seeing what broke - but on the bright side, I was able to use this time to mostly finish a final patch to the FM20 version, with a few bugfixes (scheduling conflicts mostly) and one new feature I've always wanted to include: Dynamic CL Slot Assignment Credit to krlenjushka for lighting the way - his trick with hidden league stages didn't work here (it would have required a 211-team league stage, which quite predictably crashed the editor) but I've f
  14. This is true (SI ideally want feedback on the unmodified game), but it's still been possible to trick previous years' betas into loading editor data when it's in XML, and I've experimented with getting it to work in this one. From what I can tell, database only changes can still be enabled whether they are XML or FMF files. The checkbox will usually be disabled saying "this file needs to be verified" even though DB only changes have generally not needed verification (though the Bookmakers file from Susie's FM20 licence fix still lets the checkbox work for some reason that I might investi
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