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  1. To set it in the editor you have to edit the editor's config files. This used to be a lot easier but it's still possible to do. For FM19, download the FM19 Resource Archiver from Steam and launch it. Click "Extract Archive" and find the file "comp editor.fmf" in your Steam folder "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data" Select a folder to extract the files to In the new folder, find "group.xml" in the folder "format\rule group\advanced" Look for this portion: <!-- number of groups --> <record> <flags id="field" value="number_groups" /> <translation id="name" translation_id="344403" type="use" value="Number Of Groups[COMMENT: advanced editor competition rules, set comp group details]" /> <flags id="type" value="integer" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="294531" type="use" value="Number of groups in this group stage[COMMENT: Competition editor; field hint]" /> <integer id="default_value" value="2" /> <integer id="min_value" value="1" /> <integer id="max_value" value="32" /> <!-- group Z is last group stage name --> </record> Change "max_value" from 26 to 32. Save the xml file. Before you go to the next step, make a backup of your "comp editor.fmf" file in case the process goes wrong for whatever reason Go to the Resource Archiver and package the file back together: Click "Create Archive" and save the archive file in the "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data" folder. Only overwrite the existing file there if you had made a backup of it. Launch the Editor and it should let you set 32 groups. After that, you'll need to give the extra groups custom names, because naming them with letters only goes up to 26, and (oddly enough) naming them with numbers has a limit too but I can't remember what it is.
  2. Aren't TFC III playing in the USSDA this year? https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2018/06/07/toronto-fc-academy-joins-us-soccer-development-academy
  3. For what it's worth, one problem I've seen trying this file with the update is that Inter Miami will need to be re-created - I guess that the extinct team they were edited from was removed from the base 19.3 DB for some reason?
  4. ....man, who raised this thread from the dead? Anyway, it's possible to search by gender in the pregame editor but not, so far as I can tell, ingame. I completely understand why SI chose to do that, but I still went and used that fact to make a shortlist of all (so far as I can tell) of the pre-generated female backroom staff in the DB to upload to the Workshop.
  5. From what I've read and seen, you can't have any competition in a single nation that's running on that nation's season update day. This means you can't practically mix summer and winter competitions unless you use the advanced rules to move the update day to a date where none of the competitions are active (which of course requires that such a date exist).
  6. Inter Miami goes in with Nashville in 2020, as is currently expected. Cincinnati arrives a year before them. The file has it right already.
  7. Does the Overall Squad rule "U21 National Players In Squad" not work for this? There's no way to do the minutes thing but you could do the "3 U21 Canadians on the roster" part easily if that rule does what it says (which is not always a guarantee, yes.)
  8. For those of you starting new saves after the transfer deadline, I've updated this file to fix a couple of issues that have been reported. I've attached the download below but it will also be available in the OP and on the Steam Workshop: bugfix - discipline rules should now work as intended (3 yellow cards for the first suspension, then another suspension for every 2 yellows after that. Yellow cards reset at the end of qualifying, at the end of the group stage, and after the quarterfinals) tweak - moved the First Knockout Round (round of 64) to December in order to alleviate fixture congestion in the spring tweak - adjusted schedule for 2022 tournaments to avoid the Qatar World Cup. Other years should maintain the normal schedule. Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  9. In game, the only players that need to go through the draft are players from the NCAA (for this file) or the PDL (in the vanilla game) - the specific lower division that the draft pulls from. Youth from other MLS teams' academies have their MLS rights held by their academy's parent team, and if you want to sign them you need to trade for their rights. Any other domestic youth from independent teams (say, other USSDA academies, or USL/NPSL/NASL teams, or Canadian teams) can be signed directly. MLS teams can also sign youth from foreign teams directly (but there are limits on the number of international players). Like Sam says, if the kid was signed from an MLS team's academy by a foreign team, then that team has the right to him if he comes back to MLS - say, Schalke's McKennie, who was signed from Dallas's academy without ever getting a first team contract. If he decided to come back, he wouldn't need to go through the draft, but Dallas would have the first right to him and if anyone else wanted him they'd need to trade with Dallas for his rights. The Manchester City (or Red Bull) situation you describe is possible, but it happens a lot less often than you might expect for some reason (I figure it just really isn't worth the parent team's trouble yet).
  10. A little non-urgent...display bug, I guess, in the USSDA Northwest: It seems to only be a display bug - the right teams actually qualify for the USSDA playoffs, but the green bars and the C/Q flags are assigned seemingly at random. Looking in the file, it looks like the "Extra League Games" section in league settings of stage 1 of the USSDA Northwest isn't set properly: it's "1," instead of "1,34,34" like it is for the others. Just thought I'd let you know so you can slip it in whenever the next update is planned.
  11. FWIW, It's theoretically possible to add a U Sports draft using the advanced rules editor (the unique way that it works IRL is probably not doable) but if you're using the basic rules then yeah it's impossible. Any plans to add the U Sports leagues or teams themselves or is that below the level you want to implement?
  12. It will not. Apparently it did last year so maybe you saw an early report that they'd changed that rule and just forgotten about it.
  13. I've actually already done that myself, and it's a ton of work so I'll save you or Uncle Sam (who has really done enough - great work, dude ) the effort; It is possible but there are several problems with it: a) the panel for fixtures in basic rules isn't the same as the panel for fixtures in advanced rules, so you can't just copy-paste in the editor, you have to export the file as XML and edit that, b) the XML schema for fixtures in basic rules isn't the same as the format for fixtures in advanced rules, so you can't even copy-paste the XML from the basic rules file to an advanced rules file without converting it first, For an example, here is a single "real fixture" in the basic rules XML: <record> <date id="date" day="3" month="3" year="2018" time="0"/> <string id="time" value="1300"/> <record id="home_team_id"><integer id="Ttea" value="72000789"/></record> <record id="away_team_id"><integer id="Ttea" value="1904"/></record> <integer id="home_goals" value="0"/><integer id="away_goals" value="2"/> </record> and here is the same fixture in the advanced rules XML: <record> <integer id="day_of_month" value="3"/><integer id="month" value="3"/><integer id="year" value="2018"/> <string id="time" value="1300"/> <record id="home_team_id"><integer id="Ttea" value="72000789"/></record> <record id="away_team_id"><integer id="Ttea" value="1904"/></record> <integer id="home_goals" value="0"/><integer id="away_goals" value="2"/> </record> There are, of course, 391 of these in the 2018 MLS season so non-masochists would want to use a regular expression search-replace to do this (which, traditionally, is one more problem). I've attached the converted version below in a text file, you'd need to copy and paste it into the XML of this edit, replacing the "<list id="league fixtures"/>" (the second league fixtures line in this section, and it'll break if you replace the wrong one) in the section that looks like this (you should be fine just searching for "usa_mls_2018" to find it in the XML): <list id="league_fixtures"> <record> <list id="league_fixtures"/> <integer id="year" value="2018"/> <integer id="index" value="0"/> </record> </list> <string id="file" value="usa_mls_2018"/> <integer id="XSvC" value="15"/> c) for some weird reason, even after you've done all that, if your real fixtures include real results (that is, if the fixtures entries have home_goals and away_goals values), the editor test will throw an error and not properly complete the regular season, so the playoff stages won't be created, so the file won't verify. I haven't been able to figure out why (except that if you remove the scores from your fixtures it doesn't throw the same error, so if you're fine with just having the real fixtures without the real results, then you can remove the score values from the XML, verify, and move on). But if you want to include the real results, it works fine in game if you export a verified file to XML, edit the XML directly with the changes, then reimport the edited XML and save it in the editor without making any other changes in the editor (or just create a save using the XML file). (if you want to make any changes to the file using the editor while keeping the real results, you will now have to export the file as XML when you're done, manually edit it to mark it as verified (keep a backup copy of the verified file in XML so you can make those changes easily with a file compare tool), then reimport and save or use the XML directly to start a save), d) for some other weird reason, even after you've done all this, the game doesn't always recognise every division level as verified even though it recognises the file as verified, so the level selector in the Start Game screen doesn't work properly and you can only use the default division level (which is set to 7 in the file, so you're fine to use all the added divisions and teams, but if you want to use fewer levels you'll have to make that change in add/remove leagues after you start, or change the default division level yourself in the USA nation rules). It still works fine ingame, at least. tl;dr: it's a pain, and if you want to keep the real results along with the fixtures it will require an additional annoying song and dance to convince the game to let you use it, but I've done it so you don't have to and attached it all here. 2018 MLS Fixtures in Advanced Rules XML.txt 004_USA Canada Expansion 2.19 with 2018 MLS Results.fmf
  14. Yes, the screenshot doesn't look like that amount has changed so even if the tweak works (and I haven't had time to test) it'll mostly mean you can pay more capped Senior contracts but not pay any particular player more money. There's a hardcoded rise in the salary cap after the first season that raises the Senior contract cap accordingly but they apparently didn't expose the method they used to do so to the editor. I will continue to live in hope that the next MLS CBA has some sort of scaling salary cap like hockey so we don't have to deal with this every year. You're probably using the editor in English-US language: the option you want is "Annual Salary" (though both Annual Salary and Annual Wage Except... will change the cap number to whatever you set, and, again, I haven't had time to examine whether there's a difference between the two in how they work out).
  15. While you're fiddling with fixture rules, am I the only one that's having a weird issue with the USSDA leagues where none of the players on Amateur contracts are eligible for the actual games (they're flagged as "ineligible due to being on a month-to-month contract" or something like that). It seems to be an SI bug with the "allow any numbers" squad number rules flag in fixture rules, where it is not actually doing that but is instead setting the rule to disallow registration/play for players on month-to-month contracts - which includes the "amateur" contracts that most USSDA players, especially MLS academy players, are on. Disabling that flag by unchecking "squad number rules" in that fixture ruleset so none of the three options ("allow any numbers", "B-teams use 1-11 numbers" or "players on month to month contracts cannot be registered") seems to correct the behaviour. (The third of these options, where this result is apparently intended behaviour, does what it's supposed to. The second might fix it too, but I didn't check because I was trying to figure out another weird squad number issue so I didn't check if the DA worked properly there.)
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