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  1. Regarding MLS Academy teams: they're supposed to automatically release players at the end of the season in which they turn 18 (according to the inbox item, anyway), but they appear to be releasing them at the end of the season in which they turn 17, so a year early. See the attached screenshots for an example - of the six players released at the end of the 2019 season, none of them had turned 18 yet. Is this intended?
  2. The workaround Sam describes in this post still works for me in 20.4 (but I saved a game setup file after using it so I just reload that game setup when I restart): You need to have Canada selected for this because Canada (at least in the official DLC, not sure about other Canada DBs) has no 2019 start dates available, so when you add the USA and the hardcoding tries to reset to a 2019 start date,, it doesn't find one and just leaves things where they were. 2020 start dates seem to cause weird but not gamebreaking issues with the 2020 Superdraft (because it doesn't happen, but AIs seem to keep trying to trade 2020 picks through that season) and sometimes the 2020 March waiver draft (if I start later than 24 December, the game doesn't let me control the March waiver draft and it'll pick players for me that I don't actually want). CCL and Leagues Cup are harder to address: if you're somehow using the real results for MLS/Liga MX/etc's 2019 seasons then it should work out mostly fine (except for the spots assigned to the Open Cup/MLS Cup winners, since you can't include real results for cups or playoffs). Otherwise, I think you can use the pregame editor to choose specific teams for those competitions in 2020 but I don't know precise steps to do it, or whether you'd need to entirely rebuild those competitions in order to do so.
  3. Loading China PR or South Korea or Canada let you start at the end of February 2020, as long as you don't have the USA loaded (if you do, there's a trick you can do using Canada start dates to start in 2020 even though it's normally disabled). I guess that's as close as we can get to a CL Q1 start right now, and as a bonus it matches better with the winter update?
  4. It seems to be playable as long as you start after July 2019 (or at least none of my previous tests have run into the crash everyone is talking about and I think that is why - the file works through July 2020 and onward just fine. I'll see if I can track down the problem with summer 2019 start dates but for now I recommend starting in fall/winter 2019 or spring 2020.
  5. Thanks, appreciated. I agree with the likely cause and it'll really help in narrowing things down.
  6. Weird. Okay, I'll do a bit more digging into this. If as many of you as possibble could tell me what leagues you have loaded and/or what other data files you're running with this it would be a big help.
  7. You could set a short-term transfer ban on all teams using the pregame editor - something like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1920505736&searchtext=transfer+ban but only until whatever date you want transfers to be re-enabled? It can take a long time for the editor to actually DO it since you'd have to mass-select a lot of clubs, edit a transfer ban in, and then wait a few minutes for the editor to actually process all the changes - but it does work (though it would probably override any transfer bans that certain teams might already have, like say Chelsea's summer window ban?).
  8. @anitamuiI'm not getting a crash that day, but I did notice a bug with the draw for that week's qualifying round that might be causing it so I've updated the OP with a fix.
  9. I've made another change to try and address this, but since the winter update came out early I'm just going to call it a new release instead of a release candidate. Steam Workshop has already been updated and the OP will be updated shortly.
  10. I wasn't working on anything like this right now so I wasn't in a position to test my idea (combining two or three entire national pyramids is, you'll surely know, a ton of work to do just to test a theory), but if either of you have your current files handy I'd be happy to take a look at them in my spare time and see if I can come up with a fix.
  11. I've tracked down and fixed why this was happening and also tried yet another way to avoid teams being drawn into both group stages. The editor test looks good up to 2030 but we'll see how it works out in game before I update the release version - but I think we're getting close. Worldwide Champions League (testing).fmf
  12. Yes, they start in the USL in 2020.
  13. Whoever that is won the Serie A the previous year, right? I'll release a new test version in the next couple of days dealing with the rankings thing and, hopefully, also that.
  14. Thanks for the spot! I don't know why that's still happening (none of the stage rules should allow it), but here's another update that should include another failsafe to prevent it. Worldwide Champions League (testing).fmf
  15. Is anyone else having this problem? It appears for me (when I first make a save, it appears under the name of the Toulon Tournament because I'm using a real name fix that changes the name of the extinct competition I re-used for it, but after reloading the save it has its normal name).
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