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  1. I'd really like to see more Leagues In Focus tabs, so that we can quickly and easily follow more leagues at the click of a button. Much easier than having to scroll through the world menu. Something like 5 tabs would be nice for those of us with large saves, which would mean we can follow 45 leagues instead of 9.
  2. I was tempted to run with something like that at first but I thought more freedom would be more accurate given that (I think) the rules were a little more lenient back in the day.
  3. Great job but I think the frequency of injuries might be a little bit too high. I'm having to send players to specialists every couple of days.
  4. Not sure about the Club World Cup but I do have plans to make the Europa League 2. Just a matter of waiting for the editor bug to be fixed so the competitions can grab winners of other competitions.
  5. New update, ladies and gents. Lots of new stuff added to the project. As always just give me a heads up if there are any errors etc. Enjoy
  6. Cheers. What happened for me when I copied everything over was that the Premier League scoreboard showed up (though it did have the solid background), however I wasn't able to select any other ones as the button to the left of the scoreboard was there but did nothing.
  7. Man, I'd love to use this mod with the FLUT skin but I'm not very good with skinning code either
  8. In fairness I'm not sure if that's really a necessary change. There are other issues that need to be addressed for my next update. I do have a new file planned so I'll see what I can do for that one.
  9. Yeah it's down to an unfortunate bug in the editor where there's an error grabbing the winner from the previous seasons. I've got a bunch of files ready to go in a new update but they can't be used yet. The good news is I submitted this issue to the team on the bugs forum and it's currently under review, along with the stadium capacity for the final.
  10. I wouldn't imagine so? The Teams section underneath Required Teams is designed to grab the top division teams, rather than specific ones. In my other files I had to remove the required/registered teams to get them to work properly, although at the same time they do have a continent assigned.
  11. Here you go. I've managed to get it up and running when I set it to North or South America but there are still some varying errors in there. If I set it to no continent, none of it shows up. CONCACAF-CONMEBOL TEST 2.fmf
  12. I tried setting the structure to no continent again and it's not showing up in the game. Where exactly should it be in the world menu?
  13. Thanks. My first time working on anything like this so it's a case of trial and error at the minute.
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