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  1. @andrex1108 Looked at your version of the file and because there are so many moving parts involved with teams dropping into lower competitions it'll take a lot of work to get it running smoothly. Changing the qualifying rounds is the big issue because new teams are entering all 3 competitions in every single round. Adding more teams to the qualifiers will also require a larger group stage, which will then require more group fixtures. That is hard to work around domestic cup ties and international breaks.
  2. I don't think I'll be adding any more formats this year. I'll only be fixing errors/bugs that I can from now on until FM20. I'm pretty sure the formats you want are already in the newest update though. No problem. I've been a bit busier than I was expecting and haven't had time to look yet but I'll try and get a look as soon as I can.
  3. Thanks. The Club World Cup should be listed under Club Competitions, which is underneath the 6 continents. If you don't have the names fix then it should be called something like the World Club Championship. Yeah, I'll take a look at it some time tomorrow I'm wondering if that's to do with blocking out Champions League teams from qualifying. 3rd placed teams in the UCL group stage are supposed to drop into the UEFA Cup/Europa League.
  4. Nah, that's been an ongoing problem for a number of years now. The only way to get coefficients to work is to combine the rules with the code, but then the competition rules mess up. Hoping that they'll address this in the near future so that competitions with fully customized rules can have coefficients update each season.
  5. The way I've set it up would mean it's crucial, yeah. I gave each round its own index with a matching ID (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 and so on). In the Teams section for the round you'll have to state which seeds you want joining the round (seed 4 for first round).
  6. If you've increased the seeding for the first round to say, 64, then you'll need to set 64 teams participate in that round, as well as set it in the round options (64 teams added, 32 games played)
  7. Yeah. Each club in the database has a "last position" box in their competition details page, which is how competitions know which teams to grab.
  8. It relies on the seeding to decide who qualifies in every season. I cleared the registered teams list due to having a customized format. So instead of 3 Italian teams being registered for the Champions League for example, I cleared the registered list and the game now grabs the top 4 Italian teams.
  9. I may be wrong on this but I think the problem there is that the teams you block will be exempt from qualifying for the UEL every year.
  10. If the winner and runner-up qualify then it should give the extra spot to the domestic league of the winner. If that league already has 5 then it should go to the domestic league of the runner-up. If they're both from the same nation then it's a case where you'd end up with 6 teams I think. It's a really convoluted process lol. By the way I forgot to mention, I had a look through the file guide for you and you mentioned that file 4 was the one you liked best but wanted winners to qualify for the following season? If that's the case I would recommend file 28. 28 is an alternate to file 6 (which is the same as 4 but has the Cup Winners Cup) and winners qualify for the following season's competitions. Will be much easier for you instead of having to edit everything. It definitely needs to be sorted as it worked fine in FM18. That's what I don't get. How could they have it not work in FM17, fix it in FM18, then have it not working again in FM19?
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