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  1. Your situation sounds kinda similar to Sir. Bobby's time at Sporting. He described the club's president as a loose cannon and was sacked with them sitting top of the league. Maybe it's down to the club owners having stats in the game as well, which can lead to them being over-expectant or interfering too much.
  2. I'll be adding the Europa League 2 again but as the UEFA Conference League. Got some ideas for some more stuff but nothing set in stone yet. It's going to depend on whether or not the editor bugs are fixed and if any new features added.
  3. I think it'll be down to me not listing Liechtenstein in the rankings, or in the seeding section for each competition. In real life isn't it a case of if they don't finish high enough in the league then they have no teams in Europe at all the following season due to not having a domestic league? I might need to either change the Liechtenstein teams to Switzerland, or create a Liechtenstein league next year to fit them into qualifying somehow.
  4. Ah of course, the whole Liechtenstein issue. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll try and find a way around that when I'm configuring everything for FM20. As for the issue you were having, I'll take a look at both files tonight just in case there's something there.
  5. Thanks Northern Ireland was clashing with the files in FM18 but it works OK with FM19. I also had to reconfigure the starting dates for each competition due to a clash with playoffs in The Netherlands. Have you tried running it without the custom England DB? There might be something in there causing a scheduling problem. If the problem is still happening without that file then I'll look into it later tonight for you.
  6. Hi @hessemte I think he was referring to a custom file, which would have caused some kind of clash with mine. Are you using files 21 and 32 in the same save? If so that will likely be the cause of your problem.
  7. It's always worth a test in-game. I haven't tried using the block teams option so I'm not overly familiar with it. I know a few in this thread have tried it though and managed to achieve what they were aiming to do. The problem I was having was that while I was able to get the winning teams into the competition for the next season, the Champions League would often have 6 teams from one nation. I'd imagine if they finish near the top of the Swiss Super League they should qualify for European competitions.
  8. I totally agree with that, which is why the conversation system should be revamped along with the social media aspect if they want it to work properly. My point was simply that on paper the social media aspect belongs in the game in this day and age. Fan/pundit/journo pressure is a big part of modern football, as is professionals within the game interacting on there. Clubs even go at it with each other on there now from time to time. Speaking of which, hiring social media staff could also be a welcome addition.
  9. The manager's job could be to handle situations relating to players interacting on social media though. The manager has to pull a player into their office and deal with an issue via the game's conversation system. It's another ingredient that could build or destroy relationships within the game, and increase/lower pressure on the manager depending on their handling of the situation and their man-management. Of course it's common sense to also want a better match engine/graphics and improved tactical options etc but it's also fair to say that the majority of the game is probably spent outside of the match engine. Why not improve that side of it every year as well?
  10. Personally I like the idea of social media possibly playing a bigger part in the game. I'm hoping they also introduce pundits and their influence in modern football - something I suggested on the feature request forum a while back. For example they can create or destroy narratives about you, your squad, the club as a whole, a club's fan base, or what's going on at board level. They could start the ball rolling when it comes to pressure, or try and help ease the pressure on you depending on your relationship with them. Why not bring TV and radio interviews with pundits you like (or don't like) into the equation? It could make things more interesting in my opinion. Other than that, a lot of what I'd like to see is more editor-based - i.e. the stadium, sponsors for default kits (maybe clubs could even have randomly-generated kits every season), or more flexibility for continental rules in the pre-game editor.
  11. Thanks a lot The problem I had was when I left the Mode as "Override Rules In Code", the wrong teams were going into the competitions. You could always try that for a Cup Winners' Cup but as far as I remember it doesn't seem to work well with the coefficients.
  12. The easiest way to do this would be to leave the qualifying rounds and playoffs as they are, and instead alter the latter stages after the group stage. - You have the first round of 16, named the Preliminary Knockout Round. This round has the eight 2nd-placed teams from the Europa League 2 group stage face off against eight 3rd-placed teams from the Europa League 1 group stage. The group winners qualify for the round after that which is just the Round of 16. You will have to delete this rule. - Due to the fixture list already being packed to the limit, what I would suggest is to add your extra 8 groups (taking the group stage total to 64 teams), then eliminate the rule of the eight 3rd-placed teams from Europa League 1 group stage dropping into Europa League 2. - From here I would suggest that you have the 16 Europa League 2 group stage winners, and 16 Europa League 2 group stage runners-up qualify for what is the Preliminary Knockout Round. - Finally, change the Preliminary Knockout Round to a regular Round of 32, and that should link everything together with the winners going into the Round of 16. Hope that helps If you want a custom competition to show up in your game that is similar to the FIFA Club World Cup, you need to set the Type to Competition in the editor and it should show up under Club Competitions in the game, just below where the continents are listed. Make sure no continent is listed in the editor. Where it says List (under Advanced Rules) in the panel on the left in the editor, you should have your competition. Click on the competition name and from there you can set the Type and Mode. Unfortunately the coefficients are set in stone. Hopefully in FM20 there will be a simple option to make them more dynamic with Fixed Format Rules. If you'd like to change how many places a specific nation gets, you would have to move them further up or down in the nation rankings. I would suggest taking note of how many spaces each nation gets in the competitions and swap one out with the one you want to put in their place (so for example if you want 4 Champions League spots for Scotland you could swap them with Spain, England, Germany or Italy in the nation rankings in the editor)
  13. Yeah I've had the same issue. The editor doesn't really allow you to choose where the winners spot goes in the event that they've qualified for the Champions League or Europa League domestically. It's a feature I've requested for FM20.
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