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  1. I'm currently testing all of my files for the new update. Quite a lot needed to be done, but barring a specific issue with 2 of the files everything seems to be running as intended and ready to go. Hoping to get the update posted during the week.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the 18.3 update altered the fate for some reason, and removed the round name that the winning teams should progress to. I'll have this problem fixed in the next update.
  3. Can you try simming a test save up to the 2019-20 season, without Claassen's leagues activated to see if one of those is the route of the problem? If the same issue pops up then I'll look into it in the editor.
  4. Are you running Liechtenstein? That could be a potential problem as they're not included in my file. All I can think of otherwise is that one of the leagues from Claassen's pack could be causing the issue. 151 files is a lot to filter through. Sorry for the inconvenience it's giving you mate. Nothing worse than investing so much time into a save and then finding a bug like that a few years in.
  5. Which editor files are you running in your save alongside mine? Having Netherlands, Norway or Sweden playable shouldn't be an issue. My save has every nation in Europe playable (no custom leagues) with the exception of Northern Ireland and it runs without any problems. I'm not quite sure what would cause a team from the Netherlands to not go into the Intertoto Cup. Did the Eredivisie finish for you in the 2018-19 season?
  6. Netherlands looks to be the nation missing. Are you using anything custom for the Netherlands?
  7. Which nations are you using from Claassen's project? All I can think of is that there must be one in there that is causing some kind of issue. Can you upload a screenshot of the first round of the Intertoto Cup on your save?
  8. By any chance are you running Northern Ireland as playable? If that nation is activated, the league messes up during the end of season playoffs and it results in no NI teams qualifying for Europe. That could be why you've been lumped into the Intertoto.
  9. EDIT: Noticed you finished 1st in the Premier League. That's a strange one. Which file are you using? Also, are you running anything else with it?
  10. On paper the CWC spot should go to you. All I can think of is that it's considering the top flight only, and therefore the spot may have been given to the team who finished just outside the European places in the league. I'll have a look into it when I can get a bit of free time, but as far as I know I don't think there's an option to include lower league teams as part of the hand-downs.
  11. Oh wait, do you by any chance have registered teams in your database? If you do, clear the list and it should work. I remember encountering a problem like that a year or two back. If not that, it may be a problem with the Europa League not having the right setting to update history.
  12. Nice one, I'll get that updated now. Gonna run a test of the other files as well to make sure it's an isolated incident.
  13. Thanks for the heads up bud. Gonna take a look at this in a few.
  14. It should end up doing the same thing as mine. It'll basically register your players on a match to match basis rather than window to window. It's actually less of a hassle from my experience so far.
  15. Can't believe you got the same automated response twice in that thread mate lol. It's a totally messed up bug. After having worked with you on fixing the registration issues at the back end of FM2017, the same problem cropped up again for 2018. With my files it's at a point where you don't have to register anyone, and whatever squad you pick per match it will accept. I'm not sure if that results in the AI picking their best teams or not though, I'll have to jump into my save and check.