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  1. I tried moving it back to May 30th instead of the 31st but I didn't have much luck with it. I'll try a bit further back for the end date and see if it works.
  2. Yeah, just the dates are in there I took the days out so that it keeps the same date every year. I tried 2000-2005 and 2005 onwards as a work around. Basically the original rules would run up until the end of the 2023-24 season, and then the new rules would come into effect from the 2024-25 season. Is that setting wrong?
  3. @Fredrik Just when I thought I was out, it's pulled me back in I originally tested it for something like 3 years and it ran fine, but I ran another test for 2 extra years and it keeps crashing at Sunday June 1st 2025. I found the source of the problem which is the transfer window. I set it so that each year it opens on June 1st and closes May 31st the following year, but in the 2024-25 season for some reason the window is running from June 1st 2024 - June 2nd 2025 and it's overlapping with the rules I set in the editor, causing it to crash and close. I tried breaking it up by adding one
  4. I messed around with the competition format (i.e. fixed rules or flexible) and I changed up the fixture dates. I also changed up how each round grabbed teams as it gets quite complicated when the Premier League teams enter the cup (I have the 8 lowest placed PL teams enter at round 4 and then the 16 highest teams enter at round 5). Something in there made it all click and it's now running quite nicely. Once I get the history working I'm gonna release it for download.
  5. I managed to get everything running smoothly. The only issue I have left is the competition won't add new history for the winner. I've added 2 rules to the stage flags for the final and I'm gonna run another test. I'll let you know how it goes
  6. I originally tried tweaking the default competition but had no luck, so I remade the rules from scratch and eliminated all registered teams like I did with the UEFA competitions. Do you think duplicating the competition so it has a new ID could help? The nation rules I'm editing is from my Transfer-365 file where the transfer window is open all year round. As of yesterday I got the first round of the cup to schedule but the second round would never be drawn for some reason. After making some changes I'm back to struggling to verify the file lol. This is what I do EDIT: Close to gett
  7. @Fredrik So I finally got the league working and because I had to shuffle teams around in each league to make up the numbers, the Carabao Cup now won't schedule lol. I've tried recreating the Carabao Cup from scratch but I can't get it to verify. The second round is claiming only 45-47 teams are being found when 48 are needed. It varies each time I test it
  8. Thankfully I may not have to. I've just gotten it to verify by changing the stage from "1" back to "leag". I'm gonna run a test and see if it grabs the correct teams this time and I'll keep you posted. Cheers for taking the time to help me along mate. Really appreciate it
  9. Yeah I have the fate set up just like that. When I test the rules it keeps saying that only 1 team is relegated though due to me only having 1 automatic relegation place and 4 playoff spots outside of that. Do you think it's because I'm only trying to play one round of games where the winner doesn't advance to another round? I basically want the winners to have no fate assigned and the losers in the 2 games relegated.
  10. No luck remaking the round, so I must have done something wrong in the default Premier League round.
  11. Yeah that's the same setting I've applied to mine. 1 relegation place prior to the playoffs with 3 overall. I'll try deleting the playoff round and make it again from scratch to see if it verifies.
  12. Was that before the editor was revamped? I can't find "Relegation Playoff", only "Bottom Playoff". I'm working in advanced rules. I tried copying the Championship playoffs as a base but it's not working for whatever reason right now. I had it somewhat working at first but the winner of the first game was going into the 2nd game and playing another team. I then tried tweaking it to see if I could fix it and now it won't verify at all.
  13. I'm trying to create a 4-team playoff in the Premier League (2 one-off games with the 2 losing teams relegated) but I keep getting the error message that only 1 team has been relegated and it doesn't match up with the 3 promoted from the Championship. Is it possible to create playoffs where there are 2 winning sides that survive or does it have to be 1?
  14. File 30 had an error with one of the qualifying rounds which needed to be fixed. I'll need to carry all files over from FM20 and get everything verified and tested. Plus I'm hoping to add some new stuff so I'd imagine the initial release should be around the Christmas holidays.
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