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  1. At this point we'll take whatever we can get lol. In the 2001-02 season we went out in the final to Troyes on away goals, but I think it did a lot for us going into the season proper in terms of fitness. I always liked the idea of the competition and I'd love to see it brought back with some kind of incentive for teams to give it a go.
  2. Lol I remember all too well. Cue the open-top bus parade around the stadium I like it being recognized as its own competition though, and the one winner format really grew on me once I put it in place. You get some really interesting matches more often than not in the final. The awards were just bonus features I threw in to spice it up along with payouts. I don't think the top scorers etc were ever boasted, though the history is online.
  3. Nah, I don't have time for any other projects right now. Depending on what's fixed after the patch in March I might be adding some updates to this project though. Technically I could do that, but it'd mean that there's no recorded history for the competition such as the winner, goal records or awards etc. It'd just be round names.
  4. No can do. Sorry. As I've told you before, I tried making the competition with 11 teams qualifying for UEFA Cup/Europa League, and then 3, but it doesn't work. The game can only pick 1 winner from the Intertoto Cup for the competition to recognize a winner each year. Winners going from UEFA Cup into Champions League is bugged and has been for years unfortunately. I've submitted a file to SI in the hope it can be fixed soon. As for the dates and fixtures, they are already as accurate as they can be. I'm not sure why you keep asking me to change these. The fixtures are built around the international breaks, and if I cut into them you won't have any players available.
  5. No problem. I'm using the FLUT skin.
  6. There is a straight knockout version titled UEFA Revival - UEFA Cup & Champions League (Knockouts & Dropouts) but it includes the same number of teams from each nation as the other files (i.e. top 4 for England etc). I am working towards including a champions only version for a future update though.
  7. @Freddie Sands Thanks for the response. Uploaded the file now UEFA Revival Test WINNERS IN UCL.fmf but I had a brain fart and put it in the game-save folder by accident.
  8. Thanks for the response. Uploaded files now. Crash file: Carlito85-June-19th-Intertoto-Bug (uploaded to the fm/game-crash folder) My 7 UEFA editor files all start with UEFA Revival in the title (uploaded to fm/game-editor folder)
  9. I received feedback from someone who downloaded my UEFA Revival project that one of the files was crashing after the first round second leg tie of the Intertoto Cup. Sure enough I took charge of a side in the Intertoto Cup (Everton in this case) and I was able to replicate the issue, so I decided to try another of my UEFA files to see if it was an isolated issue. However it seems to be happening with all of them (I tried a file that I've been using in my own save where I was able to get to the final of the Intertoto Cup and win it and it's happening with that one too). The strange thing is that the game doesn't crash if I start unemployed and sim to June 19th, but rather only occurs when I'm managing a side. This is causing me to think it's related to the recent hotfix that we got as I can't understand why it just seems to have started happening without me editing anything in most of my files. Nations in use: England (Premier League only), France (Ligue 1 only) Start date: June 12th
  10. Have you tried doing a test run in a separate save? I have no idea what caused it to bug out in your game but as I mentioned it worked fine when I tested it up to 2020.
  11. New update guys. Enjoy. @Branquinho1997 I looked into your problem and I couldn't find the issue. Everything ran as normal. Were you using any additional editor files?
  12. Yeah it works ok with the default UEFA competitions. I downloaded a NI premier in FM17 that worked with custom UEFA competitions but I was unable to transfer it over to FM18.
  13. Yeah it turns out you're right. I guess I'd left my UEFA file ticked when I last tested it. No idea what's causing it to mess up otherwise but no worries. Keep up the good work.
  14. Yeah that's definitely a bug. It was an issue last year as well before the patch came out. I managed to get it fixed by working with Kingrobbo on it but once FM18 was released, the bug was there again. While it says the players are unregistered, you can still continue into the match and it'll register your squad automatically.
  15. The UEFA Cup competition ID should be "100000030". If it reads different in your game it would be a case of changing the line of code in the configs, along with the files that contain the ID (trophy and logos)