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  1. There is currently no option to do that (as far as I know, anyway). The only thing you could do is set it so that the competition grabs the runner-up instead of the winner every single year. That would mean even if the competition winner didn't qualify for Europe via the league, the runner-up gets it.
  2. No problem. You can't actually set the rule for who the place goes to unfortunately. I'm hoping it's something they'll add in the FM20 editor. As of now it works by default, so if the winner has qualified it'll automatically go to the runner-up or the next highest place in the league.
  3. Hi Luke. Yes, this is possible with the advanced rules, but you'd have to recreate everything from scratch in order to include the Cup Winners' Cup. By default using your example, Bayern would only compete in the Champions League and the Cup Winners' Cup spot would go to the next highest team outside of the European qualification places. If you'd like to save a ton of time with this, you're welcome to use file 25 from my project as a base (everything from the upcoming 2021 structure is already in place for you to run with, so you'd just need to add the CWC).
  4. I'll see what I can do in the near future, but it's likely that it may have to wait until FM20 as I'm gonna be pretty swamped over the next few months. I'll definitely note it down though, along with an adjustment for file 15 as well. I don't think SI ever fixed the smaller grounds issue for cup finals, but they definitely have it logged under review. Probably something we'll have to wait until FM20 for now unfortunately.
  5. For FM20? I know there's a great 2003-04 database already floating around for FM19, created by Mad Scientist. Definitely worth a look in the mean time if you're wanting to play out that season.
  6. Hi. Just one group stage you mean? That's currently unavailable, but it may be something for me to add in FM20. Hi mate. I did manage to get it working in my latest update. There are 9 different files available (files 25-32) where the winners of the competitions will enter the next season. Files 25 and 26 feature the planned structure from 2021-2024, while files 27-32 are alternate versions of existing files.
  7. @andrex1108 Looked at your version of the file and because there are so many moving parts involved with teams dropping into lower competitions it'll take a lot of work to get it running smoothly. Changing the qualifying rounds is the big issue because new teams are entering all 3 competitions in every single round. Adding more teams to the qualifiers will also require a larger group stage, which will then require more group fixtures. That is hard to work around domestic cup ties and international breaks.
  8. I don't think I'll be adding any more formats this year. I'll only be fixing errors/bugs that I can from now on until FM20. I'm pretty sure the formats you want are already in the newest update though. No problem. I've been a bit busier than I was expecting and haven't had time to look yet but I'll try and get a look as soon as I can.
  9. Thanks. The Club World Cup should be listed under Club Competitions, which is underneath the 6 continents. If you don't have the names fix then it should be called something like the World Club Championship. Yeah, I'll take a look at it some time tomorrow I'm wondering if that's to do with blocking out Champions League teams from qualifying. 3rd placed teams in the UCL group stage are supposed to drop into the UEFA Cup/Europa League.
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