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  1. I haven't played a full season through yet but from when I've done sim-tests it appears like it runs as normal as you could expect it to, besides the end of the season where all teams may not play their last game at the same time depending on far a team has advanced in Europe. It looks to be quite sporadic in that area and one team may have their last game on the Monday night instead of Sunday afternoon. Again I don't think it should be too disruptive for you though
  2. I was hoping to have it released by this weekend but I've ran into some more verification problems in the editor so I'm gonna have to spend another week or 2 working on it unfortunately.
  3. Personally I've never used it so it's not something I'm too clued up on. There are a few columns in there which look straight forward such as the round name and position from previous stage (if you're grabbing teams from a group stage). Not sure what you'd need to put for the team index number or the cup tie index number though.
  4. I had a quick look through the editor but I couldn't find anything that will let you apply seeds to specific teams. I was thinking it would be in the league fates (if you're doing a group stage) but there wasn't anything of note in there unfortunately. I think team mapping may be your best option. By the way I just saw in one of the pics posted earlier in the thread that "Teams Drop Instead of Qualify For This Stage" is now an option. Will be a nice addition if that shows up in the competition rules and news items.
  5. Yeah it's from an FM20 import. I'm gonna try importing it again because the rest I've done so far have been working fine. No idea why this one in particular is being so difficult. I want to avoid recreating everything in the file from scratch if I can because I have another 45-50 files I need to import, update and verify lol.
  6. I've never had this error message before but it's got me completely baffled. I have 20 teams in the round, with 5 games played on Wednesday and 5 on Thursday (10 teams competing on each day) so I'm not sure where the editor is getting its numbers from. Is there any other section I can check aside from the Dates tab under Rounds? I'm guessing the number 5 is applied somewhere but I can't find anything indicating so. EDIT: I should add that in the General tab under Rounds I changed the number of matches from 10 to 12 and I stopped getting the error, but now I'm getting another error sa
  7. Not too sure on that one but as an alternative it may be possible to apply something similar via team mapping (i.e. the winner of group A plays the runner-up in group B etc)
  8. Yeah I'll be adding an update over the next day or two with the regular transfer window included
  9. I'm working on converting the FM20 UEFA files over as the files are now verifying. Hopefully the first version should be out next weekend at the earliest. I won't have time to do a revamp of the Portuguese league.
  10. A revamp of the Premier League to include 24 teams with an end of season relegation playoff. Also includes a revamp of the League Cup and transfer window. INTRODUCTION The Premier League has been revamped to include 24 teams, matching up with the EFL. The team finishing bottom will be automatically relegated, while the teams finishing 20-23 will enter an end of season relegation playoff - 2 one-off games at Wembley, with the 2 losing teams being relegated. The regular league season now kicks off in the last week of July at the earliest and should normally close within the last week
  11. Yeah I'm currently working on converting the files over from FM20. I've had a bit of a breakthrough recently where the files have started (finally) verifying, so I'm hopeful of getting the first version released by next weekend at the earliest.
  12. The market is open for business! Transfer players for up to 360 days out of the calendar year in 34 European nations. All 34 files can be used together. INTRODUCTION The transfer market has been revamped for more of a throwback feel before the summer and winter windows were brought into play. Now you have the freedom to transfer and register players for 360 days out of the calendar year, ranging from June 1st until May 26th. There are 34 unique files covering each nation, and every playable league from each nation is covered. All files are compatible with each other, and it is stron
  13. It's something I've brought up both in the bugs forum and the features request forum in the past, but as of now all we can do is hope for the best (as far as I know - something may be in the editor that we've all overlooked but I think that's a stretch lol).
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