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  1. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    A few things that need addressed in the editor for 2018: - In the Teams section under Continent (Advanced Rules), the 'Winner Of Other Competition' option is bugged, and using it gives every nation in the competition an extra team. I was trying to have the Champions League grab Europa League winner but can't. - Make coefficients compatible with 'Edited Rules (Overrides All Original Rules)'. If you use Edited Rules, coefficients are eliminated from the competition - Stadium layouts and colouring (even if it's just working with what we have now) would make a huge difference
  2. Tested up to August 2022 and it's worked fine every single year. I'd recommend downloading that file by Radz and running with it bud.
  3. Ok, I think I'm on track now lol. It'll run as it should in terms of format and teams called in from each nation, however the rules will state otherwise on paper. I'd be ok with that as long as everything works as intended. It works as a temporary solution until (hopefully) they fix coefficients to work with Edited Rules in 2018.
  4. Oh right, so I imagine I'd have to set my qualification process up like the real nation coefficients then. For example Germany, Spain and England get 4 CL spots and Italy get 3, and so on?
  5. Ah ok, no worries. So for example, the format I'm using for the Champions League and Europa League competitions will be compatible with the coefficients? If so that's brilliant.
  6. Oh nice! So format and everything are unaffected? It doesn't matter about IC or CWC so much as long as the main 2 competitions work. Intertoto is just a one-way path to Europa/UEFA Cup and features all nations anyway. Any idea why it won't work with CWC?
  7. Actually I've just started a new save using the following file and it seems to have fixed the issue! It's just a clash of fixtures I think that was causing the problem. As long as the playoffs end before June 10 I think everything should be fine. I'm gonna double check this by simming through a separate file to make sure the playoffs and everything are in order, and are actually played so I'll keep you posted.
  8. I'll be adding cup winners to the Champions League Group Stage further down the line, as well as options for 1 group stage in the Champions League.
  9. You'd have to play around with the fates in the Intertoto Cup final, and you'd then have to reconfigure the Cup Winners' Cup seeding so that only 31 teams are called from winning their own domestic cup, and leave one space for Intertoto winner. I wasn't able to get the co-efficients working unfortunately unless I changed the competitions to Override Rules In Code. This caused a ton of problems and errors though. Hopefully for FM18 they add the co-efficients for Edited Rules.
  10. Hey, long time no speak. The Dutch league thankfully runs without any issues (that's always a nation I like to have running), however I never found a Northern Ireland file to run and I just left the nation unchecked with a new save.
  11. I like this idea. It would be great if every other team automatically updated theirs as well, just as a way to keep things fresh.
  12. [suggestion] stadiums

    I'm really hoping they work on stadiums for FM18. Even if they just gave us the parts to piece together it would be a great base to build on.
  13. You can't because of how the seeding is set up. You'd have to either replace a nation, or add one and reconfigure the whole seeding structure.
  14. Yeah I'm pretty sure it still needs to be recreated. Basically the real rules is just there for you to use as a guideline, or at least I'm 90% sure it is. As far as I'm aware I don't think you can export the competition and import it into a new file, but it may be worth a shot.
  15. It really depends on what you're trying to do with the competition in terms of the format. If you want to change anything about it, you'll have to make it from scratch while using the real rules as a guideline on what to put where.