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  1. Sure. It all depends on how you seed the teams into the competition to be honest. For example I have the first group stage in my competition where champions and runners up come into the competition, those would be set to 0. From there, I have third/fourth placed league teams come in at the third qualifying round, those would be set to 1. So for example for champions/runners up in the group stage I would set the following in the teams section: 2 teams from nations 1-3 to enter the Champions League at stage 0 (group stage). 0 is always the furthest stage along that new teams will enter the competition, i.e. the group stage. The seeding requires a lot of math to align everything properly for each round, and will require a bit more number crunching considering the structure is more complex than it used to be. In order to grab the previous winner of the competition there is an option in the seeding to decide which round they enter, but additionally you'd have to set a fate in the final that qualifies them for the competition the following season. I would recommend downloading one of my UEFA files, which are quite streamlined compared to the real version but they'll give you a good idea of what needs to be done for your own structure. If you run into any problems just drop me a message and I'll be happy to help you along with it.
  2. Working on preparing 3.2 now so I'll have the files ready shortly for you.
  3. That would be brilliant, thanks a lot. I remember having some problem where the registration period was like 2 years ahead or something but if you can fix it that's great.
  4. As far as I'm aware the registration rules are still bugged. I had the same problem with my UEFA file.
  5. Anybody able to help with this?
  6. The competitions need to be rebuilt from scratch, and you then have to configure the seeding (teams section). For example you'd have to set that the Europa winner qualifies for the Champions League.
  7. This might be down to the competition settings in the editor. Are they set to override rules in code or edited rules? Whenever I've tried changing from edited to override it's caused all kinds of problems for me because it's mixing the default settings with custom ones.
  8. I received a request to copy my UEFA Revival Champions League format over to the Asian Champions League, and for the most part have had no trouble doing it. The only issue I'm having is that the 2 sets of group stage fixture dates are showing up in the game rules as being identical to the UEFA fixtures (September - December and December - March), even though I changed them in the editor. This is causing the entire tournament to leak over into the following year like the UEFA tournament does. The first group stage should be played in April/May, whilst the second group stage should be played in July-September, but instead there's a 6 month gap. Just for the record, the group stages are the only dates messing up. The qualifiers and the quarter finals through to the final are all showing up as being dated correctly in the rules.
  9. Normally I test everything in-game anyways, it's just that I don't know what exactly is causing the coefficients and league rankings to not show up, or update respectively. Is it not possible to have them work when you have the competition set to "edited rules"? I tried setting the competitions to "override rules in code" but whilst the coefficients and league rankings did start working, it messed up the teams being called into each competition, as well as the competition formats reverting to default. Very confused right now lol.
  10. Would that therefore mean it's impossible to get the coefficients and league rankings to work? Is it a case of one or the other?
  11. Any idea as to why the number of teams for each round is messing up in testing? It's something I've struggled to fix for the last few years now. I never realized having new teams enter at each stage would be so difficult to verify.
  12. Dude this is awesome. Thanks so much for your help! I'll be sure to add your name to the credits in my next update EDIT: Changing to "override rules in code" has caused errors in the teams being called up. The likes of Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus are in the Europa League now for example.
  13. Lol yeah I'm having problems with mine right now as well. Bad times! As far as I'm aware it should be possible to get the coefficients up and running with custom files. If it turns out to not be possible though, it may have to be something that is addressed in the next game.
  14. The coefficient system isn't working right now, but I'm working on getting it fixed for the next update.
  15. Yea I have no idea why the files won't verify. The wrong number of teams found for stage error has been an issue I've been trying to fix for a long time, but had no luck with it. For the record the files do run in the game, I just can't get them to verify in the editor.