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  1. Carlito85

    The 1991-92 Season [FM16]

    Great job with this. Really appreciate the time and effort that must have gone into this, and can only hope that further down the line SI can find a way to release older databases in their entirety for us to go through again. For a while I've been tempted to recreate the 2001-2002 season and copy the stats for everyone from that game, but it's a mammoth task to take on. I know it's a long shot but any chance of a conversion for FM18, or maybe even FM19?
  2. Nah but there is a FM18 version of the project available with a lot more format options
  3. That version isn't available in my FM2017 project, but it is now available in for FM2018. There are actually 2 versions from the 80's - 90's; one being a straight knockout with league winners only after the qualifiers, and the other version being a knockout format until the final 8 where a group stage is then played with both group winners facing off in the final.
  4. How about for FM19 we could get something like colour coordinated lines under the Continental places (using Continental competition colours)? Just something simple/non-intrusive that separates the European slots and indicates how many qualifying places each league has. Take the Premier League for example: - Blue line under 4th for the UEFA Champions League places - Orange line under 7th for the UEFA Europa League places - Etc (should any custom competitions be in use) Then in the rules, state how many teams qualify for each competition
  5. Carlito85

    Help for champions league and qualification

    Hi there. Will try to help where I can here 1. To get the game to show seedings like with the UEFA CL: - Open up the competition in the drop down on the left and then click the Competition tab - Then tick the Flags option and select Show Continental Cup Seedings 2. To get league qualification spots to wait for the results of cup competitions before assigning the qualification spots: - Under the Continent drop down, click the Teams tab - Create a new row, and under the Type option select Nation FA Cup Winner - Then select how many nations this applies to and their seeding in the competition etc 3. To get qualification spots to rearrange based on rising and falling league positions: - Click on your competition on the left hand side, and you should find a Mode option - Select Override Rules In Code, or Combined With Rules In Code (If you're not looking to eliminate anything that exists) - For mine I had to select Edited Rules (Overrides All Original Rules) because the seeding was messing up, so you may want to take note of this. It means that co-efficients remain unchanged each year but I found it works the best and without any errors 4. I'm not too familiar with creating leagues or playoff rules so somebody else may need to step in and help on this one. 5. To get cup competitions to show that the winner qualifies for the Champions League: - To do this you would have to rebuild each cup competition that has a team qualify from scratch - Then you would have to add 2 Fate Actions to the final with the following Qualify Team For Competition, Final (Round Name), Winning Team, Seeding Number in Competition, Hidden (Qualification Type) Set Continental Cup, Final (Round Name), Winning Team, Competition Name 6. I don't think there is a way to get the leagues to show qualification spots, but if there is I'd also like to know this. Could be one for the new features board I think. Happy editing. If you need any more help just let me know
  6. I'm having the same problem. Under League Schedule, do I need to create a fixture dates list in the General tab, or create fixtures in the Dates tab? I've done the latter but I'm getting clashes in the 2nd season.
  7. Carlito85

    Avoiding International Dates

    Hi all. I configured all of my custom UEFA competitions to work around international breaks, and this worked in the first season. However in the second season I got to the November-December fixtures, which were set to be played in the final week of November and the first week of December, but the fixtures were brought forward a week and this meant they played in the 3rd week of November when almost all of my players were away on international duty. Is there some kind of setting that I'm missing which will ensure clashes will never happen? I've activated the following settings: "Continental Cup - High" for fixture priority on all dates, and "All + 7 Days Before International" in check for clashes with.
  8. I'm getting 68 errors when extracting. It's saying the file name/path is more than 260 characters, or that the system cannot find the path specified. Anyone else having the same issue?
  9. This looks excellent. Thanks a lot for the time and effort.
  10. To ensure that didn't happen on my files I used the "Edited Rules (Overrides all competition rules)" option in the editor. That way only your competition(s) will be available instead of blending in with what was already there. Only downside right now is that the coefficients don't update with that option.
  11. Teams don't compete in 2 tournaments in the same year, at least where they would overlap (FIFA Club World Cup being the exception). Say for example Man Utd won the Champions League or Europa League but finished 5th, they would be in the Champions League while the Europa League spots would be allocated to the runner-up. If the runner-up has already qualified then the place goes to the next highest team in the winner's domestic league. The Intertoto Cup winner qualifies for the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Europa League or UEFA Cup, depending on which one you use. Cup Winners' Cup spot goes to 8th place (Premier League) if the FA Cup winner has qualified for Europe already via the league.
  12. New update added. @Branquinho1997 Corrected the issue you brought up. That should run ok now.
  13. Yeah that'll be what's causing the issue mate. Most likely it's caused a fixture clash in August, hence the draw being rearranged.
  14. Are you using any other files with it? I ran a test on the file you mentioned and it ran without any issues for me. I have no idea why it scheduled the draw on that date for you. I'll be posting a new update some time over the weekend.
  15. I checked the dates for that file and the draw should be taking place on the Friday prior to the first leg. I have no idea why the draw has taken place on a Wednesday in your game either, that's a really strange one. I'll run some testing on it. The only thing I can think of is that a fixture in the Champions League may have been rescheduled to the Wednesday (15th). Did the draw take place on the Wednesday night? If so then the problem will definitely be because of a fixture being played on the 15th. @Branquinho1997 I found the problem you've been having. Turns out somehow the fate for that file has been altered (AFC file had the same issue) I must have overlooked it. The really weird thing was that the Champions League didn't schedule for the 2018-19 season, but would schedule again for the 2019-20 season. Anyway I've added the fate back and it fixed the problem. If you want to fix it quickly for yourself in the mean time, here's what you need to do: UEFA Champions League - Stage 7-7 (Cup) - Fate Actions - Qualify Team For Competition, Final (Round Name), Winning Team, UEFA Champions League, 0 (Seeding), Hidden - Set Continental Cup, Final (Round Name), Winning Team, UEFA Champions League