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  1. Thanks. No offense taken. I'm always open to new ideas. There are over 50 different options available so you can choose whether or not to play with the UEFA Europa Conference League or the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup if you want more of a retro feel. It's definitely something that has been looked at with the last update. Myself and L55DS have covered a lot of the older Club World Cup formats and that's gradually led to some older/custom World Cup formats. It could be a help with the issue of the 2022 World Cup being played mid-season as well. I'll be doing that for a new file once I get back into editing. It'll be some time in the near future as I've been really swamped over the last month.
  2. I'll make a note of this and keep it as a possibility for FM22 @HugoLazgo12 Yes I'll be bringing the project back for FM22 mate.
  3. That's correct, my mistake. I had a brain fart lol. So with the files you're using it would be CWC 1D, which is compatible with the Europa League and CC-Merger 1A and 2A. Sorry about that. I've noticed that my file guide is slightly different to L55DS' file guide. Mine has it down as file CWC 1D.
  4. Use Club World Cup file 1A. All "A" files are compatible with any UEFA file which contains the Europa League without the UEFA Cup That way you should prevent any duplicate history.
  5. Thanks a lot. Hope you enjoy your new save. The files containing the UEFA Cup and Europa League together was a request which I thought was an interesting concept. With there being so many different options available I figured it couldn't hurt to include that one.
  6. I've noticed the same thing but I think it's a bug. There isn't anything set in the editor to my knowledge that would label the round as a final.
  7. It was easier to put the competition together just going on league position as there were only a handful of cup winners and runners-up that qualify at the time. It would have led to inconsistencies given that the top 6 teams in each nation more often than not win the cup or finish runner-up. This may be a problem with the ranking level info for the competition (the ranking section near the bottom of the list). Where necessary I just bulked up the numbers of the first round until the error went away.
  8. Thanks. If you want to divide the games between Tuesday and Wednesday, click on the round you want to change and then click on the 'Dates' tab. Tick the 'Offset Dates' option and add 2 rows with the first offset as '0' and the second offset as '1'. Leave the stadium option as 'Home' and then simply choose the number of matches you want on each day. You'll need to do this for matches 1 and 2 if the round has 2 legs, which in almost all of my files it will. To edit the dates in a group stage, go to 'League Schedule' and click on the 'General' tab. You'll need to set up individual group rules, so if there are 8 groups you need to set groups 0-3 to play on Tuesday and groups 4-7 to play on Wednesday. To do this, tick the 'Group Indices' box and then add 4 rows (0-3) and the number of teams in the group (this will likely be 4 in most cases). You then need to enter the individual league settings - you might be able to copy this from League Settings (All Groups). From there you just need to sort out the match schedule (Tuesdays for this section) and you can then duplicate the whole thing so you have 2 indices, and change everything in the second one so the matches are on Wednesdays. This format is already included, but I forget which file it is. There is a file guide included with the download to help you choose which one you want to use. You would have to edit the nations though as they don't include the older ones that you're after. Just a note to anyone who was interested in the update, it's gonna be a while before I can get around to finishing it now as I have some personal stuff to tend to. I'll try and get around to the update when I can but right now I can't put an exact time on it.
  9. It's likely due to competition dates that these problems are showing up. I'd also guess that if certain teams are being grabbed for a competition they will need to be changed as in FM19 they will have had different league finishes. There were quite a few moving parts when putting the files together in FM21 and it was quite problematic getting the whole thing to work.
  10. I'm adding alternates for files 51 and 52, as well as 2 default base files (excluding the Intertoto Cup) for people to create their own competitions. Yeah I'll try and get that done over the weekend for you.
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