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  1. I've also got the old issue of the Europa League winner not qualifying for the Champions League properly bug.
  2. Will do, once i can get the project up and running definitely. I've encountered a bug which is stopping me from continuing work on it. Until I get a response and the bug is fixed I can't do anything unfortunately.
  3. I'm trying to set the option where the Champions League will call the Europa League winner into the third qualifying round (second seed). However if the Europa winner has already qualified for the Champions League via their domestic league then normally that spot would then go to the Europa League runner-up (Marseille). Should the winner and runner-up qualify via their domestic league, what would happen in FM18 was that the extra space would go to the next highest-positioned team in the league (i.e. 5th in the premier league) The problem I'm having is Atletico are entering the Champions League as Europa League winners, and as a second seed (third qualifying round) even though they're listed as a first seed (group stage), which in turn means Marseille don't enter the competition at all and it's leaving a first seed space blank where Atletico should be. This is where Chelsea are being brought into the first group stage by default to fill the space of the missing team. What should be happening is Marseille enter at the third qualifying round as Europa runners-up, and Atletico enter at the first group stage due to finishing 2nd in La Liga. This worked fine in FM18 but the bug has reared its head again for FM19. I've uploaded my file to the SI Cloud under the name UEFA Revival - Winners Recalled - Champions League (2 Groups) & Europa League (1 Group)
  4. Carlito85

    Help reducing header size

    Yeah I get where you're coming from. So far everything is running ok, but I have the FM19 file backed up just in case I need it. Couldn't figure out how to do it otherwise.
  5. Carlito85

    Help reducing header size

    Got it sorted by copying the Client Object Browser file from the FM18 skin over to the FM19 one. Thanks though.
  6. Carlito85

    Help reducing header size

    I'm getting this issue both in the FLUT skin and FM Dark where the header hangs way too low, to the point where it's creeping into the competition overview and background How can I fix this?
  7. Thanks bud, appreciate the heads up. I'm hoping to get started on converting my files over to FM19 tonight, so in the mean time I think it'll be safest to avoid any registration rules until they finally decide they want to patch out the bugs.
  8. I'll be picking up the game next weekend and getting started on the files. By ready to go I meant that one file has been fully updated for FM18, but then again it may need updated again for FM19. It all depends on where the international breaks are positioned.
  9. Just load your FM18 editor data up in the FM19 editor, save it as a new file, then test it in the game and see what needs adjusted.
  10. Yeah I'll be converting everything over once I get the game. Got a few fixture dates I need to fix in 25 of the files, and 1 should be ready to go straight away hopefully.
  11. I think there's a lot of room to include pundits from the likes of BBC, BT, Talk Sport and Sky Sports etc. They could really help add an extra layer to the pressure that comes with management. Not only that, but you could be asked questions in press conferences regarding what they've said on their respective shows, or what they've tweeted out on social media about the following: - Your ability as a manager, your character, your standing in the game, your history and major honors, something you recently said, or the quality of the job you're doing (both week to week and in general) - The size and quality of your squad, and how much/little has been spent, both in your time there as a whole or in the most recent transfer window - Your tactics along with your first team selection and match result, whether it be in your most recent match or throughout the season as a whole - The state/stature of the club in general and any tension that may be brewing between any three of you, the fanbase, and/or the board. They could also have a big presence in the social media lounge by interacting, maybe even sometimes arguing with you, your club's supporters, your players, or even with each other, depending on the personality of the pundit. If they're stubborn they may stick to their words, whilst alternatively they may genuinely apologize if proven wrong, or back-track in a more slimy manner if that's in their nature. Pundits could be a tool that can create/destroy narratives about you, your players, your board, and everything about your club. If there's no pressure, one might get the ball rolling. If there is pressure, they might come to your defense depending on your relationship with them.
  12. Carlito85

    Ability to design new kits

    I'd like to see some basic sponsor templates for the default kits.
  13. I'd recommend checking the first round of fixtures in the CWC (if all teams start at the same round). It's likely that the competition has a flaw in it and Real Madrid or Barcelona are being called in to replace a missing team. It's easily done and I've encountered this myself with the Intertoto Cup before I managed to fix it. As for the fixture date, the Spanish Cup would need to finish before the new season update day, as well as the cup renewal day. I had this problem with the Netherlands playoffs where they overlapped and as a result Barcelona replaced the team from the Netherlands.