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  1. Hi, I added the 4th and 5th division to the german db,but the 4th division teams would not join the german cup. Anyone Help? Germany.fmf
  2. For the use regional,I got Newcastle grouped with North Shields in my custom england db. Why? And how the game sort the teams in Regions?
  3. I was making some youth competitions for the countries. What does"use main team divisions"/"Use Regional divisions"/"Use custom" means?
  4. This DB adds the Lower State Division Clubs of Brazil into the Brazil State Championships,as well as Unlocking the Brazil 4th Division. It also has the semi-real Format of Copa de Brasil. Download and Place it into the editor data folder. brasil.fmf
  5. I know that Peru 3rd division champions directly goes to 1st division. but how about argentina?
  6. i was making my custom french db.but when i tries to verify the rules the game crashed.WHY? random france.fmf
  7. In the following file contains my China league file down to division 3 (With full chinese fa cup). however,no teams above the lower division enters the competition,AND DEFEATED TEAMS ENTERS THE NEXT ROUND ALONG THE NEW ENTERING TEAMS! any fixes? thx China.fmf
  8. did the fa cup champions of Macau have spots at the fifa champions league?
  9. I mean in the champions league etc...
  10. how they work in the editor?
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