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  1. I have the same problem. Can someone help us?
  2. Hi @krlenjushka, I just saw your idea of european leagues and I think it's very interesting. I've only a question: why don't you do a regional league with the ten worst european leagues (San Marino, Gibraltar, Faroer, Andorra etc)?
  3. I asked it to you because I did something, using u19 national teams setting the birthday control date on 01/January/+2. It worked, only u17 player were selected by the teams, but I had some problems with the qualifiers.
  4. Hi Claassen, do you think is possible to create international u17 competitions? I mean, Euro u17, world cup u17 etc
  5. Hi @Weiry, how is the work going? And, are you creating also the real structure for the FFA Cup?
  6. @claassen I found a problem with the OFC Champions League. I'm playing with Royal Puma, American Samoa, and I qualified for the 2018 preliminary round. The problem is that when I'm about to play the first match, I have all players with no-registered status. The competition rules say they must be registered within 12 january, but I didn't receive any advice, and now I have to play with grey players. EDIT It happens only for the first match, then it works fine
  7. Claassen, are you going to add the new CONCACAF Champions League format? http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2017/01/23/concacaf-reveals-new-champions-league-format-mls-teams-play-february-may
  8. Hi all, I open this tread because I find a problem with the CFU Club Championship, the carribean club competition. The problem is that for the countries that enter in the competition in the first round, the respective champions then don't join the leagues. Why does this happen? What is the problem? P.S. Also Claassen in his updates find this problem, like he explained in this topic on page 6. I hope you could help me
  9. Oh I understand. Could you please report this problem to the moderators? Maybe they can fix it. EDIT: I did it
  10. Hi Claassen, I created those CONCACAF championships you didn't do, and I have some problems with CFU Club Championship, because (only with that file), leagues of Montserrat, Turks & Caicos, Anguilla and Sint Maartin (other ones work well) don't work, because is like if the previous champions are subtracted from the leagues by the CFU Championship, and for this the leagues have no schedule. Have you got any ideas about what could be the problem?
  11. Hi JAY MEE TEE, great job I wanted to know, are you going to add also the NPSL, PDL and so on?
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