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    24 years old Manchester United supporter - been playing the CM/FM games since 98. Love it. Been an active member of Sortitoutsi forums since about 2006, never really been on here much. Time to get spamming .. i mean, adding useful comments.

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    Born in Cumbria, live in Leeds


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  1. Hey Killer, No, just 1st place, 2nd, 3rd (where applicable) - didn't go too in depth as there was a lot to do, I just wanted to have the basic Competition history. It would have taken me forever otherwise. It took long enough as is. Maybe I'll revisit that sometime, using stats I can find from RSSSF where they exist.
  2. Re-uploaded file to MediaFire Changes include - - Re-allocating Steaua achievements to FCSB (Note: As of June 2018, UEFA and LPF regard FC FCSB as the continuation of historic FC Steaua București and attribute all honours since 1947 to this entity. However in-game, the history is attributed to the new phoenix Army club. I have reverted this back to FCSB for personal use.) - Re-allocating CSKA Sofia history to the correct CSKA Sofia (don't know why it was wrong in the Editor ...) - Consolidating CONCACAF Champions League history for the defunct associated pre-modern for
  3. Are you a football history nut? Do you have an attention to detail? Do you ever look at the Competition history of Sparta Prague and think .. wow, they never won anything prior to 1994? That can't be right .. Are you a big saddo like me? Then this may be the update for you .. I've added a lot of old extinct leagues (some friendlies, some non-official, some amateur, non-professional etc.) and cups for many many nations, and added History, to fill out club info a bit more .. and scratch that football historian itch I had. This was something I made for me mainly during lockdown .. for
  4. Want more Awards, for both players and managers alike? Want to see the current in-game Award histories filled out, revised, and backdated even further, with all entries amended so that the player has the correct Age and Position? Do you ever feel that your achievements aren't reflected with enough in-game recognition via Manager Awards? Ever wondered who would win the Ballon d'Or in 1932? Then this may be the Editor Data file for you .. - Amended current Awards, edited all entries, and backdated - Revised the Ballon d'Or, World Player awards based on in-depth BigSoccer f
  5. I think you might be right, seems to be these two seasons alone then reverts to normal, from what I can see - always seems to be 2021/22, 2022/2023 That bloody Qatar World Cup hah, even more reason to dislike it
  6. Oh so I didn't even notice this at first, sorry, but Bayern also featured in 2021/2022 ! (and won it)
  7. Got another run here, again 2022/23 4 German teams listed in Champs League (all entered at League Stage), but a rogue Bayern are also in the Table and have fixtures, despite not even being listed in the Teams list (only files running are file 52, as well XML/FMF files that affect naming and kit colours etc, nowt else)
  8. Well, combining with several files by now as you can imagine, but not currently any files that have league rules - odd - i'll double check
  9. Awesome Keep up the good work (I was thoroughly against the Super League in real life, but it's a nice change of pace in-game, and it's nice to see some different teams win the Champs League - two times in 3 years for Lazio so far, haha)
  10. Yeah, Real Madrid So I've had a couple of varied Holiday runs with this, with the few major leagues selected, it's fine - but with this particular one, I had pretty much every European league selected, then all of a sudden I noticed 2nd season that Madrid were in not only the ESL, and UCL, but the Conference League! Weird
  11. Howdy Carlito, Awesome work as usual Just a note to say that the Awards are not being populated for the European Super League in file 52 for 1.2, but I'm sure it's on your bug list already. Just a query - will we only ever have the XML file for that, or will it also be available in FMF for us to play about with in the Editor?
  12. Think I've found a loophole in the buying system - you can't BUY non-English players, but you can offer contracts to non-English players who are free - and it let's you sign them, too
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