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  1. For whoever the researcher for Montenegro is: Damir Kosuta (62189628) is still in the database despite dying in October 2017.
  2. Thomas Grevsnes Rekdal (53151879 should have Markis Grevsnes Rekdal (53101418) set as his brother and vice versa. Also Markus should have Kjetil Rekdal (12092) set as 'relation' as Thomas has it, they are his nephews.
  3. Andrey Scherbakov (17002804) has died aged 27. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/andrey-shcherbakov/profil/spieler/140392
  4. In addition to the above post about Orkney, Thurso and Bunillidh Thistle are both missing from the North Caledonian League, both are in the "Scottish Amateur Leagues" category and no league at all respectively. Also, Orkney's home ground at Pickaquoy is in the game already, which makes the non-inclusion of OFC even more baffling.
  5. FAO the Bolivian HR: Jesus Vaca Diez (ID: 86055074) died aged 22 on December 4th.
  6. Guoliang Ding, a free agent in the game, has died aged 23. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/guoliang-ding/profil/spieler/316350
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sultan_Al-Bargan Sultan Al-Bargan has died aged 35, not sure if he's in the database though.
  8. A rare (?) instance of a researcher noticing his own error, I just realised that Scott MacKenzie is still at Partick Thistle. He was dismissed along with Archibald and Paterson.
  9. Only had it with Campbell thus far as he's the only member of staff I have went out and sought. Will upload the save. EDIT: Have now uploaded the save to the cloud under the name Partick Thistle.fm @Ben Kenney
  10. I offered Stevie Campbell [pictured below] a contract to become my Head of Youth development, upon doing so, the game freezes and I cannot advance any further, only giving me the option to walk away ven though a contract has been offered and agreed.
  11. Running this alongside my painfully hard-worked Scottish update, because I simply do not have the time to edit the UEFA work, there's no change to Europe whatsoever. It excludes Rangers from the Europa League and puts Motherwell into it. Why?
  12. Bear with me, as I haven't much of a clue where to put this as it's not technically a bug but it's also not technically a game issue either - if a mod can move it to the appropriate forum if it's in the wrong forum, that'd be grand. But I've encountered a very strange and frustrating problem with the game via Steam in that no matter what I do, the desktop and start menu shortcuts I created have stopped working and don't load the game. I have tried numerous times to rectify this issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling both the game and the editor, but to no avail. The Steam support wasn't exactly helpful either. Can someone please help with this issue as it now means I am having to run Steam directly to get into my games rather than be ab;e to have the shortcuts there on the desktop.
  13. Appears to be that you can't fix it and that it's a bug to do with the way the League Cup is structured because two teams from the fifth tier are meant to be in it from this season onward, and you can't work around it.
  14. Still having problems, is there any way someone can have a look at this and help me fix it?
  15. Already done this in Scotland, have manually re-added every team to the CL and EL and it's still knackered. Almost certain this is a bug. EDIT: I took an update I made for the 2016/17 season for Scotland, one that just updated transfers up until March/April time and tried swapping the teams and it worked fine, how the hell am I meant to fix this mess? @Morrissey
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