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  1. https://mitti.se/nyheter/haninge-natade-england/?omrade=haninge its in swedish. The Hedline says " 18-Years old from Haninge scores in England " (This artical was written when he was at Sunderland) Haninge is a part of Stockholm, Stockholm is large https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haninge_Municipality
  2. Kylian Mbappé (85139014) P.O.B. Bondy (8428142).
  3. Joel Asoro (93068387) P.O.B. Haninge (93050976).
  4. Chi Wenyi Beijing Guoan to Hebei HuaxiaXIngFu(loan) is correct in my game what i can see.
  5. It is fixed for the winter update.
  6. Great work ! One problem i have is that all the Japanese players in names are writen in japanese . How to fix that?
  7. He is to young to be added in the game. In FM 20 he will be in the game.
  8. That team will be updated to FM 19 . Felix has also left the team by now. only the Manager Jonas Pettersson should be their for now. The team has also restarted in division 3.
  9. I wonder also ? want to start a new save with Sapporo Consadole in J1.
  10. In the end of Feb i think. Last year it was in early March so between this.
  11. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/miura-signs-new-deal-to-play-into-his-50s/view/news/260931 He is a legend in Japan Mr Miura
  12. Nice! Have you plans to continue after the winter update Patch ? You know transfers etc.
  13. Nice with a new file from you I have find something Yukinari Sugawara (Nagoya Grampus) name is ToBeCompleted just so you know.
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