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  1. That team will be updated to FM 19 . Felix has also left the team by now. only the Manager Jonas Pettersson should be their for now. The team has also restarted in division 3.
  2. LARS

    [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    Reda El Weeshi is implemented. Because this is low piorty for FM thats why Kanwulf sorry to say that but it is the naked trut , i make my own DB to cover this things out.
  3. LARS

    [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Vietnam Edward Ofere (8119593) has signed for Thanh Hoa (5627023) 8/2/2018. http://bongdathanhhoa.com/flc-thanh-hoa-chinh-thuc-chot-ngoai-binh-cho-mua-giai-moi.html
  4. LARS

    [North America] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Aruba Jean-Luc Bergen (73100058) Born in Oranjestad. Has no player history at all. Full history: http://www.national-football-teams.com/player/44049/Jean_Luc_Bergen.html
  5. I wonder also ? want to start a new save with Sapporo Consadole in J1.
  6. LARS

    17.3 ???

    In the end of Feb i think. Last year it was in early March so between this.
  7. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/miura-signs-new-deal-to-play-into-his-50s/view/news/260931 He is a legend in Japan Mr Miura
  8. Nice! Have you plans to continue after the winter update Patch ? You know transfers etc.
  9. Nice with a new file from you I have find something Yukinari Sugawara (Nagoya Grampus) name is ToBeCompleted just so you know.
  10. Sorry for a stupid question. why are you adding future transfers ? is it to avoid players to be duplicated ? exampels Usami and Asano.
  11. Nice work Foss ! i have one missing player i miss: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/moestafa-el-kabir/profil/spieler/45513 he was in the first edition in fm16 what i can remember.
  12. LARS

    Fm11 too easy?

    I Think its hard with small teams like Crawley, Osasuna etc. And easy with big teams like Man C, Real and Barcelona.