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  1. You can roam and still hold your shape. It's not contradictory as you are thinking. You can roam and not make forward runs. That's what hold shape is, patience when you win the ball.
  2. I'm not saying their press isn't good, it is very good but on the offensive end there are a lot things to say about. It's not rubbish.
  3. I only saw this now, but to say even Marco Silva would really be a challenge... Marco Silva is the most press likeable coach in the world today, only reason he make such poor works on the field and still gets credit for it. The dude came out of Estoril to Sporting because he put Estoril in the 4th place, then he was absolut **** at Sporting. That team was cross show every second of the 90 minutes. At Hull City he was fighting hard to not be depromoted, but at Watford he showed again how overrated he was. Now at Everton he shows it again. He has a great side, you can't deny it and you still see the Marco Silva "Cross show" every day all day. The other day he beat a horrific United with 2 long shots and a long throw. His side was way better, but any decent team could have beaten them. United gave them all the space they could wish for at the middle, and they still only played by the flanks for the cross. They were inexistent at the middle. Thats why they didn't create much danger as they should against a team that had 90m between lines and was very slow on and off the ball. If you think SAF would have a hard time against someone as Marco Silva, sorry but I must laugh. This team couldn't exploit a space in a game thats all about space and movement even if they life depended on it. That's why they have as many defeats as victorys, even if they are in 7th place.
  4. The thing about the DLP is that it's too static. I want someone that takes the ball and passes it short. More times than not the DLP has the ball deep in my midfield and than he just passes long because he is to far from the rest. I don't know if this was because of the dribble less TI, but since then I didn't try it again. Yes, but it's not my principal formation tho. I like the IWB on both flanks because it just overwhelms teams.
  5. Thanks, I gave it a shot and it's looking pretty good with the TI changes that I did. The only thing I need to check is my way of playing from deep. I'm losing a lot os pass completation and I didn't have the opportunity to review. I'm also experimenting with success the IWB combinations with wingers, but I'm using the wingers in the wide midfield strata to open more the opposition. I'm in the brink of using this as my first tactic, because everyone is marking tight my players, and using the two IWB i can set my two midfielders free, like Guardiola did against Conte. I'm obcessed with having the ball, it's my philosophy, no way to change it. I'm a person naturally obcessed for control of everything (happily not people tho ) and I don't feel good playing other way. I'm a product of this football intelectual new wave.
  6. Usually I use Foden and Malcom in the right, Bailey and Marin in the left. And I'm kinda questioning if its a good thing to use two IFs with get in the box at the same time.
  7. I did read somethings in the Line and Diamonds thread and I removed the press, play out of defence, dribble less and tight marking. I'm seeing a lot more flair in my game. My possession is not 70%, but I'm starting to be okay with it because of the difference in counting possession. I would say I demolished the expectations, but I'm barely winning. I don't score much too be honest and I think I have the players to do it. I see a lot of play by the wings and not so much by the middle. Not that I just want to play by the middle, but I see a lot of problems in open up space in the middle for a killer ball to be put.
  8. I'm reading Lines and Diamonds from THOG and now I'm really understanding all my problems.
  9. So, I've been playing and I'm being successful with my Peterborough side, but I feel everytime that I'm keeping my team from reaching full potential. I can't post game ss, because I can't change the language, so I thought about using Genie instead to take screanshots of my players. I don't like to use Genie, but after seeing my father using this in english I thought it was a good idea for this. My tactic: SK(S) WB(S) - CD(S) - CD(S) - WB(s) DM(D) CM(S) - MEZ(A) IF(A) - CF(S) - IF(S) The back four have fewer risky passes; IFs have stay narrower and thats all. TIs: pass shorter, PoD, dribble less, take ball to the box, counter-press, take short kicks, much higher LoE, much higher DL, tight marking, prevent destibution and close down much more. I play with a positive mentality. Now the players: CBs: PPMS: Bring ball from defence, thight marking PPMS: Stops play PPMS: Brings ball from defence and the other like this one. DMC: PPMS: dictates tempo, comes deep to get the ball PPMS: Comes deep CMS: PPMS: Gets in the box, gets further forward, tries killer balls, plays one twos, switches ball to the other flank PPMS: Tries killer balls, gets forwrd, dictates tempo, switches ball to the other flank PPMS: Comes deep, killer balls, plays one twos, dictates tempo PPMS: Dictates tempo, tries killer balls, plays one twos Wingbacks: PPMS: plays from right, comes forward PPMS: plays from left, knocks ball, goes to the line Wingers: PPMS: Knocks ball, cuts from the left, plays from left PPMS: Custs from right, plays one twos, enters the box, place shots PPMS: Comes deep, cuts from both wings, killer balls, run with the ball, plays one twos PPMS: Gets in the box, cuts from both wings, plays one twos strikers: PPMS: Place shots, killer balls, plays one twos. This is my team, the other players I don't think are that important to put here. Last season I used quite the same tactic and I got Malcom scoring 20 times in the league. The thing is I feel my front 3 super isolated sometimes and more often than not I get all of them with 6.5 or less. My striker gets a lot in scoring positions, but there's always a defender that antecipates him when there is a cross. I hear a lot about space and movement, but I don't feel that in my team even if I tick roam from position. I don't want some plug responses, I want to hear explanations to understand better.
  10. I came to the same conclusion in the following posts like you can see. Now I'm confused.
  11. Yes, but I was thinking and doesn't make much sense in the attacking phase the TI still being in play, it should be only in the transition because it's the last position that he occupied. After that he shouldn't be following any instructions, I guess?
  12. All phases of play are all in involvement with each other at every time. The time you get the ball back you start the attacking transition and if you use an higher LoE your striker will be too high and isolated in that moment. I don't know if it works that way, but I saw a lot more support upfront lowering the LoE.
  13. The thing that striked me the most was the LoE one. I just followed that advice myself and I see my team keeping possession a lot better and having a lot more support.
  14. I can't change the language of my game, I tried, but it doesn't change from Portuguese even with steam on english. That's why I don't post images.
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