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  1. Usually don't struggle much really, I just struggle in my mind because I want everything to be perfect and sometimes it isn't and it frustrates me.
  2. I use a FB(D) with stays narrow and a IW(s) with stay wide. I'm still thinking about using the roam PI, because do I want the guy to be very positional and open the half space at all times or not? Does the roam impact that? Things I'm analyzing.
  3. You should go to the tactics section or see BTN videos, because I guarantee you don't know jack s*** about the game, or even football to be so bad. I don't have any problem using anything that's not gegenpressing, nor I have ever seen the so called set piece simulator. This is the type of criticism that's uncalled for, not because people want to censor you, but because you say zero, you try to do misleading propaganda, and you don't even look at yourself in the mirror to see that you might just suck. Because the way you worded, the way you talked, you mos def suck at the game. No hard feelings, just don't be a sissy like this. If you want to s*** on the product do it fairly and with head, body and members.
  4. I'm having trouble again with the double opp report. I already changed on the staff responsability, but my chief scout still send the report too and it feels like he doesn't do the scouting work I want.
  5. People need to use IW without the goes forward PI. That's what makes IWs narrow play because they are asked to bomb forward earlier, and that means they will be close to the box even if they have stay wide PI.
  6. He has 10 positioning and 7 tackle in a side where you have an WB on attack. He's poor for that position. He's clearly a 8,5. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference having someone who can tackle there. I don't see that at all with the defensive wide men. To me they bomb enough and I like them to not be too up the field but to get there after. In relation to the IW, like what I said, you can have a better team, doesn't mean they have the require attributes to pull things off. I find 12 OTB weak to ask someone to roam. Bold - You need to understand attributes first, how they work individually and together, how they work with the TIs, and then you can jump to try things more advanced. Don't be afraid of pausing the game and go back to past moments to see what happened. Also, I suggest to read these two threads And specially this one I understand you might get frustrated, but it's not that hard once you start comprehending things.
  7. Although the opposition is not the best, your players aren't the best to play this style either. If you cap them with a lot of TIs and PIs, you will pretty much need world class players to pull it off, even playing against teams of low level. From my understanding you are trying to throw the cheese to the knife and expecting it to be sliced, and that won't happen. Taking the first screenshot you posted, does you AP have the off ball to give lines of pass as he's the playmaker? Does the AP have the positioning and tackle to balance the midfield? Does your IW have the off the ball to play with roam from position? Why couple IF(a) with Mezz(a), and attacking mentality, as both have the bomb foward PI that will make them occupate the same space forward earlier? To not talk the mentality will make them even more forward orientated. Why WB on attack when you can have him on support and do something similar, more safe, and probably more effective as he makes runs from a little deeper (even coupling it with PPMs and overlaps)? These are some questions you should ask that I don't see answered, and thats where most people fail with the game. I suggest starting from scratch only with some TIs and roles. Understanding space is essential and how to explore it. Plus, don't be too hard on the team thinking you can succeed easily in the Championship playing very slow build up, because you probably won't without addapting your ideas. Also, I learned some years ago from Cleon to not use things you don't know how it works, or you can't comprehend on the pitch. Being simple for some reason is harder for many people.
  8. Do you even have the players to do this? I know everyone is jumping in with some nuggets here and there, but the most important thing by far is what your players can do. I don't know your squad and I doubt most people know. You are playing on cautious, with much lower tempo, and TIs that reatard the your offensive flow. All this with a... 3rd tier club? Do your players have the mentals and technicals to see, think and execute on the pitch?
  9. I don't know if this affects on FM, but for some realism sake I'm going to say this and because I see a lot of people doing this schedules and talking about being very close to reality, and I guarantee they don't know **** about it. You don't do extreme physical demanding days right after the rest day or close to the last game, unless you want to kill players. You can read from Oscar Tojo to Gary Walker (used to work at United, idk if it's still the case) or other training/physio specialist and everyone of them will say that you want the most demanding day at the middle of the week and work the physical load throughout the week like a parable.
  10. Oh grazie! I saw that but I thought it was about who sends the email, but yeah now thinking it doesnt make sense how I thought because it was always the DOF sending them.
  11. How to stop my chief scout from making opposition repports? Ffs, since the last update no matter what I do I keep geting those reports from my head scout.
  12. The problem is that you think the real world tactics are what you think they are. Sometimes to get the real dynamics of real world tactics you need to look weird on the paper in FM, because it's the only way to emulate. Your understanding of the tactic creator is the problem.
  13. I did put some stats in the post before yours too. And thanks.
  14. https://fbref.com/en/players/8778c910/Manuel-Neuer https://fbref.com/en/players/ee8508c0/Jan-Oblak Neuer attempts a lot more medium passes and has better percentages. Also, he doesn't kick long as much in other seasons but this one he has as much or more attempts and almost 80% against 45. 13 pass vs 16, I know you just said that, but after Hunter said we need to show stats too, I'm just putting this here to confirm my point. Sorry for posting again about this.
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