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  1. Low crosses influences players to do cutbacks. In relation to the tactic, I would say you should aim for a 3-2-5 in the offensive phase if you really want to emulate it, I don't think DLP is the role. And I can't help you without knowing what happens, what you said is too vague. Plus, it's normal the ball over the top, and you're in a league that most often than not strikers and wingers are pacey, so or you cut the suply (wich you can't all the time) or you have really pacey centerbacks and a good sweeper.
  2. I had a save with Dresden where I thought I had the players to play this brand of football (Rashidi did a Gamechanger on it, it's on his channel), but I didn't have because I didn't understand back then what number should I aim in certain attributes, and I didn't understand that if I want to play like this I can't ignore some just because a player has shinny attributes elsewhere. And I need to address this a lot, because I see too many people signing a lot of "prodigies" and then complain like they have a world class team, and let's be honest, most of these players lack everything that would make them team players. I think we all know that classic quote from Cruyff about an XI full of individualities. So I did still manage to be 2nd with the same points of the winner, but I didn't play like I wanted and I signed with Inter where I saw what Herne is saying in the first post about having the players. And here is where I understood that a lot of players, not only young prospects, don't have what it takes to play on a Guardiola team. They don't have the acceptable work rate, or the team work, or the stamina, or the concentration, or whatever. But this team had, and I saw immeadiatly in the first couple of friendlies that I needed to change my approach and voilá. I won in the first season with a very hard working and team-first squad, and in the second season I did win 30 straight matches (without connecting with the season before) in the Serie A and the first time I lose, and only besides the Champions final to Liverpool, was in May. All season I had like 64% possession, I still struggle with some things but it's nowhere near what people complain here. Remember, players are the most important thing in football, they are players, player play, and they are the only ones that do that. In relation to this thread, I find this strategy of unloading (is this the word?) effective. I did read this in other forum like 7 years ago about going down on mentality, but I kind ignored because I already played in cautious in those FMs. Since 2017 I play mainly in positive and I had problems breaking these types of team, but then I found out this thread and Cleon around 2013/14 mentioned about reducing mentality (and other things) to take out aggressiveness so he could explore better spaces that he couldn't otherwise because he would be to aggressive in many ways. Sorry to Cleon if I'm misinterpreting his idea, I'm going to blame my english here.
  3. How does the RPM work with the carrilero? Im going to be honest, I started to love CAR once Rashidi talked me into trying him, but I'm still very doubtfull of the role partnering. Mezzala is cool but assists rarely, and I find the Mezzala on support completely minus 1 on the pitch.
  4. It's the maths in terms of attributes, that's where 50% of the people get it wrong. And you could put together a very balanced tactic and still be unbalanced because players are the ones that play and if they don't fit/don't have the skills to balance it's case closed. The other 50% is people not understanding real life football nor understanding the tactic creator in FM. You could create unbalanced tactics in your eyes, but under the hood being balanced by some TIs, PPMs, players attributes, or even mentality. Plus, FM or real life football is not only about balancing tactics, you need to take risks too sometimes, a lot of times is about risk vs reward and a lot of players don't understand that.
  5. I think it depends on a lot of things and how you approach the game on various aspects. If I would counter attack a superior side I would probably use attack mentality, a very structured fluidity, deep lines, and high tempo. You want to break with very fast transitions, you dont want to be any less than fast. The lines are what will dictate more how you play. And I don't agree at all on having to play with extreme positive mentalities with high tempos against cautious sides, this is football, this is not black and white like maths.
  6. Show the tactic, because that's not normal at all. I play heavy possession based style and I only get that when Im compressing too much the space. And theoretically and practically the fullbacks aren't ball magnet at all, so you have some tactical problem, maybe choosing players, or ppms, something is a little bit off there.
  7. The lateral defenders are not ball magnets at all. I bet they look like it because you compress too much the space in the middle and final third so they need to pass to wide outlets.
  8. Yeah, but I don't think it's only that tho and I forgot to mention - it's ridiculous, like I showed some months ago, every team having 90+% os pass completion accross every league, it kinda kills the immersion. I really don't know what's happening with this FM itteration that almost every player, good or bad, has easily 90% PC when its very very hard IRL. I tend to think there are a lot of people that try to play like me, but I think there are more people that don't give S- about having the ball so they will not care. But Fm should be a simulation game and you should be able to replicate styles, it's seems impossible at times to replicate certain styles because of how everyone wants to have the ball or has the ball even playing cattenacio. It's just immersion kill.
  9. I would rather prefer a better ME and AI. Would not be better if every club that wants to be cautious didn't make 800 passes a game (hyperbolization) because they are/think they are so bad that they play with cautious mentality, and they not only don't be cautious like what that normally would mean IRL, but they tiki taka they way from defence? This game has so much to improve than just take out roles.
  10. I find that against cautious teams I press a lot better without counter press.
  11. Can you delve more into this? I think I know some things, but in FM i just dont see it. Usually I should want my team to press with curved runs to isolate the opposition, others to block passing lanes and my defense to win second balls. The thing is I dont see my front players pressing any other way than running straight to the ball and then get bamboozled by a pass to the wingback or to the midfield. And I just do what anyone does - split block to the front trio since it became universal truth that pressing intensity sucks. So Im left with this doubt that maybe I'm not instructing wisely or my players might not fit a high press, even tho they all have good bravery, wr, and teamwork is 10+. Also, I feel that i don't have much possession because of this, not that I want possession for the sake of, but I hardly get more than 500 passes a game, something that for me is more indicative of dominance. Or maybe it's just fm20 that in every league 19 out of 20 teams have more than 85% completion.
  12. Anw, after some more experimenting I might be a little wrong on what I said about the move into channels, the mezzala problem might be the conjuction of the two and not only that shout. I tried again the CM with move into channels and it feels more free than with stay wide. Like I said, I like to change stuff when I feel like it. So, I'm always going from stay wide/move into channles to nothing at all depending on the game. Just a little catch up, because I don't want people to get a sensation that what I'm saying is law, or wtv, my first aim was to say that Im onto something about those shouts.
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