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  1. Yes, but important thing here is not the possession, but the pass completion.
  2. Only two teams have lesser than 80% pass completion. And those two have 79 and 75. Its too much, everyone can pass the ball without problems, even if their players are not that good. And that maked pressing completely useless most of the time.
  3. Just with me that it's impossible to press anyone? Like, it doesn't matter if the opposition is ****, they bypass easily with short passes. Anyone seem to play in very low mentalities and a tiki taka style.
  4. One CB and 1 DR and DL. Then you do what you want with the roles. I even prefer this way to defend the wings.
  5. Use LDs instead of CBs. It has his flaws because the ME only counts one CB on goal kicks and things like that, but you can do something more like Sheff.
  6. I do that, but they just don't get familiar. For example, Pellegri is playing CF 3 seasons in a row and stil isn't even midway. Trincão the same and has more familiarity playing RMD than IW or IF.
  7. Y'all been outstanding trying to help, thanks for that, but unfortunately still the same.
  8. Ended up updating the GC for real, nothing changed
  9. Keeps happening. I think I updated the gc drivers, can you see if I really did? I kinda have problems finding drivers for this. DxDiag.txt
  10. Try internet archive, but it's no go for some pieces on his site.
  11. I just can't max the player role bar on familiarity. I use a lot of tactic block, but thar thing never go more than half.
  12. I'm having a big problem with tactic familiarity, the player role section is always in the middle.
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