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  1. So, I don't know where to put this and I think this is a minimal thing, but when on the roster and I look someone profile, I go backwards and I can't go up and down the selected players right away like in past FMs. Don't know if you'll do something about this, but there is that.
  2. Imagine trying to do a long term save on a beta, or doing 7 seasons on a week. Worse, imagine playing a beta, that's used to report bugs, and being overacting like the game sucks because there are indeed bugs. Stop being drama queens and report on the bugs sub forum.
  3. I'm praying it's just a beta thing like in other years, and it looks worse on the main menu, other menus it's just not fast.
  4. Does FM20 have a big impact difference on the computor? Normally my PC did lag in the Beta, but come full release and it would become normal.
  5. So, I took Hamburg to the first place, but now in the second phase of the season I just can't have possession or circulate the ball against no one. It doesn't matter if I have a simplistic aproach or a complex aproach to have possession without penetration, I just faced the last team in the table and they circulate the ball like Barcelona and their defenders (mediocre defenders) pass the ball vertically and short without problems.
  6. Put the lateral center backs on full back strata and siting narrow, it's the solution. You will see the 3 at the back that you want, and with this you can emulate a lot of what Pep did at Bayern. And after all, you will have the flanks covered too.
  7. Thank you all, I just ended up going with what this last poster said and it did well for me and I changed my AP to a Mezzala on support. I see my team playing a lot better in the offensive phase, but I still see stupid mistakes in easy passes and I have a lot of trouble playing from defence. This are my defenders: I don't know if this is a problem of me thinking 12 composure it's ok. So I try to have possession and literally I can't have it because everyone presses me high,
  8. Thank you all, I just fixed this bug by making a windows clean installment.
  9. Since ever I used anti virus and this never happened, but I made sure they were on the exception list, things still the same. From what I can remember this only appeared yesterday after a windows update.
  10. It's running the latest driver and this bug still appears.
  11. I just launched FM and my skin (one of the base ones) is like this. And in the main menu my char was all bugged with the head out of the body.
  12. I started a save with Hamburg where I tried to do "everything right" or mostly right than not. In the first season I had like 25 games without losing, but half of the games were draws, I still managed to promote the team to the Bundesliga tho. In the second season I made a lot of changes to the squad and things started very well, and even if I'm at 3rd place I still feel unsatisfied. I feel the team going down the sink in the second half of the season and I don't know what to do, I kinda block. Major points of what I want: I want to have a possession heavy brand of football I want to score a lot a goals, and them to be distributed by everyone in my attack Tactic: My tought process with this tactic: With the TIs I wanted a lot of short passes, the team to play from deep and be patient to the point that players create a crack in the opposition defence. Explaining briefly I want short but quick passes that put the opposition on their toes. So I need triangles, but I don't know how to make that happen and still have penetration so I ended up with this structure that I normally see here. I want to know how to create space and what to do at certain times on the matches. I feel my wingers not having space or not doing things right, and I feel like they don't want to play in tight spaces. I ususally don't use 2 playmakers, but I love the way Barcelona with Guardiola played so I tried. I thought the best way to create space for my AP was to get my AML wide and up the pitch, but I don't think that resulted. My team: I tried to build a good squad and a little different from player to player. Some players that I think there are relevant: I think I know how to use them, but I really don't know, at least that well. Games: I have a lot of problems playing against 4-2-3-1 and I don't know when to change my formation, I tought I need to change to oppose the opposition number in the different sectors but I see me very relutant to do that. What is happening in my games: 4-1 vs Schalke (L) I just feel that Schalke was a lot better individually, I couldn't do nothing. 1-1 Vs Freiburg Creating from deep: I was having problems, my players have space but they don't even try. A lot of times I see this happening, my player has someone free but he just makes a stupid pass 20 meters way from the destination. My forward needing a babysitter because he is too much alone. So my AP puts the ball on my LD to put the cross for noone. I understand that I'm making overloads in the middle. If anyone wants something more I can provide.
  13. How do y'all go about building a squad? Do you use identical players or have different types?
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