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  1. it's available when you added rules and converted to advanced rules.
  2. You lot sometimes forget the role of facilities and league reputation - when both these thing rises, the general level of league rises, tv money rises and clubs have more money to invest/spend. A lot of countries have limited man-power potential so even if they have excellent facilities they won't produce as much good regen as better countries. I agree that there should be few changes to some countries ratings but the overall level of newgen players is preety good. There was few experiments with regen quality in countries and how much changing some aspects can change quality of regens. For now, it's okay. And as in every topic to discuss - we need proof and examples of things that can be improved/changed.
  3. I don't know what you want to do really. You can grow minor country to European success (to some extent of course) but surely you don't expect liechtenstein, andorra or san marino being european champion within 10 years? And why spain youth rating should be decreased? If you want to discuss changes make sure you'll give some explanation or example.
  4. scout reports are based on everyting really, ca/pa, age, hidden attributes, personality. And remember - 3 stars is a first team/rotation level so he's not that bad as you might think. And his rating is good because he has good stats, good traits for his position/role. If you hit player's sweet spot - it can 'cover' lack of CA.
  5. I tend to edit individually but you can bulk change by selecting all clubs you want to change and mass edit them
  6. teams in regions menu only shows team that are likely to go to that division and you set regional divisions individually in club menu under competition tab.
  7. brexit is a 'separate' thing and you can stop it regardless of adding extra leagues to the pyramid.
  8. teams are unable to be in parent competition because parent comp is not playable competition. If teams are not relegated to 'certain' divisions - the game moves them according to geographic location afaik.
  9. I've updated 1st post. Version down to 4th level is up and running major things changed from previous version set Pro Junior System money for every playable division (as in real life) corrected old values in Pro Junior System fixed u-22 rule for 2019 season in ekstraklasa fixed under-soil heating as requirement in I Liga few tweaks to Match rules in CLJ-18
  10. I thought the number of regens is roughly the same - around 10-15 and team 'picks' the best 1-5 regens from each intake (to keep number of players around start value). And as far as I know you can't 'force' teams to choose less regen's they want to.
  11. my database selection goes like this - I'd select all nations and select all players (and staff) with NATIONAL REPUTATION. It should 'select' all main players/managers in this continent.
  12. if nations you've mentioned are not in vanilla database - someone must create it. And afaik there's no chance to manage newly created nations, you can only be a manager in division you create for these nations (assuming you'd create some sort of league system)
  13. depends what you really need - if you have 15/16 year old player who is developing in oceania - is there a reason he'd go to europe? And one more thing - why bringing 15/16 yrs old players from these nations to europe (I assume you're managing european club)?
  14. did you verify these files in editor?
  15. there's no such database. You can create one yourself but you you must set all nation rules for every country you want to be changed. And bear in mind that this may not work properly since best clubs have foreign players already and for example lewandowski and szczesny won't play in poland, or eriksen won't play in denmark.
  16. your game will work on the same or newer version of the game. It won't work on earlier version (and probably your pirate version is not updated)
  17. So you've bought access to steam account, made a save, delete the access, download pirate version and the save isn't working?
  18. And one more thing - Since Pro junior system (squad reward for playing time of u21's) is based on ranking - maybe some kind of current ranking could be implemented? Even on official Polish FA site there's such ranking and it's kind of 'inconvenient' just guessing and hoping that I've used enough youngsters to get bigger award.
  19. If you can, you can release version down to lowest level 'without crashing'. I'd be 8-9 probably but it's up to you.
  20. Hi, I've encountered a weird bug/issue. When a player is signed for a team where there's a II team - more often than not he has both entries in his history. And it doesn't matter if he played for second team or not. Maybe screenshots will explain this better.
  21. I had this situation as well but it happened only when player was on 'out of contract' contract.
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