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  1. In database there are two IF Vardar-Makedonia clubs. One has swedish lower division set, the other one hasn't.
  2. active fields in left down corner ticked or unticked?
  3. This year was a little change I believe and more than few people had problems with exporting raw data (clubs/players). So my guess is nothing should change this year.
  4. This is not a data issue. He's compared to players in Chelsea and France respectively so he's rated higher in chelsea (in comparison to his teammates) than in national team.
  5. you can check this thread and see if you did it correctly. What I'd do is to use fmxml and make all configs again and check user data location in fm launch options (I have my folder in other partition because the game was creating multiple fm2021 folders and I was losing my editor files).
  6. I second this. Because of lack of options in basic editor, it's safer to add in basic rules things like divisions and basic promotions/relegations, u21/foreigner rule and then convert to advanced rules and do everything else.
  7. I believe the method hasn't changed for years so search this subforum for this (or search for u21 player rule, it's the same menu, you just change the rule because it's a list with rules available).
  8. There's no option at the moment to enforce signing certain type of players (it's hardcoded for some teams) so you can only do it by yourself. I believe you can search by region/city of birth in player search scouting menu so use it to filter specific players.
  9. Check in the game where your files are loaded from (I mean the folder location). Probably it has changed because of this 'update'.
  10. My belief is that morale has greater impact than form. So if you think that a certain players has played poorly, motivate him because that way he'll try to impress you in next match or training session. String of 6.8/6.9 performances isn't bad as long as player played decent enough to have place in your squad. That's why my mezzala's and wing-backs can have ratings lower than 7 with me knowing that they were involved enough in attacking/defending. And as mentioned earlier - keep an eye on consistency. It can be highlighted in coach report and you can check it in player individual s
  11. I believe it's because spanish lower leagues have restructure from 21/22 seasons. From this season 21/22 you have two group divisions (below first two tiers), and level below, five groups.
  12. development centre button at the bottom of the menu.
  13. My experience is that the clubs are trying to have roughly the same amount of players every year. So if loaded database has 500 players from Albania - in 2021, 2022, 2023 and so on the game will try to keep 500 players to have similar database years later. So try to have affiliates in countries with good youth nation rating and decent amount of players already loaded.
  14. Probably it could be changed in advanced rules in editor but if you don't have an experience with editing - I'm not recommending doing anything this year, editor is quite buggy.
  15. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/550750-fm21-around-the-globe-megapack-by-davetheeditor-66/
  16. my country was get stuck in this whole match, cracking result though, could've been better I think.
  17. I've got my eyes on 5900x but I see weird results up to 1min difference between the same (vaguely) type of PC. I wonder if this is because of overclocking or maybe overheating due to lack of cooling/airflow inside the case. Any thoughts?
  18. I believe all countries have the possibility to increase/decrease reputation of their divisions, it's just the problem of the strength of those leagues itself - maybe there's a shift in which countries are the new power of north america but with limited resources/research/players/club information it's not possible to recreate this 100%. In europe, 50 years later you can see the changes in reputation/clubs, in south america as well. Should this system be more dynamic? Maybe, but in all fairness, situation in real world hasn't changed much in last 30-40 years. Yes, new clubs are on top but
  19. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538451-graphics-skins-installation-guide-user-data-location-info/
  20. I love when people from europe put an effort to do a polish save (like secondyellowcard did with building a nation with polonia warszawa) so huge respect with doing all the research. The club you've chosen it's perfect for fallen giant type of save, top 3 in all-time polish table, club with really good reputation and decent facilities and fantastic potential (competitive region and clubs nearby). They had 3 consecutive relegations from top tier to 4th tier so it's quite remarkable really. And in Chorzow there is former national stadium - Stadion Śląski, former home of polish nat
  21. in left bottom corner, do you have active fields filter ticked or unticked?
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