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  1. I think the 'problem' can be that cities are producing players when set as club base. I don't think they can produce players 'just as free agents', they produce players when some club is in this city and players 'have somewhere to play'. So maybe create few clubs based in these created cities and check on youth intake day or simulate few years to see if problem happens.
  2. both files are visible when I start the game. So it's problem with your editor data save location.
  3. upload here .fmf files, I'll check if they show up in my game.
  4. check what location you save the file in editor.
  5. either you do backups or you will do backups. And I don't think you can recover files.
  6. as always, update with new version of the database will be late feb/early march
  7. I like that, will you do at least correct relegation to correct departments? and coupe gambardella?
  8. And one more thing I'd like to point out - we have to remember that in real life scouts from france for example spot these talented africans and bring them to france in (pre)newgen age. So players with african nationality are in youth intake in france for example.
  9. 19.1.0 is the default database after the summer transfer window. There's no other database because the database itself wasn't updated since game release. The new database will be after winter transfer window along with 19.3 patch and then you can choose between 19.1 and 19.3 database.
  10. but 19.1.0 is the normal database, there's no other database to choose.
  11. yes, and every team even with 'low ratings' could produce quality regen, but clubs with low ratings are less like to do it. And yes, because settings are not set the chances are small so as I've said - the only solution would be to set at least 'low ratings' for clubs that have 0's.
  12. but who said that low-tier academy can't produce good player? And I'm talking about fm19, maybe in older fm's ebedei had low rating - in this FM looks okay to me.
  13. I've checked nigeria and ivory coast - both seem fine to me, only academies and first division clubs are set but they should be able to produce quality newgens. And Ebedei is one of the best in africa in youth coaching and facilities. Academies should be set as affiliated only when they are affiliated in real life. The only solution to this problem would be setting each club 'correct' rating but since there's a lack of people doing research in africa, it's hard to do it correctly (or at all).
  14. I'll check ratings for nigerian and ivorian clubs and see if they are low or maybe just not set (hence weak newgens)
  15. 1. PA/CA of players are low probably because players have set no ca/pa in database and the game randomize their stats and ability. 2. Every big country/continent have template to generate newgen players but it's not like all regens from brazil will be technicians and all from uk will be physical. 3. African countries have good Nation Youth Rating, but poor facilities so even they have 'raw potential' to produce good talents - they won't do it because of facilities. Only 1-2 clubs in countries have decent youth coaching and facilities so they are like to produce good regens.
  16. you can't edit role, you can edit player's attributes to 'suit' the role.
  17. I think such feature could be implemented, maybe as part of history or new column.
  18. I'm afraid that was mentioned so many times they know if SI want or not to implement this in game.
  19. yes, it should be done by this sort teams option you've used. But dunno why it's not working.
  20. I'm not talking about using regional division to organize teams, I'm talking about setting each team a highland or lowland division as division they should be relegated into (when they are relegated from higher league)
  21. the adding club part is what's causing problems. Players in clubs doesn't matter because they are not 'connected' to the league structure, but teams are so trying to adding own teams TO THE PYRAMID may cause problems, yes.
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