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  1. Playing first WL in a month and absolutely everybody has 5 at the back wtf?!
  2. https://www.futbin.com/21/squad/6337615 anyone I could upgrade? My Mbappe and Neymar don't feel as fast as they did previously for some reason!
  3. Quite a lot of the guys on here seem to be into fitness etc, was just wondering if you have used prep meals online? I have seen people say musclefood isn't as good as used to be.
  4. What do you make of the Italian lower leagues mate ? I was thinking about there .
  5. Took the job after starting unemployed at the struggling IFK Malmo
  6. Is there any way to check the club reputations in each divison ? I know you can do it with competitions reputation.
  7. What’s the lowest league in Sweden ? i keep getting offered Sweden first division south jobs
  8. I will try the 433, I am struggling to break down the 532 aw really what team? my mate suggested it to me but I don't know if it is my thing.
  9. 2 Question troops, how we beating the meta 532 everyone is using these days? also bit of a strange anyone , anybody play the vfl 11 a side on fifa?
  10. Is there any lower leagues apart from UK that are restricted in loan deals? I feel Italy, Serbia it is easy to get out the leagues due to abusing the loan system.
  11. Anyone know the name of that scope everyone is using it with the big black cross when you look down it?
  12. I am not keen on it either tbh, totally understand why it has happened though. I really miss the small pitch when you go to make a sub though and go into the tactics side of it during a game.
  13. Thanks to the LLM site, I am going to start a game with either gks belchatow in Poland or FK Zemun in Serbia Who we think would be the bigger challenge?
  14. Are kick off goals back ?? conceeding quite a lot !
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