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  1. Lower league team prefer abroad cool stadium big name rivals wee bit of history?
  2. Best tactic for Millwall first season in championship?
  3. Robbie Keane and Berbatov both rejected me, not much of a budget any ideas?
  4. Tony they got to a semi final, if they finish 3rd it is the best they have done since 1966! what are you expecting?
  5. I didn't want England to do well, but the 'coming home' stuff started as light hearted and took off massively, was quite funny. England fans are right to be proud of the team and what they achieved, even though they didn't beat many decent teams, it has been a world cup of shocks and they done well to beat Colombia & Sweden. They went into the tournement with no big build up full of hope like usual and they done well. I think Southgate inexperience showed last night, he should have changed the system maybe have went to 4 at the back, I think they should go out to finish 3rd as it will do wonders for him. Seems a decent guy.
  6. Meza looks awful, Pavon looks decent Mascharano looks done aswell
  7. The right side of that table gives me the fear
  8. You must be a right hoot down the pub with chat like that. enjoy the 2nd round exit guys. BELIEVE
  9. I think it has been fantastic, some great goals, some enjoyable games VAR is a farce, but adds to the drama.
  10. Oh it is the Rangers supporting Scottish Man City fan I am not England bashing, I don't dislike or hate England..I am just saying what the ITV Panel said last night, England have not been tested and the excitement over beating a pub team 6-1 is a bit much. The expectations on the England team have increased since the opening two results , it will not 'come home' However if England in my opinion reach the quarters and people then get as excited as they are just now after actually beating anyone of note, I would understand it. Quarter Finals would be a fantastic tournament for England anyway.
  11. Never learn though do you? couple wins against poor sides and it is talk of winning the competition , then it ends up in failure. Should be aiming for the quarter finals then talk about final from there. Setting yourselves up for a 2nd round exit.
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