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  1. Nat C 4 months Nat B 4 months Nat A 4 months Con C 4 months Con B 6 months Con A 12 months Con Pro 12 months This is from FM19
  2. The coach report will often refer to a player's professionalism, or lack thereof.
  3. I've found that most players will be 'happy to stay' after a few weeks or months, if you keep rejecting bids. And the ones that don't, they get nervous in matches, often play sh*te, so those you have to sell, or sometimes you can loan them out and they've forgotten the gripe on return.
  4. Yes, thanks for the replies. I've found time sorts this too. I just think IRL a manager would be able to speak to his players.
  5. I forgot to say the annoying thing is, his training rating is below 6 and I can't tell him to pull his finger out.
  6. I'm sure this topic has been discussed before, so apologies if I'm going over old ground. My team leader/captain is fed up and won't talk to me because I sold his pal (who incidentally was injury prone and past it). Because he is the team leader his colleagues seem to be unable to get him to drop the issue. Can you imagine Sir Alex Ferguson or Fabio Capello standing for that kind of nonsense IRL? This has been the case for many years (I'm playing 19 but I assume nothing has changed in 20). Perhaps it's time for a change SI? I suggest the manager being able to call a player into his office regardless of happiness. You can allow the PFA rep to accompany them if they want!
  7. Pedantic comment alert: A whale is not a fish. Thanks, I'll get my coat.
  8. Thanks, I was hoping someone would say something like that, one less thing to worry about . Although tbh I've just been hiring scouts in my save and at lower levels you don't have much choice anyway.
  9. I've just read a blog somewhere which advises one to pay attention to preferred formation when hiring scouts. Given that I've just started a LL save and am only allowed 3 scouts I'm interested to know how much affect this has? Thanks.
  10. I'd be happy to give it a go yes. What Claasen did was to create one huge League just called Level 10, solely to facilitate relegation from the County Leagues at level 9, and to provide teams for the FA Vase. So that would need to be replaced with the actual 19 Step 10 competitons you've created. One way to do it fairly simply might be to remove all the rules fom your file and merge it with Claasen's , since he only edited rules and nothing else. You need to ensure that both files are saved sequentially with the file containing the rules being newer, as the newer file takes precedence on database changes. That would hopefully keep all your edits like L10 League names, prize money, awards etc. If that didn't work all the rules would need to be re-done manually which as you know takes for ever and the slightest mistake can balls things up. I've only learnt this stuff by trial and error fairly recently so I am in no way an expert and I would assume that Claasen would need to be credited, since I could never have worked out the playoffs without his help.
  11. I downloaded Claasen's file, from the OP in the link above, opened it in the editor, made a note of what he'd done, and have been able to create my own file with the English L7 and 8 playoffs eactly as they are planned IRL. I've simmed a season and everything works fine. All the credit must go to Claasen .
  12. I am sure most of the experienced editors already know this but I couldn't find a thread when I searched. I've been learning to use advanced rules recently and making lots of little tweaks to see how they manifest ingame. A little tip I've found; if your rules have been previously tested and verified, you don't need to test them ALL again after every little change, just test the lowest ranked competiton e.g 'English County leagues', then all your comps will be available in game. (Though you will have to select whatever the lowest level is for your game setup). Saves a bit of time
  13. Nice idea. Your fans should be happy with the Home grown team
  14. Hello Dan, I've been studying your database in order to try and create my own lower league update for my own interest. The amount of editing you must do, and the attention to detail is breathtaking. Given that SI provide no guide for the editor and the in-editor tooltips can be vague to say the least, I've really learnt a lot from you, and you've increased my enjoyment of the game a great deal. One thing I noticed , the North West Premier has its western boundary set as Halifax. Should Halifax be the eastern boundary?
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