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  1. Please. Just stop adding more confusion to this frustrating thread. My head hurts reading it again. Where you are allowed to scout depends on the scouting restrictions set by the board. Adding a scouting package is not going to allow you to scout «inside» that package. You can be a League 2 club with scouting restriction set to England, and at the same time have a scouting package set to «Europe». This does not mean that the club can now scout all of Europe. SI should have just let the scouting restrictions stay in sync with the scouting package. That way, when you wen
  2. do the WWY stat make a difference for these when coaching U18 team? my dilemma is I have a 4 star fitness first team coach with 19 for WWY. I can replace him with a 5 star first team fitness coach with a 10 for WWY. Which one is better to use for training U18?
  3. Set your GK to "distribute to fullbacks". This does wonders in getting the possession stat up.
  4. Thanks. SI's conclusion is wrong then. I'm not expecing a fix for another 2 years. I would think personal instructions override positional instructions (same way personal player instructions override team instructions). Another thing that troubles me about this OI debacle is that when you let staff handle your tactical briefings on upcoming opponent, then it's not clear if they talk about the OI you as manager have set. Maybe this is where SI got the idea that OI should reset to player OI ahead of each match - because then the staff can talk about spesific player OI in
  5. That thread gave me a headache. Basically you say there that it works... but I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion? Please show me an example of how you are able to play with positional OI throughout the season without having to manually change to this during each game. The OP is right. The OI does not stay throughout the season. If you want to play with positional OI only then you have to change from personal OI to positional OI once the match has loaded. This OI feature has not worked properly for almost 3 years now, as I explained in my post. Someone please make this a f
  6. Sigh... not true. For FM20 they changed it so that even though you set OI for specific positions as you describe, you still have to set these positions ahead of each game. Just hope someone from SI reading this can fix this for next patch. IF IT WORKED FOR FM19 IT SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD TO SET BACK TO OLD SETTING?
  7. For Liverpool I've taken control of the reserve team and youth team tactics, meaning they are copied from whatever tactic is active as tactic #1 for the first team. (Ideally I would have liked to have given control of the reserve and youth team tactics to the U23 and U18 managers, but since in FM20 this means you are also giving up control of the "position/role/duty", "additional focus", and "intensity level" personalised training options, this is a no go for me. Please look into this SI and set it so that you can remain in control of personalised training even if other managers are in c
  8. I've requested this to be brought back to the FM series and would like to receive a reply from SI on what their stance is.
  9. Back in December 3rd 2017 I made a comment in a thread called "Opposition instructions" in the forum "User Interface Early Access Beta". I cannot link to this post because for some reason this forum tells me I do not have access to that forum. I can see what I wrote in that thread via my post history: "It also appears that the opposition instructions that you set in your tactic window before match (where you select what OI to put according to where an opposition player is on the pitch) does not stick when you start the match. In my game I have to go into the tactic screen while matc
  10. Solved it. I had asked scout Greg Mathieson to do it for my LFC team, seeing how he also was competent as data analyst. But the post match analysis never came even though I was able to set "ongoing analyst report" for Mr Mathieson. Might be worth logging as a bug in that you're allowed to set scouts to do analyst reports.
  11. I don't see this one in FM20 yet. How do enable it?
  12. On FM19 there was an option to select if you wanted the reserve/youth manager to play with first team tactics, or play with own tactics. I can't find this option on FM20, and thus the reserve/youth manager always plays with the tactics I have selected for first team. Is there any way I can get them to play with their own tactics?
  13. So one of my bogey teams in FM2019 have a manager whose tendency is "looks for overlap". My interpretation of this is that his fullbacks will look to cross from byline. It certainly looks like that when I play them. What inevitably happens is this bogey team creates alot of chances against me because they overload on the sides with constant crosses from fullbacks and wide midfielders (4-4-2 formation). My first instinct was therefore to close down all their fullbacks and wide midfielders with the opposition instructions. This had little to no effect how
  14. Frequently in my inbox my chief scout lists a bunch of competitions that he thinks my club should scout. Why would I need his advice when I set the scouting assignments manually, SI? I've gone into scouting-->preferences and selected "1 month" in the boxes under "inbox delivery option". I assume this means I only see this message once a month? I want an option not to see this message at all. Is it possible?
  15. Nothing is obvious in a computer simulation. If anyone are having any success with having the AI man-mark your corner short option, please provide details.
  16. Sure you can force AI to do what you want. Leave 3 players forward while defending corners, and AI leave 3 players back as well. Same should apply to short corners. If I start taking the corner short every time, then AI should compute that it's best to man-mark the short option.
  17. I've played 2/3 of my season now on latest patch, and for each attacking corner I've had one of my players offer short option. Only ONCE have I seen the AI bother to move a player out there to man-mark the short option. That's what I want - for the opposition to move one of their players away from the penalty area and open up space. I've experiemented with several different players (fullbacks, wingers, attackers) offering short option, and it makes no difference. Corner distribution is set to "mixed". Any ideas how I can get this to work?
  18. One thing I can add to this thread is that the body language that is already there often have to do with the tactic your team deploys. For example; if you play balanced mentality and the opposition have a manager that plays attacking football and create chances against you, then your centrebacks will often become nervous. The way to counter this is to have your team adopt a defensive/counter mentality. Other times my fullbacks are nervous, and I realize it's because the winger (AML/AMR) in front of him is on "attacking" mentality. This means he rarely helps out the ful
  19. You`re a bit of a tool it seems 🙂 don`t create threads on one of the best young strikers in Europe and then proceed to a) misspell his name and b) create zero description as to why he`s a good player in your mind… this is not a toilet wall you`re writing on… it is the official forum of SI 🙄
  20. It could also just be coincidental that Manè is now on a goalscoring spree after he signed a new contract. I have Firminho, Salah, and Manè as my front 3, and they seem to take turns in my game on being the one to regularly supply goals. SI; do personal player bonuses actually work?
  21. Just had Sadio Manè ask for a new contract in the second season. I included a top goalscorer bonus for the PL in the new contract, and all of a sudden he's now playing out of his skin, scoring for fun. 7 goals in his last 8 games. His shots on goal tally have also gone up by a significant amount. I'm wondering if the game takes into account these type of bonuses and if it motivates players. We get info in the player status that they are motivated by increased win bonuses; but does this carry on to individual performance bonuses such as with Manè here as well? If Manè really is moti
  22. I've played 2 seasons of CL football and have yet to see the odds of who are favorites to win the competition. I am fully subscribed to the competition. This was one of the highlight stats for me to check out, as it was very interesting to see who was building the strongest squad in Europe. Please fix it for next patch?
  23. I'm in October 2019 (patch 19.2.0) and for the first time I'm seeing an option to send my players on a "leadership course". What exactly is this? I notice I can send everyone of my players on this course, from senior to u18.
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