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  1. Edit: Sorry dude, I realised the fixture files were downloaded from a third-party site, i think that's where the above guy got his from too as well :X
  2. That's because the creator looked at the 2019 calendar for 2020 fixtures, so after January the dates are around 2 days off
  3. Just searched for him and he's currently injured, when I go under information it says he is 'patiently waiting for injury to subside', such a professional!
  4. Oh, please don't release Drogba in Jan! It cost you 1.7mil. In fact, on deadline day 2nd Feb, I managed to sell him for 500k to Everton. Good deal, considering his contract ending at the end of the season!
  5. AMC Advanced Playmaker Support Role. My team instructions is "Close down more often" so coupled that with his 20 work rate, as well as his preferred move "comes deep to get ball", he is quite close in the game to real life
  6. Seems like he has a couple of random stats, most probably with a random PA as well, but worth scouting for sure
  7. Can't be 100%, have to test further, but during the player interaction when the player complains to you about the player role, there's a reply to say that you will give him an improved contract to show that he is impt or smth along that line. It worked once for me if I remember correctly.
  8. The greater role issue - basically the players want a new contract, it's available as one of the replies to the player during the private chat where he voiced his issue.
  9. It's working very well for me. Fabregas in MCR while Matic in DMCL, Oscar AMC. Looks weird but does the job strangely.
  10. Same, but for me it's MCR Fab DMCL Matic and oscar AMC. Matic doesn't have a good MC rating according to the coaches. And this weird one front one back formation works for me
  11. I play Costa mainly, Remy for rotational matches and both of them are averaging a goal a game. I don't know what you guys are doing differently but Costa has been fantastic for me, he gets an assist for every 2 goals he scores on average, which is surprising. In case you're wondering, I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 wide with Costa/Remy as a Poacher. Only player instruction for the ST position is Close down more. If you can't get the best of Costa, maybe you can try poacher, it somehow works for me. Another boost is he does not seem to have any hamstring problem, in my game at least ^^. I'm approaching December and still unbeaten. Closest to defeat was Man City. Was down 1-2 and managed to equalise in the 71min with Costa and then a Hazard penalty in the 88th minute gave me an incredible 3-2 win. Sorry have to add that, during my second last UCL group game, was in danger of dropping into an embarrassing 3rd place as I was losing 1-2 to Steau in the 70th minute. With Costa unfit and Remy shooting birds in the sky, I decided to bring out the legend and we won 6-2, courtesy of 2 brilliant goals by Drogba! What a player!
  12. Boga looks the most promising in my save as well, Chalobah too. The rest are however, crap. Side note - Azpilicueta's really, really good and I have already turned down a straight 25mil bid for him
  13. Since I sold Ba, I rotated between Torres and Eto'o. They both had some great games for me but were too inconsistent. For eg, Eto'o can score two goals and get a rating of 9.3 but performed 5.6 in the next game. I bought Lewandowski 'cause the two were causing me results and he scored 15 goals for me which is a very good return since I couldn't play him in the UCL. Being a Chelsea fan, I tried to stick to Torres in UCL but by end of season, it was Eto'o that started the semis and finals. It's also important to note that Eto'o gets a contract extension automatically after certain number of games, so even if you prefer Torres, try to get the extension so that you can offload him in the summer. Save on contractual costs as well. I think I got really lucky that Napoli offered 4mil for him though but selling him for 1mil is better than letting him go for free I guess. I play Hazard as Inside Forward AML on attack with 'more risky passes' and 'dribble more'. 33 league games, 12 goals, 20 assists, 7.48 for the first season
  14. Yes I bought Lewandowski in December for 5.5mil. Cannot risk other clubs snapping him up for free when his contract ends. Best signing ever. Bought Balanta for 9.25mil and Shaw 23mil all at the start, Marquinhos 48mil and Alex Telles for 8mil as backup left back after letting Cole go in Jan for the first season. Also got rid of Bertrand 11mil and Ba 25mil to Real Madrid. Very tight season with United and Everton, winning the league in the end by 2 points. Lost in FA Cup final to Spurs after Mikel missed his penalty but managed to win the UCL 4-2 after leading Real 3-0 at half time. So a good and quite lucky season haha. Used a 4-2-3-1 the whole season but couldn't get the best out of Oscar. Hazard's a beast 2nd season just began for me due to lack of time and it's more of making profits this time. Ivanovic left for 28mil, Marin 9mil, Essien 9.5 and Torres 11mil. Eto'o is leaving for 4mil as well to Napoli. Still trying to offload Cahill and Moses but to no avail. Peruzzi and 2 other regens are my only signings so far.
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