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  1. Looks like we’ve to wait big March update for new ME.
  2. Can we get a ME update at least via public beta? It’s more than 2 months since beta and 1,5 month since full release but the game is still unbalanced.
  3. This man wanted € 6m/pa wage from me. I made a lot offers before Juve interested with him. And signed for Juve with € 200k/pa..
  4. Maybe it's also about the team's reputation. Playing with a bigger team is so hard because opponents are just trying to make hard defence and send long balls. Actually this seems not so unfair. In real life we're seeing similar scenarios. But there is a big difference. IRL long balls are not effective this much. But in this ME almost every player is able to send perfect long balls. And central defenders just watching like a fool. So it doesn't matter how deep the defensive line or LoE is.
  5. I tried almost every combinations (mentality, defensive line, line of engagement, press, marking etc.) to block long balls over the defence. I played a single match more than 50 times for testing that. But nothing changed. In every single match Bournemouth defenders or defensive midfielders sent 50-60 meters perfect long balls to Wilson and he got CCCs.
  6. Can you please try to decrease vision and passing of defenders via in game editor? Both yours and opponent’s.
  7. How dare you??? Of course everything in FM work properly. If something looks like broken there must be a problem with you. Maybe it’s your tactics
  8. Actually i want to start two holiday saves with and without changes and compare them. But i couldn’t find an easy way to make these changes in editor.
  9. Is there an easy way to decrease vision an passing of all defenders in database by pre-game editor? The long ball bug is really annoying. Maybe this can solve it a bit.
  10. I think you misunderstood me. Probably because of my non fluent English I didn’t see any date or date like thing. People always asking about when the update will be ready but i really didn’t see anything.
  11. They didn’t try to inform people. Never. At least a single time SI should try to inform people. Just a few words. “We’re trying to fix bla bla bla and working hard to make it ready before new year or whatever. Thank you for your patience” I think people would be more positive and constructive with that. Uncertainty makes people nervous imo
  12. Actually when the ME gets too realistic then real managers and clubs pay a lot to use it
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