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  1. This has happened a number of times in my Arsenal save. It becomes very easy to build up a large balance when playing a number of years with a big club. I think club owners should be taking a much larger portion of the bank balance out of the club via dividends and they can later reinvest if needed, rather than the "investment for the future"
  2. Just me then? I am doing something wrong when making the offer?
  3. Has there been changes made to the finances around loan fee's paid by the AI in the winter update? I could regularly get £300k as a loan fee a month for top youth prospects - but now it's barely £50k
  4. Thanks for looking into this @Luke Hume. Is it a bug/issue? I've put my save on hold
  5. I've also uploaded Corn -End of Season.fm - End of season save
  6. I've re-uploaded the saves. Corn - After.fm & Corn - Before.fm
  7. Hi @Luke Hume Have you had a chance to take a look?
  8. It also doesn't appear under board requests
  9. I requested a new stadium from the board and the request was granted and confirmed in the media but nothing happens when I continue the game. No inbox about plans and nothing on the facilities page. This has happened about 3 or 4 times now across different seasons and I thought it might be different in the new update but it's still happening. I have a save before the request, after the request and at the end of the season. I've uploaded them to the FM own cloud. ARS - Before Request.fm ARS - AfterRequest.fm
  10. Fm21 Bump. Still employed in mine. 3rd in the league but out of all the cups. Job status is Insecure
  11. Miles speaks about Brexit in FM21 from 12minutes. To summarise, he says they believe they have a version of Brexit in the game which is the very similar to real life based on the conversations they've had - No idea who these conversations are with but I guess that's their justification.
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