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  1. I'm at the start of my 4th season and the squad building seems worse than FM18. I'm seeing some highly questionable decisions mainly with the big teams. - Players being signed for huge fees then loaned out or transfer listed immediately - Highly rated youth players loaned out or sold while 34 year olds start - Teams buying 4 or 5 world class players for the same position. - Rivals selling good players to each other.
  2. Why was the ability to edit the training schedule from the inbox removed?
  3. corn_onthecurb

    penaltys in every 2/3 games

    I just had thee penalties in 24 minutes. 8 penalties in 15 games so far.
  4. Seeing some utterly bizzare AI squad building decisions. City spent £60m on Thauvin to then immediately transfer him and loan him out. Arthur plays 26 league games for Barcelona the previous season and they loan him to Napoli the next Madrid spent £75m on Torreira, the next season he's on the transfer list Three examples from when i last looked
  5. corn_onthecurb

    FM19 Guardiola Challenge

    That needs a tweak. Managers shouldn't jump ship to other clubs mid contract when there's such little reputation differences between the clubs. The mid-season merry-go round needs addressing too. Interim managers & pre contracts should be used
  6. corn_onthecurb

    FM19 Guardiola Challenge

    End of first season. Is there anything we can tweak in the editor to stop him from being useless?
  7. corn_onthecurb

    Premier League Winter Break

    Thanks for confirming
  8. corn_onthecurb

    Premier League Winter Break

    Has anyone played in a league with a winter break in previous FM's? Does the same thing happen
  9. corn_onthecurb

    Premier League Winter Break

  10. I've reached February and I have a two week gap in the fixture list with no inbox message and the players are still training as normal Is there supposed to be a news item about this? Aren't the players supposed to go away on holiday?
  11. corn_onthecurb

    Super PC for FM

    Is there anything that could do that much much quicker? 21 minutes for a week wouldn't be playable for a long term save.
  12. corn_onthecurb

    Super PC for FM

    Is there a PC on the market right now that would be able to run all the leagues in FM in full detail on a large database smoothly with short processing breaks? What kind of spec would it have?
  13. corn_onthecurb

    Comparison Reports

    Sorry! Yes I should have, but I also wanted to ask if it was wrong in anyone else's save and where i could view this information in the game
  14. This is a nice new addition. Every now and again the press officer sends reports to the managers inbox but i've noticed some of them are wrong. Commercial Income: - City higher than united for commercial income? really? - I've checked my clubs commercial income and the total was higher than the 80m listed I also had a report about average wage per week which was miles off. Anyone know where this information is stored in game?
  15. corn_onthecurb

    Extremely slow player development

    I welcome this (if it's intentional). It's far too easy to sign a really good 5* 16 year old and have him develop into a world class player by 25. There needs to be more jeopardy with player development