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  1. I'll raise it in the bug forum and see what the devs think
  2. A bug that can only be exploited by human players might be a good description
  3. I think that's a sensible conclusion. It seems that the AI is adept at handling offers for their players with excessively conditional fees, prioritizing the transfer fee over uncertain conditional payments. However, if a human player opts for no upfront payment and prefers all payments to be conditional, the AI will readily accept. It appears that the AI clubs making offers aren't overly concerned about potential sell-on fees from other AI clubs. We can probably consider this more of an exploit rather than a bug, as it's a loophole that only human players can exploit.
  4. Hey everyone, I've come across what seems like a potential issue, though I'm not entirely sure if it's a bug, an oversight, or intended application of the clause. It appears that players can avoid paying the "percentage of next sale" clause when selling a player by structuring the deal in a specific way. If you arrange the transfer so that no money is paid upfront or in monthly installments, and instead, the entire cost of the transfer is paid after a certain number of league games (even just one), or if you spread out the fee per league appearances, the clause isn't enforced and all the money is added to your budget.
  5. I'm having trouble loaning out some of my promising young players in in FM23. I'm playing as Arsenal and I have wonderkids with international caps and 5* potential, but no clubs interested in taking them on loan. In FM21 I could regularly loan out young players and get great loan fee's, but in FM23 I get very few or no interested clubs even when I offer 0% wage contributions and no fee's. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it a bug? or a deliberate change from SI?
  6. Essentially young players do not develop as they need 30-40 games a season, but the AI mainly picks players based of reputation and not potential, so in the future you have AI squads full of players aged 33+. This translates to their young wonderkids not developing enough and wasting their potential, and it's made worse by the changes made to slow players decline when they reach 30 years old. An example in my save is a 35\36 year old Mo Salah with 16 speed and 16 acceleration. This post may be useful.
  7. Great work as always! I have used your megapacks on previous versions and i'm keen to try this one. Have you made any kind of updates to impact the flaw in youth development and are there any fixes to make it easier to loan out young players?
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