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  1. This has been addressed in the latest patch and should no longer be an issue
  2. Thanks for uploading. Some of the Chelsea chances should not have been marked as CCC's however, there were some poor defensive reactions we have passed on to the Dev Team.
  3. Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of this internally and hope to get a fix out as soon as possible.
  4. Apologies for the delayed reply. You have raised some valid points, we are aware of all these issues and are working to improve them. How do you feel about these issues post update?
  5. This is influenced by a number of this that are usually only seen when watching full match highlights. We are aware of in internally as it is something we'd like improved in the future. When reviewing stats, always use full detail matches instead of none or low.
  6. There are slightly more than we'd like, however this does depend on the tactics being used by both teams. It is more how the chances are being created, rather than the fact they are being missed. This is something that is constantly under review internally, unfortunately it can create all sorts of potential knock ons which is why it's not a straight forward fix.
  7. Thank you for all the feedback so far. Unfortunately there were some unforseen knock ons to fixes before release which led to some issues which have now been addressed. As a Match Team, we are happy with the overall Match Engine. While we agree some areas could be improved, there are also numerous areas we believe work well and show the depth of the tactics. If this is what you are seeing 95% of the time, please start a thread and upload PKM's showing this and we will review. We get stats from thousands of matches daily, while also playing countless matches daily and as a QA Team are aware of virtually every example that has been raised. However, we appreciate help and additional examples from the forums. Some people were seeing these issues before the patch, some after the patch. Some never at all, some claimed every single game. I think it is important to remember there are a wide amount variables in the Match Engine just like real life football itself. I left this post unlocked to create discussion, unfortunately it has not been used constructively so I will be locking it from now.
  8. Thanks for the examples, these will be reviewed. Stats and numbers. The overall number of One on One chances per game is much lower than it was. Also the way we calculate CCC's is under review as some of these should not be marked as CCC.
  9. Thanks for feeding back to us. If you upload some PKM's with examples of poor defending we can review them internally
  10. Thanks again for posting this. We have reviewed the penalty internally and the ball did not actually cross the line! The Goalkeeper tipped the ball onto the post and it bounced on the goal line. The net reacted as if the ball went in which makes it look like it was a goal.
  11. Thanks for recognising the improvments. Teams can end matches with a high number of shots for various reasons, most often it was the opposition playing too defensively. We have addressed these in the update but if you are seeing this happen then we would like to review a PKM. It is worth remembering our shot total includes Blocked Shots which aren't always included in all real life post game stats.
  12. If you are multiple long shots every game could you please provide PKM's of this. Our current statistics show Long Shot goals 20% lower than they are in real life.
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