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  1. This is pretty much it! We are happy to explain the detail behind the match engine as well as possible. Fair point about it being a player instruction, it could potentially be both and something I will raise in discussion with the wider team. Thanks for the interest! Low crosses are in the game, just unfortunately quite rare. This is why we asked for examples of times a player is in position to play one but doesn't. If you do come across this, please upload a PKM example!
  2. Thanks for posting this. This is likely because the gold away strip 'clashes' with the Orange Dundee shirt. We will raise this with the research team.
  3. Apologies for the delayed reply to your post, thank for you uploading. This is a unique issue we haven't come across before. Any steps you done before the goal that triggers this or other PKM's where this happens could you please upload. Thank you
  4. Crossing instructions are a part of the in possession Team Instructions, a combination of these instructions will create final third opportunities. Choosing what cross type wouldn't override your tactics. When there is a opportunity to cross, all three types could be valid. But if you have a Target Man who is strong in the air you may choose floated crosses for example.Your original post suggests players are getting into positions to cross low but are not choosing to (something we have logged ourselves) - No team would exclusively cross only one way but they might have a preference based on their attacking strengths (heading, off the ball etc.) Players choose the best type of cross for the situation, it would be a general rule for the team but it is down to the player roles and team instructions to create these crossing scenarios. If you feel your team are creating these chances but not crossing the ball low, please could you share PKM examples.
  5. Thanks for raising this we will continue to look into this. If it happens again could you please post the PKM.
  6. Did Dembele have individual marking instructions? (for open play, not set pieces)
  7. Thank you @Freakiie for posting this. This is a rare issue but one we are aware of. Players choosing the wrong time to switch positions during a transition can lead to some poor defending, any other examples you see like this could you also please upload. We are working on improving the logic behind defensive transitions. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for raising this. Because it was a slide tackle rather than an actual pass the defender continued to track the ball instead of dealing with it. This isn't something we have seen either, if it ever happens again could you please raise it and log it.
  9. Thanks for raising and posting. We are continuing to work on improving low crossing. Highlighting times in matches where a player could low cross but instead crosses high or shoots would be ideal. Cheers
  10. Thanks for uploading PKM's - The public beta has updates that no longer have these type of issues. I would recommend playing on the latest version.
  11. Could you please share an example of this happening
  12. Thanks for raising and posting this. We have seen similar issues from other set peice transitions. This is something we've worked on and hopefully there should be some better defensive logic when defending these counter attacks.
  13. Thanks for sending in with PKM's - After watching the CCC's I do believe they were all clear chances, however the number created was quite high. Has this high bumber of CCC's been a consistent theme for you or just something in a couple matches?
  14. Hi everyone, thanks for visiting the Match AI Forum, Just a quick reminder to please attach a PKM when raising a match issue on the forums. We use PKM's to further investigate issues, as that is what contains the unique match data. We may ask for multiple PKM's for the same raised issue, this is because the more examples we have, the better chance we have of fixing it. What is a PKM? - This is a saved copy of a match that has already been played, allowing us to watch back with the same outcomes you've experienced. You can get a PKM by clicking the 'Save Match' button on the match screen. This will create a file in your 'matches' folder, which can be found in '\documents\sports interactive'. In almost all situations we're going to want to see a PKM illustrating the issue. There is the ability to add PKMs directly into forum posts thanks to the fancy new forums. Please use this if possible. Thanks, CJ
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