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  1. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    Agreed. But you try doing what Leicester did last season. Playing the same tactics game after game. There is no way you would be as successful in the game as Ranieri was in real life as the game would have calculated that a number of team's tactics/formations were superior to Leicester's.
  2. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    But Leicester also proves my point. They found success playing a narrow 4-4-2 where the personnel suited the system. They didn't come up against a 4-2-3-1, which the game could say has the edge over a 4-4-2, and lose because of their formation, which can be common in the game. If you look at their start this season losing Kante has meant their defence is not protected as well as the new guy is still settling in and isn't as good as Kante. This is a case where a loss of a player rather than tactics has meant the system isn't as robust. It isn't about having the best players but having a system which suits yours. The trouble the smaller clubs have is a small squad and a smaller depth. In the game I was playing a game against Yeovil drawing 0-0 but dominating possession but not creating enough good chances. I went to 4-3-3 and immediately conceded two quick goals. A sign that my 4-3-3 was the bad formation against Yeovil. There are too many times when you cannot win because you have made the wrong choice of formation. The bad formation. It is part of how the game processes the data and it would be hard to know how to solve this but it is there all the same.
  3. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    One major gripe I have with the game is that it over-values formations over players - where real life football does the opposite. An example of this comes from my team AFC Wimbledon - which came from lower mid-table obscurity to winning the playoffs and securing a place in League One. How did Neal Ardley do this? Change his tactics? No. He started Elliott instead of Akinfenwa and brought in Roos to start in goal. It was the fact that Elliott had more mobility and movement than Bayo and Roos being a better keeper. We stuck with the same tactical framework but achieve better results through better players. In the last third of the season we brought in Darius Charles to add experience to our defence. Once again - players over tactics. The game however still punishes you unduly for playing what it works out to be the wrong formation. I have achieved too much success by simply looking at my opponents defeats and mimicking the winning teams formation. It doesn't matter whether my team is set up right and gels - you just have to look at what formation your opponents are weak against. Job done.
  4. I was wondering today as to how easily it could be done, as I admit I haven't looked into it too much myself. I guess this could be done through player interaction and team talks. I will clarify by saying my two all time favourite managers is Harry Bassett, at my club Wimbledon, and Sir Alex Ferguson. Both gave the club something more than just tactics. At Wimbledon we played mainly a 4-2-4 direct game, and with a few moments of rule bending we were successful without major tactical changes. Our success was down to an indomitable desire and will to win. Some was the signing of the right type of player for the club but a lot was down to the fire of Bassett. You could say the same about Fergie. There was something about the club under him that meant that United were always difficult to beat. At the moment I feel the game is still anchored in the get the tactics right and win or get them wrong and lose. It may be down to me, but Wimbledon, especially our success, was down to more than tactics. Is it possible to get the team spirit that propelled us into the top flight and have a manager with the fire of a Bassett/Ferguson affecting results just as much as the tactics. Sometimes for me changing the teams width from Balanced to Fairly Narrow can change my game from watching my opponents attack to watching my team attack and I feel there is more to football than that.
  5. I have changed my driver with no change and an updated driver from Nvidia today still doesn't allow me to use the 3D engine.
  6. My current graphics card details are this: GE Force GS 750M - GE Force Game Ready Driver Version 359.00 Installed: 19/11/2015
  7. Can use it okay using the 2D match engine. If I use the the 3D one it crashes after I give the team talk every time - it gives error code 41 if that is any help. Also when trying to launch the whole game it hangs until I open the computer's task manager then it loads properly - I am using Windows 10 with all the latest updates including the new big one.
  8. Multiple Tactics

    I have started a system of tactics which almost seems like cheating so I am wondering whether to continue with it. I have two scouts - one set to scouting the next opposition the other to my opponent but one so each team gets scouted twice. I then look at my opponents recent record and more importantly their defeats. For example, as AFC Wimbledon, I was playing Barnet at home. A look at their results showed me they lost their last two away matches to teams playing 4-2-3(wide) - 1. So I played that with an attacking mentality and after 70 minutes was 4-0 up and cruising. I have always felt that teams are mid-table as they play the same formation and don't have special players to overcome this. Sometimes your established formation will work and others it will not. Depends on the team you are playing.
  9. But if you are winning 2-0 and playing well it doesn't matter. It may not be the reason you are losing either. Assistant shouts should be more pertinent. I can understand if they were tied to the AI ability but it seems to too scripted.
  10. One of the most puzzling things is the contradictions in the game. For instance you are coming up against a 4-2-3-1 - the scouting notes said they are most vulnerable to 4-4-2. You play that and your assistant moans you are being out-numbered in midfield regardless of if you are winning, drawing, losing, dominating the game or being second best. Also in timed constrained times as I have I do not have the time to watch the whole game. Watching in consolidated you can get highlight after highlight with you defending. You change one shout and then you are attacking. Maybe slightly longer highlights could help as they don't exactly explained why your tactic isn't working. I need them to start before they have a throw in your half.
  11. I will give players with a low pass attribute a player instruction of "Fewer Risky Passes". They are not good passers so get them to stick to easier passes.
  12. I have struggled with this version but one thing has worked for me with my League Two save with AFC Wimbledon is to tweak the player instructions. My basic formation is FB(s), LD (d), LD (d), FB (s), W(a), CM (d), CD (d), W(a), AM (s), DLF (a). I am playing a 4-4-1-1 and I have asked the two front guys and my two attacking wingers to Close Down More. I have also asked my FB, Wingers and CMs to try Fewer Risky Passes - I finally cottoned on to the highlights showing me my FBs hoofing it to the oppo's CBs/touchline and my winger trying a crossfield pass to my opponent's centre back was telling me to reign in their passing. Since these changes my results have been 1-1 (A), 2-0 (H), 0-0 (A), 2-0 (A) - 2W, 2D with only one goal conceded.
  13. 4-4-1-1 roles and duties.

    One thing I have found is following reading the Arigo Saachi thread is to put your front two and wingers on "Close Down More". It makes it harder for teams to build from the back. I am playing in England League Two and it results in a lot of aimless balls for my defence to mop up and has also resulted in more attacking play. I also agree with playing your striker in a DLF role. I play mine as an attacker with my AM as a supporter so I can defend with five.
  14. The main reason is that I don't have to bother with Opponent Instructions which is the worst gimmick that the game introduced. In the real world of football you deal with a tricky winger buy either the defender you choose to mark or to ask your winger/wide midfielder to double-up on him. If you don't use them you get punished. If you do you get punished.
  15. This is the bane of Football Manager and I have no idea why this ridiculous line and moment is included in the game; and in my save every single match. If it is trying to tell me the wide man is having too much space then have crosses coming in; I'd rather concede goals than see my goal and sometimes my opponent's goal being peppered with mis-hit crosses. What is it meant to be telling me?