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  1. Thanks for raising all these issues. Could you please upload PKM's from these matches where the stats aren't matching so we can send to our dev team to review.
  2. Thanks for uploading this, we will use your PKM's to look further into the issue. If it happens again, please update this thread with examples
  3. Thanks for uploading this issue. Anyone who's experienced this could you please upload a PKM for us to look further into the issue.
  4. Thanks for sharing so many PKM's, we will take a look into this issue
  5. The month was over the festive period where I mentioned many team members were away. It's not a straight forward issue as it involves a lot of research data and isn't a simple AI change. The process unfortunately isn't as simple as identify the issue and then fix it. I've mentioned many times that there are so many potential knock ons in this area, I would never give reassurances that any issue would be improved or fixed but I can assure you we are looking into it.
  6. We've made no changes to this area but will continue to look into balancing it better. I understand why you say they should be less consistent from lower quality players, but a semi professional footballer with 5 long shots, is still technically better than a random fan from the stand. The attributes are in relation to being a footballer. Genuinely appreciate this level of understanding. I think it is way too risky of an area to make changes to at this time. But you made a very fair point with some good evidence to back it up so I will raise this with the Dev team to better balance it in the future.
  7. Thanks for all the PKMs and extra screenshots We will take a further look into defensive positioning from throw ins
  8. For the shot numbers not correlating with the numbers, would need that PKM if you still have it?
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass this onto the UI team
  10. Thanks for uploading with PKM, we will take a look into this issue. How did you make your subs in game? Through the menu at the bottom or tactical pitch? Any further information would be useful
  11. The majority of the QA team were off over the festive period, it was also made clear there would be limited replies on the forums over that time. Thanks for all the pkms, it's exactly what we need. It really isn't as simple as just making the AI managers attack more, this would likely lead to an even more unbalanced match and results. We are investigating the issue but it is something I would rather take time on and get right than rush a fix for.
  12. @FreezingTable I understand your problem with the role, however what you're asking for isn't a quick fix. Also many of the movements you're asking for do come from Inside Forwards on attack duties. Raumdeuter is a very niche role that needs specific skill sets to get what exactly you're asking for from the role. Can you think of any real life examples from players who play this role?
  13. We need timestamped examples. We don't have the time or numbers to rewatch every PKM from start to finish unfortunately.
  14. Thanks for uploading with PKMs. Have you noticed any theme in these goals, from goal kicks, clearances, high defensive line etc?
  15. Correct, teams are allowed up to six subs in the community shield
  16. We always need PKMS. If it's an absence of something then examples of when a player should make the cross would be good. The ME is an incredibly delicate balancing act to try and replicate real life football. It's not as simple as making players cross the ball more. We have looked at improving some off the ball runs which would in turn have a knock on affect which could improve this issue. Are players making the off the ball runs for these crosses to be made? Which player roles are being used in the wide areas? Lastly, the Beta theory is incorrect and it doesn't help spreading those ideas. There were minimal AI changes made between Beta and Full Release Thanks
  17. Thanks for all the examples @Louisking1992 - They will be logged to be reviewed by the dev team. This isn't something we've been seeing internally as frequently as you seem to be. Is there any theme among the poor marking?
  18. @GOODNAME these are great examples, thanks for uploading. We're currently looking into this issue, as it might not actually come from the match engine. We have debug tools where we can see exactly what mentality the AI manager is using and when they switch so these PKMs where you suspect defensive tendencies are important for us to look at. If yourself or anyone else has other examples, please upload the PKM to this thread.
  19. Thanks for uploading with PKM and screenshots. It looks like a coincidence from the sample size. It's something that could certainly happen in real life. If you continue to see this trend please continue to add PKMs to this thread.
  20. Gegenpress was edited for the Winter update on FM20 and changed quite a bit. If you've been playing since 1997, Marseille might not be the biggest challenge for you.
  21. There is nothing in game that makes this happen intentionally. Do you sit deep or tackle harder when trying to protect a lead?
  22. Thanks for the extensive report and range of PKM's - we will take a deeper look into this issue. A few points to remember, no matter what level you're playing at, long shots are still a realistic possibility. In real life, no matter how low down the football pyramid you go, players are still technically gifted enough to score goals from distance. Sometimes in real life a player you don't expect can score a worldie from distance (Kompany vs Leicester for example) - I'm not using these examples as a way to rationalise anyone scoring a long shot, but it is certainly something we see happen in real life more often then many people realise. Lastly, 'nerfing long shots' means balancing other areas. Set piece goals, one on one conversion etc. it is all a delicate balancing act and not one where you just turn switches up and down.
  23. Thanks for uploading with PKM Please add multiple timestamped examples if this is something you're seeing often. It doesn't match internal testing or overall conversion numbers. There has been no change at all to finishing, goalkeeping or overall goal scoring / conversion numbers with the update.
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