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  1. Cheers for doing the test, every one really helps us get an idea of how each system performs, hopefully with enough samples recommending will be easier @Smurf Thanks for linking to the thread
  2. If you fancy Brazil there is a great addition here, i've used it myself and its good. All states are accurate and qualification for Serie D is accurate as far as I can tell. Could be a classic journeyman experience going from state to state. Just remember to tick add players to playable teams at the start. Also there are plenty of jobs available at the start
  3. I meant expansion leagues that aren't in the original database, to be fair though my OP could have been better worded
  4. Try using my lower league team picker The excel version gives you recommended complimentary leagues to run and links to the Wiki page of the league for that year. My advice is to go onto the teams wikipedia page and get a feel for the club and its history, have a look at the page for the town/city. All of these things can add extra immersion and help you get into a new save My other recommendation would be adding the English expansion here If greyed out players are a bother just load up down to level 8 as most clubs down to that level have a full compliment of real players Here's a random team picker for that level http://llmpicker.atwebpages.com/EnglandLevel8.html
  5. What kind of league/database setup were you running to reach that kind of size?
  6. I was wondering what everyone's experience was in terms of pros and cons of playing with additional leagues and what to look out for
  7. Good question, I couldn't possibly tell you though as it adds to the mystique To be fair i'm hoping they will become a theme, i'm looking to turn it into a proper website where they will both have personalities. The long term goals will be to expand on what the excel version does, whereby you get your team and then you go to another page that explains the rules for that league (number of foreign players, league structure etc) and the recommended complementary leagues to run alongside it. Maybe in future one of the Llamas will give you teams predicted top half and the other bottom half, a difficulty level of sorts.
  8. The 8600k is really well overclocked, he’s got lucky with it but you’re right about intel, it could change in the future I suppose but I doubt it. this isn’t full detail by the way it’s just all leagues active, the detail level is default funnily enough I think I have an old pentium 4 knocking about but I’d have to install 64 bit windows although the time that would take would be small fry compared to the benchmark
  9. Tell you what, click the button and we’ll call it some variation of what comes out
  10. @XaW I'm just seeing what I can do with coding at the minute, this is the first time I've ever tried it. Pretty heavy going to be fair but interesting stuff. I've got some ideas for it but I think i'll wait till FM21 for a lot of it. Cheers for the offer Nah this guy ain't Frank, nobody can rival Frank. This will be a tribute of sorts
  11. The web based version now has a Llama as a mascot but he/she doesn't yet have a name, I wonder if any of you good people can think of one? Maybe based around LLM or Something like that. I may even just use the picker and call him by whichever team comes up first. The "Picker" itself will be renamed to this as well so get your thinking caps on
  12. It's just the lowest possible league in all the available countries. I know what you mean though, a lot of Llamas would avoid USA and Australia really but I didn't want to leave them out. I think the smaller teams in those leagues might be fair game but it's up to the individual I guess. I'm working on a version that tells you the media prediction and/or board expectation for each team so you can make your own judgement and it can act as a difficulty level of sorts Cheers for the feedback
  13. Version 1 of a brand new web based version that works okay(ish) on mobiles. It's a work in progress so i'm constantly looking to update it and will do so for FM21 LLMPicker20 - Web Based v1.0
  14. for raw speed yes but you'll have to weigh up the price/performance If money is no object then grab a 10th gen i9 and get overclocking!
  15. "handle" is subjective in terms of speed. The 125,000 players count warning is there regardless of computer and its there to prevent instability after a few seasons in-game iirc but i'll stick my neck out and say that wouldn't apply to top end latest gen processors so I would ignore it much as I would the "star rating" There are lot of people run all leagues and all players but of course what they call acceptable you may regard as a snails pace. Below is how long it takes to holiday the game for 11 days in-game with all leagues loaded with a large database and a total player count of 162,590 on various different systems Bear in mind though this is the first season and that it will get slower especially after the youth intake floods the database
  16. Your setup seems sensible. To be honest unless a league is active you won't get what you're after in terms of regens.
  17. Contrary to popular belief (of the larger leagues) it's probably England
  18. Sounds like we've missed out on some great left and right wingers...
  19. Think I read somewhere that 1 in 20 in Germany are of Turkish descent so it might not be too far fetched
  20. Version 4 released Major update to the UI and an alternative version added too, it's basically the same but it gives you the the nation first Lower League Manager Random Team Picker 2020 - LLMPicker20 v4.0 Lower League Manager Random Team Picker 2020 - LLMPicker20 v4.0 - Alternative Version
  21. Okay well i've sorted it I looked through at what exactly was updated and I noticed the graphics driver had been and I was able to roll it back and it worked. Not sure why Windows pushed this through, generic drivers never seem to do well on mobile OEMs but there we are. All sorted
  22. Happened straight after a windows update but i'm unable to rollback as i deleted the space. Sods law. here is the crash dump FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.07.17 18.40.58).dmp
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