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  1. I only have part time scouts and physios at Sparta Prague. First Czech save so I don’t know if that is normal or wrong. Never had part time in previous saves. Way under wage budget.
  2. I uploaded 3 saves that show progression over 2 weeks of game time: Anteater Beta Uruguay Penarol 2018-05-03 Before Unhappy.fm Anteater Beta Uruguay Penarol 2018-05-10 Slight Concerns.fm Anteater Beta Uruguay Penarol 2018-05-17 Unhappy.fm
  3. At the beginning of my Penarol save I already have an assistant manager but the option for him to pick mentoring groups is greyed out.
  4. I have several unhappy players in the reserves and U19's (about 4-7 each) complaining about wanting more first team football about half way through the season. Some of these players have played in every reserve team game (19 or 20) so far. This is a big change from FM18 so I was wondering if this is by design where I should be more aggressive loaning out the majority of my reserves and U19's or if this seems excessively high. I'm playing as Penarol in Uruguay.
  5. When I set a tactic in slots 2 or 3 as the primary trained tactic it appears to work; however, the next day the tactic in slot 1 is reset as the primary trained tactic. So this raises some questions. Must the primary tactic only be in tactic slot 1, is this only an interface issue, or is this not working correctly? I noticed just now that the training screen correctly displays it as the primary trained tactic. So there seems to be a mismatch between the two screens.
  6. Here are a few crash dump files. FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.06 21.46.34).dmp FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.07 06.22.35).dmp FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.06 21.29.12).dmp I am running 2560x1440 resolution. When I changed the display to 125% in preferences as suggested in other crash dump posts that fixed this problem. Anteater
  7. Repeatable crash dump. Save game Anteater Braga Crash Dump uploaded via FTP. Crashes when progressing to August 22nd.
  8. What do the blue stars next to several countries in the nation setup screen mean?
  9. Some good news about the patch. The high CPU temperatures and fan noise I was seeing in the 3D match is gone now. CPU temps dropped from the high 50's to low 40's and fan speed dropped from 1300rpm to 1000rpm. Very welcome and back to normal as in prior versions. Quieter too.
  10. Problem solved thanks to Lucas replying to a different unlockable post. Load your save game, go to FM/Downloads and the Apply to Game button is there. It was confusing since it wasn't on the Download option from the Start screen. But that now makes sense since it applies to a game rather than overall.
  11. Aaron, I think I've done that. See these images and let me know if I have applied the unlockable. Is there anywhere in the game screen itself that confirms this?
  12. I bought the no sacking unlockable but was sacked anyway. After purchasing it is there something else I need to do to activate it for my save game?
  13. I think Portugal is the problem. My first thought was too many players so I started with England and added leagues one by one in the order France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. I used a large database and chose ManUtd since they have several injuries. It seemed once I went from 33K to 38K injuries disappeared. Then I though why not leave Portugal out in case it was country and not number of players. Without Portugal, even with 49K players, injuries were there as expected. With Portugal, even with 18K players (England and Portugal only) there were no injuries. Hope that helps. (Note to Van Gaal: Add Portugal to the Premier League. It might help with injuries). This makes me wonder two things though: if Portugal is the problem are there other problem countries and what else besides injuries is not being loaded correctly that might not be so obvious to us.
  14. I'm finding it much harder to increase match fitness in the preseason than I remember in the past. If I start the same group of players over the 5-6 preseason games it seems to be OK for that group of starters but if I do any kind of rotation i still have several players in the 60% or 70% range. Did I miss a bug report somewhere or have other people noticed this also? Thanks.
  15. What if the Sega Store is the retailer Kriss? Is that them or us?
  16. Based upon my experience with the Sega store and Sega support emails I definitely recommend ordering from Steam or another reliable provider. I've lost confidence that I will have my order in time for early access or even the future launch date.
  17. Question for those of you who preordered FM15 from the Sega Store. Have you received your Steam code? I'm asking because I have not received the Steam code after my preorder from Sega.
  18. I haven't received an email or a code. InSIder is not off to the greatest start is it? Any tips from SI about what to do next?
  19. Thanks for the tactics. They have worked great on my Roma save. Any update on the new version?
  20. I've not seen this in February playing with Roma. The winter break has always been late Dcember/early January.
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