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  1. I just want to ask if the current National Premier Leagues have any data researcher? Although it is an unplayable league, there are a lot of incorrect data (player's position, club, club's staff,...) and I want to help out if there is no data researcher, particularly the NPL Queensland.
  2. What a season you are having. Europa League for San Marino!
  3. We have won the SEA Games! My first major trophy with the Under-23, but I'm not surprise as we are the only team that has a full squad and doesn't consists any regen. But it will be a platform for something big in the future, and I'm ready for it! Next stop, AFC Asian Cup!
  4. After 2 days trying to figure out why our Under-23 team were so underperformed, I have understand why and I use SEA Games as a test. But what happen after our match with Thailand was unbelievable. (I'm sorry Thailand fans if you are reading this)
  5. Sorry for the mistake I've made earlier, but we are not the only South East Asian team to compete at the AFC Under-23 Championship as Philippines have also qualified for the tournament after came out on top of a group that consists 3 South East Asian teams.
  6. Get in there! We have qualified for the AFC Under-23 Championship! Although our performance at the qualifiers was quite decent, but I'm proud of the boys. Somehow, we've only conceded one goal when we faced North Korea, and 3 average performances against Guam, Laos and Indonesia concreted our place as the 2nd best of our group. We have qualified as the 3rd best runner-up behind Iraq and Jordan, and we will be the only South East Asian team to compete in the tournament. Now, we will concentrate on the SEA Games and try to get that gold medal.
  7. Well, there is a thread that has done before me, that's from playerup01. They've done it in December, 2017 and they stopped when the game reached January, so I think I may continue that journey and go a bit further.
  8. For now, I am only managing Vietnam and have no plan to managing a team because I want to have a big view at V-League (Vietnam First Division) and try my best to encourage players to develop to their full potential.
  9. This is my final squad for the AFC Under-23 Qualifiers, this will also be the squad that will compete at the SEA Games later in August. I will based on what I will see after 4 games of the Qualifiers to decide which 3 players will be eliminated from the original squad (SEA Games only allowed a 20-man squad, so I have to eliminate 3 players from my Under-23 Qualifiers squad). My goal is to get minimum of 2 wins and a draw in order to gain a big advantage in the group, I will also set a goal of 3 wins if everything go exactly as planned to ensure we will qualify through the 2nd place.
  10. Our second major tournament with the Under-23s is the SEA Games (or South East Asian Games), and honestly, we've been drawn into a "death group" and it would require a lot of work to come out the best of this group. But I'm very excited, it will be a chance to test our squad before the AFC Under-23 Championship (if we qualified, will update the result later) and to find some players and regens to play at the highest level.
  11. A huge hit to our chance at the AFC Under-23 Qualifiers as I have lost one of my key players, Do Duy Manh for the rest of the season. The club reported that he will be absent for 5 months, so that's mean he won't be available for the qualifiers but could make the final squad for the tournament if he could recover in time. Until now, I've lost 5 players in the original squad by Park Hang-seo due to different reasons, but hopefully I could replace them with some other players and regens to improve our squad.
  12. A better performance by our national team this time, with some changes in the roster due to some players doesn't performed well at their respective clubs. Really looking forward to our next games with India to seal a place at the AFC Asian Cup. But on the other hand, there weren't any changes to the Under-23 as our next friendly games ended with the same result (2-2). I'm really worried about our chance at the AFC U23 Championship Qualifiers if we continue to perform like this.
  13. I was just kidding, it couldn't be a reality if a club that could provide the whole squad for a nation to play at a World Cup. But thanks for the explanation!
  14. I think it's a very good idea to take over a club and have such a lot of potentials like that! I think you could end up providing all 23 players for England and win the World Cup?
  15. Your idea is very good actually! It reminds me of Kevin Nicholson, a Bangor City manager. Hopefully you could end up managing your favorite club, Manchester United!
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