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  1. Ha Noi FC qualification for the AFC Champions League 2019 Preliminary Round 2 Binh Duong qualification for the AFC Cup 2019 Group Stage (not Nam Dinh in the game). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_V.League_1
  2. ok i figure it out. the rules was not imply to lower league . i change it from 0 to 3 at the lower division level its ok now
  3. but i want to include selection rules. it works before but since i change the base year from 2000 to 2018 its error
  4. Im creating a Vietnam custom database using nation rules and when i test the db it has a problem with continental qual at the 2nd season. Quang Ninh should qualified for ACL but its Nam Dinh instead. Hanoi and Saigon should qualified for AFC but its Da Nang and Dong Thap I also tried some more test and it tends to got random team for continental competitions . It only occurs at the 2nd season after that the qual place return to normal. Wake-up 247 Vleague1 2019 - Vietnam Leagues.fmf
  5. Im doing a custom database for Vietnam and i encountered this error and i dont know how to fix it. It appears when i change the base years from 2000 to 2018 because i have problem with continental qualification previously. i tried to fix the fixture rules already but i dont think its the problem. pls help Wake-up 247 Vleague1 2019 - Vietnam Leagues.fmf
  6. Im creating a new database for vietnam football league structure. I already made a database with fm18 so i transfer the file to fm19 and continueing the work but im having a problem that after the 1st season, random team get a spot for continental cups but not winner of the league and the cup. It only happen in the 2nd season, the 3rd and 4th was normal. Also the award i made, the history got doubled like below Can anyone help because i dont know whats wrong with it . This is my file Vietnam V-league 2019 - Golden Dragons.fmf
  7. i deleted the cache folder in both editor and fm game folder, reinstall fm and the editor . The editor seems to not crash and works normal now. Thanks
  8. do i have to delete the cache and the preferences folder also right ? and do i have to delete the folder in the editor folder also or just in the fm ?
  9. I used the basic rules and i create a league structure with clubs and players edited. Everything was alright the other days but when i try to move some player on loan and do some transfer stuffs today the editor got crash dump. After that i reload the editor and merge the previous changes with my load data and save it crash again and erased my 2 month-work data
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