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  1. Marshall Matthew (ID: 74059408 - Cefn Druids ) - I think he is not Vietnamese but Wales ?
  2. just saying cause i think there a Chinese Simplified Forum too
  3. i tested it and working like a charm. Thanks a lot
  4. Oh thanks a lot. My notifications seem not working. Ill check it if it working.
  5. Im creating SEA Club Championship and i set a Qualifying Round with 12 teams and 6 teams qualify for Group Stage along with 10 teams automatic qualified. But the problem is all 12 teams at QR all qualify for the Group Stage and teams that are suppose to automatic qualified not join the group stage at all. Even they are still in the Cup??. I dont know if this is a bug or i do something wrong. This is my file. I checked everything but not seem to find any solution. SEA Club Championship.fmf
  6. Im trying to create the new Cup that being introduced lately for SEA football clubs. So when im adding leagues to get team into the cup i encountered this problem. " Qualification system uses competition ... but does not contains any rules ". Need help with this. Thanks alot!
  7. If you assigned attributes meet the CA you assigned to player it wont be random distributed anymore. For example, if a player CA is 98 , u assigned all their attributes fit in 98 points then it wont be any random distributed ( you can see it if u distribute att fit CA or not in the editor when you edit it ).
  8. So i making a database for Vietnam leagues and i try to rename all the B team and change them to U23 team but when i load the database, the names didnt change at all. I tried to reinstall FM and the editor as well and also delete files in steamapps but nothing seems to work.
  9. Okay. I test the game vanilla again and its fine. Maybe its because of the custom database i use but how weird its affect Indo qualification places
  10. I was using one custom database in that save. But i only edit vietnamese leagues, dont think it affect indonesia Minh_Dang_Indo_AFCCup_bug.fm
  11. Playing Asian Confederation Cup and noticed Indonesia has 2 team from League 3 and League 4 qualified for asian football cup instead of Persija and PSMM (as they are supposed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Liga_1 ) PSDS qualified for AFC Champions League preliminary round 1 ( Persija is correct ) Persikubar qualified for AFC Cup group stage ( PSMM is correct )
  12. Sorry but i just scrolling around and see this guy. I think this is a mistake, dont think he vietnamese at all.
  13. Please to see people care about our league. Im Vietnamese football fan here, if u need any info, maybe i can help. Cheers.
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