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  1. IRL they play a 3-4-1-2 system, with defensive block of 3 defender and 2 defensive midfielder, than 2 wide midfielders and an attacking midfielder connecting play and 2 strikers in a counter attacking system. Thieir IRL manager at least seems to think that works best. Don't pay too much attention to the team report though, as it's an average for the whole squad, the players you actually play may actually have decent pace, stamina and determination, just the back ups that are sorely lacking. That being said, it doesn't sound like a squad suited for gegenpressing.
  2. So having dipped my toes in FM109 after skipping last year and not having played FM17 that much, the last FM I turned inside out is FM16. So I had a bunch to learn. Most I start to figure out. What I don't get however is what I am supposed to do with Scenario's. I can set them up in the tactics screen, apparently I can train for them. But do they really do something. I've tried to play with it, but I don't see much of an effect. What is it supposed to do, and how do I best make use of it?
  3. I don't know, but perhaps you can edit your profile later, maybe with the editor, or maybe in the save game.
  4. In the training screen you have a tab for setting the intensities for different fitness levels. Players will automatically train with the intensity set for their current fitness level, and when they regain fitness wil automatically switch to the intensity set for their current fitness level.
  5. Audio commentary tends to get old real quick. Even IRL games I get bored by all the cliché expressions of the commentary. Text commentary can provide some additional information. How else am I supposed to know whether that penalty was because of a real foul or a dive? It will be a while before the match engine is detailed enough to see the difference.
  6. Ajax bought Davison Sanchez for 5M, sold him a year later for 40M to Spurs. Maybe IRL Colombian youngsters are relatively cheap too.
  7. Although certain formations are more suited for certain mentalities, but 4-3-3 is a pretty flexible formation that can work with most mentalities. In the end it's all about how well everything (your formation, the player roles, the instructions, etc.) blends together. In your case some the key reason why control seems to work better is that your TI's blend well with the control mentality since all are focussend on controlling possession and work better if your line plat closes together. Also a lone striker in an AF(A) role is prone to getting isolated if he doesn't get proper support from the flanks and midfield, on standard only your AP and IF will do support your striker somewhat regularly, on control your W and CM wil do so as well, making your attacks much more fluid.
  8. You can warn him to transfer list him if his attitude doesn't improve. If he calls your bluff though, well...
  9. So? I have seen players of my team with a Long Shots attribute of 8 score 30 yard screamers. It happens, every player can take a long shot and score, those with higher attributes will just do so more consistently. But if you go with cheating AI, fine, have fun with your little conspiracy theories.
  10. Player Instruction (due to role, duty or specifically set) or Tactical Instruction (set at team tactics level).
  11. - Press relentlessly: (slightly) higher defensive line, close down more. - Moves the ball quickly: quicker passing, while leaving the the directness slider on normal, or perhaps even shorter. - Encourages creative players: choose the right roles for your players. If you want to be sure that just the creative players do this go structured or choose Creative Freedom: more disciplined. Optionally you could choose Pass into Space. Start a clean tactic with your favourite formation,and start slow, so just defensive line: slight higher, close down slightly more etc, leave the things you're not sure about on default, at least for now Watch a few matches, at least in parts, in full match mode, so you can check if players are doing what you expect/would like them to do. Don't base your conclusions on seeing things once, but you see certain element recurring a few matches in row, make slight adjustments to your tactics, and check again a few matches whether it improves anything. Repeat until results are satisfactory (on the field, not the scoring board, although it helps if they are too). BUT: first start with a clear idea what you actually want, as I agree with Teabs, Leicester and Barca's pressing tactics couldn't be more different.
  12. In FM14, I think, I had sometimes the option to let the board negotiate for me if the player had much higher wage demands as I was allowed to offer. Perhaps this is what happening, although it's strange you're not informed about this if that's the case.
  13. The AI behaves no different vs human lead teams. It's all down to your own tactics. Why the player doesn't tackle: - Tactical instruction: set tackling intensity or PI or TI to close down less. - A decision few the player not to tackle because he is unsure he'll succeed and he doesn't want leave the space behind them exposed, so he choose to just keep the opponent in front of him. Related attributes: tackling, aggression, bravery, composure, decisions. - Clunky animations: it might look like the opponent leaves the ball exposed, but this might very well be because the animations are rather clunky so it's might not such an obvious tackle as it seems.
  14. If they have not have all their licenses yet, you can send them on a coaching course to speed up their development. Otherwise you jsut have to be patient and hope they'll improve.
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