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  1. Which claim, that I set up my tactics that way and that I get the board feedback that they're pleased with the entertaining football on display? My save. Why I get that feedback? Which particular instruction generates that feedback, or perhaps a certain combinations of them, or perhaps it's just the results it generates and the same results received with low tempo defensive setting would work too, I don't know, I never claimed I did, you're guess is as good as mine.
  2. I would set Promes as IF(A) and Neres as an IW(A/S). Promes is a bit more of a goalscorer, Neres more of a dribbler. While not unsound advise, it isn't the question asked here at all, and from what I can see in his post and know about the player IRL it's not something he's struggling with as these players and roles are reliable enough. Which duty? Btw, Tadic is a very creative player, so I would consider playing him in a more creative role than PF. That I agree. Tadic as a PF seems a bit limited. Would personally go for a F9, but also consider
  3. After a few saves I just couldn't get into I stumbled upon a save with Red Star I really enjoy. Started unemployed, took over the job in October when they were at the bottom of the league, just narrowly became champions with only 63 points. Now in the pre-season of season 2. Thinking about making it one club save, it seems a pretty interesting challenge, with a nice long term goal of pushing the posh PSG from the throne as the number one club in Paris. Will be following your thread and see if I can outdo you ;-). Just read the first 2 seasons, will now complete my second season and then read f
  4. I'm not sure how it works either, have experimented it a bit though. I sent one player on a course which was apparently a succes. Didn't see a thing initially though, his attributes remained unchanged. Since the course he does have much better training scores though, so I guess one or more hidden attributes have changed and he leads by example on the training ground now.
  5. I usually try to play an attacking free flowing game. In general if you play mostly on the opponents half you tend not to create as much CCC's but a lot more half-, or even quarter chances. I did a little experiment once and set up fluid counter attacking tactic next to my possession bases attacking tactic. Saved before each match and played it with both tactics. The result were pretty similar in general, but with possession tactic I had like 30 shots, 1 CCC, 3 half chances, I won 3-0, with counterattacking I had 10 shots on goal, 4 CCC, won 3-0. If have a lot of possession on the opponents ha
  6. As said before, this schedule doesn't look particularly intensive. Also an important note is that General Training improves team bonding, technical training doesn't. Team bonding raises vision and anticipation during matches. General Tactical and General Possession are some of my favorite blocks personally. Also very interesting blocks for the style of football you want play are Technical - Build from the back, Defending Engaged and Defending from the front. Personally I like during the preseason to also add some physical sessions, both to raise intensity and because pace, stamina and workrate
  7. You can however start games in the middle of the next season, by adding Brazil or Sweden in the DB for example and choose their next season start date, You can't however not do that if you have the MLS loaded, for licensing reasons I suppose.
  8. You can't really complain about unrealistic when you're at first place with Man United, can you? You can't really expect the whole league dynamics to remain the same except that your team is more successful than RL.
  9. High tempo, short passing, positive or higher mentality, more intense pressing is what i do and the board is happy with the entertaining football on display
  10. Can't really say anything specific without more information. However... Gegenpress, Control Possession and Tiki-Taka are all tactics that tend to take the play to the opponents half, thus tend to compress the space in which to play. You need a squad with players that are good at playing in small places. That means Technical players in fm terms. You also need a few creative players, so high flair and vision, who are able to still find an opening in that compressed space. If you don't have these type of players you get into the situation of the backs passing the ball to each other, not able
  11. I agree with warlock. I do like tinkering myself with tactics too much that I'm not interested in downloading one. I do like to have a look at what others have done die learning and inspiration. So some screenshots and perhaps a bit of background about why certain choices are made would be highly appreciated.
  12. I like starting my careers smallish, for example by managing by managing an youth national team. My current save I started unemployed and decided to take on the Canada U23 team an try to qualify for the Olympics. Where usually my first club 'raise eyebrows', this was approved by the in-game media, who agreed that managing youngsters was probably a good idea for an inexperienced manager like me. To be honest though, it feels a little bare boned. I miss certain features that are present in club management. No board Vision Although I do understand that board vision probably isn't as big
  13. Adding weight isn't the same as adding fat though. Muscles tissue is actually denser and thus heavies that fatty tissue, it could very well be they're becoming stronger. Since they're kids they might also still grow a little. have you checked whether they increase din height as well?
  14. That's true. I tried improving players at lowest level, after a while they just stop improving and training report state things like needs to train fulltime and needs to play against better opposition.
  15. How often do these freak or exceptional player come by on average? Once every 3 seasons, once every 10 seasons?
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