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  1. To all the team at SI You should be very proud of the game you have produced. No doubt the last few weeks have been manic and this will continue to release (and probably the first patch!) but I hope you鈥檒l all get some time off soon. Well done 馃憤馃徎
  2. I鈥檝e just started a game with AFC Wimbledon. i have no money and a poor squad so need to get some players in. With only 3 nations loaded barely anyone appears on player search. What are your tips for finding transfers/loans on FM Touch?
  3. Haha I just feel like shots in the box are a better indicator than results as set pieces, penalties, individual efforts can distort things and eventually you revert to the mean. Anyway I just want to say a massive thanks to @summatsupeer as this is the most enjoyable save I've ever had, look at my previous posts and you'll see how awful I normally am at FM. I'm not claiming to have cracked FM but i'm top at Christmas with a team predicted 6th which has never happened to me before. I'm now convinced I have the most efficient roles and duties for my squad, as I create tons of chances in the box every game: I play on Control as this defines my passing style of direct to those 3 runners and encourages closing down in the middle third. Remember this also makes your defensive line higher, my players seem to cope with this but if they couldn't i'm sure this could be be fixed by dropping it on a TI. I have a playmaker in midfield and another when the box is in the final third (F9) I don't have any team instructions but I do have both my full backs on more direct passing. Now I've yet to play teams that start with a defensive mentality so we'll see how I get on if that happens. Again i'm not claiming to be an expert just because I've done well in half a season (on FM touch!) but here are some things I've learnt from this thread for anyone else that is struggling: I no longer scale up and down mentality before/during a game to decide how defensive/attacking I want to be. Decide what type of passing your team suits, where they should close down and how high your defensive line should be. That should decide what mentality you use, this is the biggest factor in the style of football you play Don't just assume what your players can and can't do based on their attributes. What matters is how well they do the tasks on the pitch. My left back has all the right attributes to be a good crosser but for some reason he is terrible. On the other hand my two central midfielders don't seem to have the right attributes to win the ball back and their roles are forward thinking - on paper I would think i'm far too gung ho but they do a great job in defense as well as attack. On attributes, if players excel at something but look rubbish on all their other attributes you can still bring them on to change a game. I start with my best finisher up front, but if i'm 1-0 up and the other team is pushing for an equalizer I might bring on my striker who has 9 finishing 9 composure 9 anticipation but 14 dribbling 13 acc 17 pace - he exploits the space better and still finishes chances despite his attributes Instead of changing mentality e.g. to defend a lead you can change roles instead as long as you replace the job that player was doing elsewhere. If a team goes 4-2-4 attacking against me I might change both by central midfielders to BWM to help my full backs - but this means I've lost a runner and a creator. So I might change my AMC to a creator and have BOTH strikers as runners now, e.g both Advanced forwards exploiting space in behind If you watch a match you will spot your players that constantly anticipate trouble, or constantly win the ball back or constantly make good runs. If these players are injured and you don't have good replacements then that doesn't mean your tactic is bad. Players matter more than tactics, don't be surprised if you start to struggle when you don't have your best available. So yeah, my biggest take away is don't assume things, make the changes (players or instructions) then see what happens on the pitch. My save has been turned around by playing an Adv Pl and BBM S in centre mid when befored I ASSUMED that would leave me far too open.
  4. The ironic thing about this thread is i'm actually top after 13 games! But I don't think it's sustainable looking at the analysis. That's exactly how it plays out on the pitch, yes. That's a good assessment of my squad, yes. Given that: Do you think that means I should be playing a more direct/pass into space style and if so does a diamond make this possible or would i be better with a wider formation e.g 4-1-2-3 In terms of the good determination/aggression/bravery i have - what impact would this have when deciding how i should play, attempting to win the ball higher up the pitch? Can you remember how you played in FM17? How did you get on?
  5. Can you explain why my roles/duties aren't suited to possession? Ok so I think my midfield are getting the ball forward nice and early to my front three THEN they slow it down and the defence gets back. I have experimented playing with wingers upfront who have awful goal scoring attributes but either excellent dribbling with pace This has resulted in a lot more goals by getting in behind or running at the defence i.e. playing much more quickly and direct. This frustrates me as it suggests it's not possible to play either of my 2 actual strikers on attack duties that look to score just because they cant dribble (i.e Poacher or AF) I'll try and show what I mean: Ant Otb Com Dec Acc Pac Fin Dri Fir Striker 1 14 12 11 11 13 16 13 9 11 Striker 2 10 12 12 10 13 14 14 10 13 Winger 1 9 10 8 9 13 17 11 13 13 Winger 2 12 14 9 9 13 14 10 15 14 To me Winger 1 should not be a better Attack duty striker than Striker 1 - he has awful mentals and average finishing. Yet he outperforms because he can dribble at pace. Which leaves me questioning can I even play my two strikers? They have low passing and vision / average composure and first touch - so on the pitch they don't seem to perform in support duties either. It's seems if someone doesn't excel in something but just have solid decent attributes then they don't play well. I'm a bit lost how to fit them in to be honest - these are my latest roles and duties on Standard / flexible BBM More risky passes added
  6. I know that seems very obvious thing to say but I assumed it was a roles and duties issue not creating space that meant he had no option rather than shoot. But yes i'd be silly not to add the PI and see if that works.
  7. I think that's enough for the forum to give me advice. My main questions are: Have I chosen the most efficient formation for the players at my disposal How can I change roles and duties to create more chances and stop being crowded out! Thanks for reading
  8. 路 Home Vs Heidenheim (playing standard or control) 路 Exp 6th Vs Exp 14th 路 I鈥檓 slight favourites 路 Steipermann in at AMC for Eisfeild due to injury 路 Defensively (red) I was very pleased again, only 1 shot in the box from open play (other 2 were set pieces) 路 Offensively (blue) rubbish again 鈥 only 1 shot in the box from open play, other one was a set piece You will see below it鈥檚 the same old story of being crowded out in the middle forcing long shots
  9. 路 Home V Dresden (standard or control) 路 I am slight favourite 路 Exp 6th vs Exp 13 路 Defensively(yellow) I was very pleased 路 Whilst it looks above like Dresden had a lot of shots in the box, they were all headers from set pieces or very deep crosses. 路 I think having 2 destroyers on defend duty plus my box to box cm who is naturally a right back made life very difficult for them 路 Offensively (blue) I was awful, with only 1 shot in the box and that was right at the end when they were pushing for an equaliser (I won 1-0) so lots of space free by that point 鈥 lets see why... 路 Their 3 cm constantly crowded out my attacking trio 鈥 forcing them into long shots. This happened 10 times. Other issues 路 You will notice from above Wurtz is in the AMC position making passes and Eisfield up front. The idea was they should swap positions 鈥 Eisfield come deep and playmaker as an F9, Wurz act as a second striker as an AMC attack 鈥 but this movement isn鈥檛 happening - I accept this lack of movement and swap the players - Eisfield is now my AMC, Wurz is False 9 路 My left back who is a FB attack got a poor rating 鈥 this is because he failed at 10 crosses. His crossing is 14 so seems strange, maybe other attributes affect crossing as well and he lacks these? 鈥 though a lot of the time he only had one to aim at? 鈥 I change him to WB support so that any crossing instructions are removed One experimental change 路 AF and F9 both have move into channels 鈥 I think one needs to stay central so Quashner is changed to a poacher
  10. Finally, what are my wide men like? 路 Merkel, Stiepperman, Eisfeld and Stoger ALL have cut inside PPM 鈥 this means I may struggle for width unless a FB can provide it 鈥 unlikely to work as wingers as they won鈥檛 cross if coming inside? 路 Wellandt and Mlapa don鈥檛 have the PPM but they can鈥檛 really cross anyway, they can dribble at pace though 鈥 maybe good for counter attacks Final decision 路 Bastians to provide width on the left, lock down that to compensate by having DC on cover and CM on defend 路 Celozzi has more risky passes added PI 路 Goal scorers to be Wurtz and Quashner 路 Cellozzi and Eisfield to act as playmakers It is a risk giving up my flanks, therefore I may change which FB stays back/which side CM stays back depending on opposition
  11. Midfielders OR Strikers that will get in the box 路 Maybe I鈥檓 being picky here and looking at attributes in isolation but I think i鈥檓 lacking in people who will get in the box and score 鈥 everyone has poor decisions 路 Merkel 鈥 low bravery determination and cant finish 路 Stiepermann 鈥 low acc, work rate bravery 鈥 will he bust a gut to get in? 路 Wurtz 鈥 maybe the best option but low anticipation 路 Eisfield 鈥 low determination and bravery 鈥 will he bust a gut to get in? 路 Stoger 鈥 won鈥檛 bust a gut and uncomposed/ can鈥檛 finish Do I at least have some strikers that can be a goal threat? 路 Not really! Only Wurtz and Quashner come close 鈥 this means they both have to play otherwise i鈥檓 not going to have any goal threats Formation conclusions 路 We know i鈥檓 playing 4 at the back, that means either 442 (flat or diamond) - but do I have the full backs to offer width? 路 OR 1 up front but Wurtz has to get forward as a second striker from midfield 路 But if I need both players to be in the box can I afford Quashner playing a deeper linking role up front? 路 The above is to see if they would be capable of playing on their own up top 路 Wurtz has the technique but not the physical presence 路 Quashner has the physical presence but lacks technique
  12. Midfielders that will defend and tackle 路 Hoogland and Losilla are very good in this area but already play RB and CB 路 Canouse - Seems solid, anticipation slightly low as is Acc 路 Wydra 鈥 May need subbing a lot, only 11 Nat Fit. Fastest of the three 路 Janelt 鈥 Good anticipation, a tad slow What can they do on the ball? 路 None of them are playmakers but Canouse seems most comfortable on the ball 路 Janelt and Wydra may struggle under pressure, but I could ask them to keep things simple Formation conclusions 路 Do I play Canouse in the DMC role, or do I want him further forward in central midfield making tackles and save the DMC spot for a playmaker 路 I think I need 2 players that will put in a tackle in centre mid which means a spot for either Janelt/Wydra as well 鈥 Am i being over cautious? Midfielders that can be playmakers/makers risky passes 路 I feel strong in this area, with Celozzi and Eisfield standing out 鈥 though both have poor balance 路 The Merkel, Stiepermann and Wurtz seem quite good other Decisions which lets them down 鈥 quite an important attribute for a playmaker 路 Stiepermann also has poor teamwork, though I don鈥檛 fully understand the impact of this attribute Formation conclusions 路 They are very different players - Celozzi is naturally a right back and so would contribute defensively. Either DMC or CM 路 Eisfield is a AMC/L/R 鈥 would I play him behind the stiker(s) or on the wing? 鈥 he has cuts inside from left wing PPM 路 Do I need 2 playmakers? Or could I assign one as a CM and just add risky passes 路 So far I don鈥檛 have any runners from midfield and I鈥檝e potentially taken up 4 midfeld spots already 鈥 this means I either need to find one or play 2 up top
  13. TLDR 鈥 if you鈥檇 rather just look at my roles and duties see posts 4 and 5 The game and the team 路 Bochum in Bundelsliga 2 路 Predicted 6/18 路 Expected top half finish 路 Playing FM Touch 17 so no tactical familiarity as I really struggle 鈥 also means I don鈥檛 have carellio/mezzala options 路 Given myself good experience to not make things any harder as I really struggle Central Defenders 路 Losilla is actually a DMC but his attributes seem great for a DC so for the moment he鈥檚 in 路 Bastians seems good but he has low anticipation 鈥 i鈥檓 hoping his 17 pace can compensate 路 Fabian 鈥 Bravery and aggression too low, may not put in a challenge 路 Dawidowicz 鈥 Anticipation not great, doesn鈥檛 have the Acc to compensate. 3rd choice. 路 Baack 鈥 Only 17, Cnt, Acc and Strength too low for now Formation conclusions 路 I don鈥檛 seem blessed in this area so a formation with 2 CB seems the way to go Left backs - defensively 路 Massively lacking here 鈥 Bastians the clear choice but remember he is my only pacey centre back! 路 The only other option is Perthel but he is very average 路 Conclusion? I think I will look at the opposition right wing and strikers on a game by game basis to decide if I should weaken CB or LB area. Left back - Attacking 路 They both seem to have the physical ability to get up the pitch and the desire to get back but are their defensive mentals (previous screenshot) good enough? Instinct is Bastians yes, Perthel no 鈥 maybe only against weaker teams Formation conclusions 路 I鈥檓 starting to see I don鈥檛 have the best defence, a formation with a DMC may well be needed Right back - defensively 路 Hoogland very good defensively, Acc not the best though 路 Celozzi doesn鈥檛 seem great defensively but a solid back up Right back 鈥 attacking 路 Hoogland seems to have the Mentals and desire to get up and down the pitch, tough his Acc is only 11 so can he get back 鈥 when he gets there though his crossing is only 11 路 Cellozi 鈥 Exceptional stats! Given he is poor defensively can only play RB against weaker teams but I will consider him for a midfield position even though he can鈥檛 play there Formation conclusions 路 Cellozi seems a waste at right back with those stats, Hoogland seems solid enough on the ball so capable of supporting an attack
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