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  1. Perhaps i’m being harsh but my RB bravery, positioning, marking concerns me my left back is ok but poor concentration
  2. The problem i have is my playmakers are all advanced, no deep players have the attributes. So its almost like i need a formation that allows me to use role DM, AP and a TM OR AF
  3. Apologies I should have said at the start i'm playing FM20 though you still may be correct. How would you incorporate a TM or AF into a 4 -1-2-3 or 4-1-4-1? What changes do you suggest baring in mind the screenshots of my wide players and striker?
  4. My thinking was how do I get support up quickly to a lone striker. I'll screenshot my striker and 2 wide players:
  5. Thanks both - does something like this look well thought out?
  6. Sorry I forgot to address this - I assumed SK would suit a play out the back style but my CBs aren't particular skilled though my FBs are
  7. Ok if my full backs are bad positionally but I could do with someone in the AMC strata then would this 4-4-1-1 (i.e. wide players dropping back to cover defenders) seem balanced?
  8. Hi I've started as Bochum in Bundesliga 2 and I find tactics quite overwhelming in terms of choosing a formation and roles, particularly midfield and forward roles. Media prediction is 5th so I feel like I should play a relatively positive brand of football. Given I'm in the second tier I'm going to say 13 + is a good attribute and 11/12 is average. My assistant thinks I should play 4-2-3-1 but is he right? Goalkeeper Has good attributes to be a sweeper keeper, but is my defense good enough for this style? Central Defenders The 2 best ones don't seem good enough to play out the back,but seem good defensively. But see the full backs below… A combination of poor bravery, aggression, strength means I have no other good centre backs so this should be a 4 man defence. Full backs Both poor positionally, right back especially bad defensive stats. But both very good on the ball. How do I mitigate my poor defensive fullbacks but make the most of their ability on the ball? Central Midfielders who can defend 2 x midfielders who have the mentals and technical to defend, but nothing special on the ball – game describes them as defensive midfielders/BWM Central Midfields who will run 1x midfielder who has ok defensive stats but also good off the ball and creative stats – game describes him as box to box Central Midfielders who can pass but won’ t tackle 2 x AMC –excellent OTB and creatives - poor tackling, bravery, strength, balance i.e won’t defend. Not especially good dribblers/quick runners 1 is a KEY PLAYER Wide players This is where I get really confused – many of my wide players could be described as playmakers as well as wingers, in that they can pass, cross, dribble. I never know whether I’m supposed to be choosing an inside forward, a winger, an advanced playmaker out wide… Strikers An ok poacher type A slow creative striker that would drop off but can finish KEY PLAYER - A fast targetman type striker strong and excellent in the air - ok finishing A quick advanced stiker type with ok finishing My question is what formation do I choose? – 4-2-3-1 is the recommended. And how do you decide the roles your wide men should play when these days wide men are generically good on the ball rather than fast dribbling/crossing wingers? And how does this affect the role you choose for your striker?
  9. Hi @FuSS - just thought you’d be interested to know I removed all the TIs for my Huddersfield side predicted 10th. i just used the roles and duties and changed mentality depending on the opposition (plus occasionally dropping d line when using POSITIVE) I’ve played 13 games, won 10, drawn 2 lost 1. So at least for my side it works without any TIs or PIs! thanks for a great tactic.
  10. Thank you for your reply. Ok if I think about what I want my players to do I want my left winger to be a goal threat, he’s my best striker. I have to bare in mind he cuts inside. I want my striker to use his strength and aerial ability, not necessarily score goals. I want him to be an outlet My playmaker has got good vision, touch, dribbling - he’s good in tight areas. So I think behind the striker. My right winger I want to provide width, I want him to act like a winger. I want my left back to be involved in attacks i want my right back to be more risk averse as that is what he does in real life my cm pair aren’t fantastic on the ball, but they have great aggression, work rate, tackling. My cmD likes to keep it simple so i’m relying on the BBm to keep things ticking. My cbs are not good enough to play a high line. So I think 4-2-3-1 needs to go. If I consider a 4-4-1-1: Left wing back support right full back support Cb cb Left IW att Right Winger support cmD BBm S Ap ? Striker? Are you suggesting that one of these needs to drift to the right to provide support given the conservative right back?
  11. Thanks for your reply - I’d happily play 4-4-1-1 A couple of queries: 1. My playmakers are AMCs rather than deeper players. Is it still possible to progress the ball without deeper playmakers in a 4-4-1-1? 2. My wider players are AML/AMR rather than than MR/ML - presumably due to low tackling/positioning/bravery etc - will they suffer playing ‘out of position’ as the game seems it?
  12. Hi I’d appreciate advice on the following tactic: My theory is: Rb - fbs- has ppm stays back all times so best as fb support Lb - wb att- one of my best att players with the desire to track back too - overlap the IF cmD - need cover here with two att duties on the left bbm S - needs to provide support up front but also cover as a 2 man midfield AP A - my most creative player, att duty as striker is support duty IF att - my best striker with good dribbling and ppm cuts inside Winger support - need to keep some width if my right back is staying back DLF supp - big and strong so there to hold up the ball - the game also says he is a good complete forward or target man Team instructions - I vary mentality - on this occasion due to play qpr who play 4-2-3-1 positive so I opted for balanced as the away team to be more defensive - I presume their fbs will double up with the wingers so I chose defend wider on this occasion but situational - short gk kicks to try not waste possession - have this most games Opposition instructions Again they vary but on this occasion I tightly marked and pressed full backs also showed left winger the outside and right winger the inside (so both were on their weaker foot) Highlights of the game below if it helps assess my tactic generally - result doesn’t matter but they won 1-0 in the 88 min after switching to very attacking Thank you
  13. Hi can you change attribute colours on touch and if not is there a skin that will allow it?
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