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  1. Robbie Benson was in the same position as Farrugia when he was at UCD, also wanted to finish his studies. To be fair, Farrugia does look the business in FM, I got a shock when I eventually found him.
  2. I am not sure if this came up before. I have noticed a bug when asking the board to increase wage budget, on 2 separate occasions I have been able to get the board to increase my wage budget 3 times in a row in one day in game time. And still am able to ask for more the next day.
  3. Dundalk Player Stats I think that Chris Shields (CM/DM BWM) needs a bit of love from SI. He has been nominated for PFAI player of the year in 2018 (along with Michael Duffy & Pat Hoban) but I think that he has been the outstanding Dundalk player over the past few seasons as evidenced by his performances during Dundalks 2016 Europa League run and his league performances in 2017 and more so in 2018. Unfortunately he has been overshadowed by the more prolific players that play in front of him. I think that his technicals could do with a 1 or 2 point upgrade and possibly the same in composure, vision & off the ball.
  4. I'm playing as Dundalk, not quite up there with any of the top team, never mind any of the big leagues. I walked the league with maybe 4 difficult domestic matches but I found the Europa League even easier. Straight wins from the 1st round qualifiers. Topped the group with 6 wins without trying and only got a hard game in the 1st knockout round v Monaco... 2-2 at home to win 3-2 on agg. Dundalk are a decent team IRL but not that good. Using 4231 control possession with some minor changes from the preset as a primary tactic. After 100 hrs of FM19 it is still an enjoyable game but will I still get the 1K - 4K hrs of enjoyment that I normally get from FM?
  5. My new assistant manager has just come to me with suggested traits for some of my players. One in particular is to "Avoid using weaker foot" with the reason that he "has a weak right foot"... when you actually look at the player he is right footed only. Am I missing something with this?
  6. Click on the 2 or 3 beside the tactic option & create your new tactic. It is a little different from previous versions
  7. 2018 EL draw just held for 1st & 2nd round of qualifiers on 19th June 2018. Straight away I have to register my team for the 2nd round match (they should be in 1st round) on 26th July 2018. This has to be a glitch. https://imgur.com/a/czZGjYf
  8. Pablo Cavalcante, Dundalk U19 LW, seems to have very low potential (2* at the moment with only one current ability). I think that 4* potential would be more appropriate. Cavalcante made his senior debut earlier this this season & just signed a new 2 year contract - http://www.the42.ie/brazilian-winger-cavalcante-commits-future-to-dundalk-4295277-Oct2018/
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