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  1. I'm playing as Dundalk, not quite up there with any of the top team, never mind any of the big leagues. I walked the league with maybe 4 difficult domestic matches but I found the Europa League even easier. Straight wins from the 1st round qualifiers. Topped the group with 6 wins without trying and only got a hard game in the 1st knockout round v Monaco... 2-2 at home to win 3-2 on agg. Dundalk are a decent team IRL but not that good. Using 4231 control possession with some minor changes from the preset as a primary tactic. After 100 hrs of FM19 it is still an enjoyable game but will I still get the 1K - 4K hrs of enjoyment that I normally get from FM?
  2. My new assistant manager has just come to me with suggested traits for some of my players. One in particular is to "Avoid using weaker foot" with the reason that he "has a weak right foot"... when you actually look at the player he is right footed only. Am I missing something with this?
  3. Click on the 2 or 3 beside the tactic option & create your new tactic. It is a little different from previous versions
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