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  1. It's one of the predominant reasons I gave up playing the game back in February. Beyond tedious on Comprehensive highlights, that and the frequency of far post headers killed any enjoyment of the ME for me. If it's not easy to balance just an option to exclude from highlights would be enough for me. I don't need to see my CF mistime a run 12 instances a game, it doesn't give me any constructive feedback. You can argue playing direct and in behind the defence exacerbates this, but no manager has ever adapted a gameplan because his striker was constantly caught offside. On the Brexit options post, agree it would be useful as a set-up option to be able to either opt out, opt in with preferred outcome, or leave as a randomised decision. Then FM 2022 can just replicate whatever that outcome is in reality. (if we even have clarity by then)
  2. Thanks Lucas - but how does that reconcile with the previous post by Neil that acknowledged the heightened criticism in this thread yet dismisses it as a minority? I'm not trying to be snarky, I just don't get how it can simultaneously be the primary source of feedback, while also not being indicative of the wider userbase.
  3. Neil, does that mean this thread is predominantly how the developers gage the reception of the ME? If not, beyond the developers own assessment, how do you judge this? What I don't understand is you specifically mentioned the criticism here represents a small minority, which is fair in terms of absolute numbers, but you could also argue you it's a decent sample size and representative of the wider user base. From a business point of view I understand sales, active users, and review scores will always be the main metric of how successful an iteration will be. However I think it's fair to say that isn't always the best indicator of quality or customer loyalty. I'm sympathetic in the sense that generally customer feedback is always overwhelming negative, and it can be difficult to remove the signal noise of people that would never be truly satisfied. But as a football fan I just can't get my head around how anyone could genuinely watch the ME and feel it's a good representation of the game. The game as a package definitely isn't 'broken', but compared to previous years on the pitch it's undeniably a huge regression. The lack of central play, absence of 1-2s, zero physicality, poor striker movement, the over reliance on crosses, long-shots and set-pieces to balance out scorelines. For me, what would be great is almost a developer blog that could discuss these issues and give more transparency of the on-going work under the hood to address this. I think a lot of the fanbase would be more content if there was an acknowledgement that the issues raised are being worked on, rather than a perception that its 'good enough' to generate the required sales figure.
  4. Thanks for clarifying Neil. While it may be a minority of the userbase that are unsatisfied, would Sigames be in a position to directly address the common concerns that have been raised? It would be good to understand which criticisms are work in process, and which you genuinely disagree with. For instance in terms of central play, are SI generally content with how this is reflected in game, or is it simply something that will take longer than a single development cycle to solve?
  5. Theoretically, how difficult would it be for Sigames to revert to an older (pre-2019) ME and build again?
  6. Regarding Striker movement, agree with what you say but I'd argue it's regressed rather than lack of progression. In previous games you'd frequently see a F9 or DLP drop into the half space to link the play. Or floating around the box if free role was ticked. The only major issue was a lack of lateral movement, but even then it was better than now. The tendency in the last two games to stay static and central almost seems like a glitch in comparison. I'm not sure what's happened as there's clear evidence of good movement in older games so the code must already exist.
  7. When you phrase it like that it puts into perspective the task at hand as the decision tree for each attacking moment must be huge. I do have sympathy for SI as you can't knock the frequency of patches over the last couple years. My fear now is they simply do not know how to address this issue of central play, rather than refuse to acknowledge it. The long balls at the start of release almost seem a compromise to remedy that. That Giroud example is bang on, but also applies to highly technical players who thrive in tight spaces. That reluctance to engage with the opposition really limits how you distinguish attributes like composure, first touch and strength. There was a post a few pages back that discussed how it feels like each player's radius or sphere of influence feels to large. Hence the reluctance to operate within less than 5 yards of a defender. Almost like the players are too big for the pitch.
  8. In context of youth players or new signings though, like Tanganga, you already immediately know his value despite never playing a professional game.
  9. Definitely agree with you that the archetypal playmaker AM -> poacher ST ball probably isn't as prevalent as it used to be, or at least how it's perceived. That said you do see much more tight, intricate inter-play between players than you currently do in FM. No necessarily through balls, but a pass into a strikers feet with his back to goal. Or just square balls and 1-2s in and around the box to open up space, which aren't necessarily always in behind. I keep banging this drum but I just want players to make more risk or intuition in attack. Yeah the striker might be marked, but it doesn't completely rule out him out of the phase. You don't always need to hump it out wide just because that's where the space is. You don't want to see these high risk moves come off, but you want them attempted to a varying degree of accuracy depending on the player's attributes. I have no issue watching long-ball percentage football if I know I could at least instruct my players to do otherwise and watch them fail doing so. I'd also argue the lack of distinction in attributes go further than the elite level. These long-shot efforts are banged in by every player, regardless of whether they're proficient shooters or not. Similarly the cross-field 60 yard passes are regularly completed without error by tier 6 players, which isn't right.
  10. It isn't that Tanganga suddenly hugely progressed, he was probably always ready to step in but no one actually never truly knew the extent of his ability. The problem with FM is you can immediately assess whether a player isnt good enough without ever playing him. The only way around this is adding ambiguity to how attributes are viewed. It's been discussed previously, but similarly to the attribute masking with how scouting works you should only learn the 'true' value after 30+ games.
  11. I agree defending is fine in this example, they just get beat to the ball and caught out of position by a great pass. Without defensive lapses the vast majority of goals in real life wouldn't happen. Tbh I'd prefer more defensive errors and incentive for play in tight spaces rather than the mind numbing passes into wide spaces you see again and again.
  12. This nails my feeling toward the game. It's not so much ME errors or flaws, but how disconnected it feels to tactics or attributes. I want to review the game and witness my slow fullback getting continually burnt by a pacey winger, then adapting by dropping deeper. Subbing in a bigger CB to deal with an aerial threat. Utilising an older playmaker to make the most of the space in midfield, but at the cost of more defensive exposure. These are the decisions I want to have to make, but at the moment I genuinely cannot distinguish neither teams or players. It's a game of attrition where you stay tight and compress the ball into areas more likely to return goals. Makes it very difficult to build any affinity to a player or team when they all lack any sense of individuality.
  13. Subjective, but I'd say generally better however not significantly enough to enjoy if you didn't like the previous build.
  14. I'm 100% with you on this, this is the main issue I have with the ME. Just a overriding reluctance to iniate any move that doesn't utilise acres of space. A phobia of contact, or like you said too wide a 'hitbox'. Would be interested to know the developers thoughts as it's all speculation on the coding until then. For me there's a fundamental problem with how the ME interprets and deals with tight spaces. In older games it wasn't interpreted at all, so you had the problem of strikers constantly 'ghosting' through defenders. Since 2013 this has been addressed, but too far the other way where players are too adverse at interacting with opposition players. The thing that stands out to me compared to real football is lack of physicality, or a reluctance to play through the opposition. This is why central players lack involvement, as there's always a defender close by deemed as a 'threat' meaning an out ball to the wings is always the preferred option. You very rarely see tight interplay or jostling between teams. One of the core aspects of a targetman is being able to play the ball into him with his back to goal, for him to then lay off to deep runners. Or even just basic 1-2s into the box. These movements should be high risk / high reward, so more often than that not you see a player dispossessed around the box. But they need to be attempted much more regularly, as it's these moments that allow those really technically gifted players to stand out. Or alternatively those with high physical attributes able to bully their way through to goal.
  15. I know possession isn't everything, but I just can't imagine a scenario where a team absolutely dominated the ball without a single attempt. Reckon FrazT is correct and the source just mistakenly reversed the stat. Be interested to see the perception of anyone who watched the game.
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