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  1. Not seeing it on the cloud so guessing it didn't upload, can you give it another go when you've got the time? Cheers Russell
  2. Hi @roblepton FFP projects/estimates what your spend will be by the end of the season, so it can't be 100% accurate until the season has finished and all payments (including things like 'player included in team of the year' bonus) is paid out. The salary commitment page shows the total to be paid as a basic salary (i.e. not including appearance fee, winning a cup bonus etc.) that the club is committed to paying as a minimum for that season. The FFP projection is based on ALL financial payments (so appearance fee, goal/clean sheet bonus, any trophy clauses in contracts etc.) so the FFP will fluctuate based on how you're performing, the figures you've paid out for goals or clean sheets over the last week/month/season so far and how the AI projects/anticipates your team performance over the remainder of the season. Hope this makes sense, any questions just give me a shout Russell
  3. Cheers @Stevolf, I'll take a look in to the coach issue here. With regards to hitting the post it's worth raising with the ME team here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/ and they can have a look in to this for you Thanks Russell
  4. Hi @Stevolf thanks for raising this, you're right it is a bug! Do you have a save from before this conversation happened? If so can you upload it to the servers so I can take a look in to this? Cheers Russell
  5. Hi @Joey Numbaz Do you have a save from before you pick the training squad? If so could you upload it to the cloud for us to take a look at? Cheers Russell
  6. Hi @gossy7 It won't be the specific scenario causing this, it's just that whenever you change the training to another pre-set or custom schedule it then overrides the travel slot that shouldn't be there. If the extra travel slot just showed up on a normal week, and then you changed the training template/scenario, it would remove the rest slot that shouldn't be there (a useful way to get rid of the travel slot if you spot it and it shouldn't be there) Cheers Russell
  7. Hi @gossy7 So the double travel post Chelsea is correct, travelling back from the away game v Chelsea then travelling to the next game (it's a double travel because of the distances involved) however the double travel after the Juventus game is a bug, could you upload the save showing this to the cloud so I can take a look in to it? If you have a save from the 29th April or earlier (i.e. before the training week commences) that would be perfect, details on how to provide a save are below Cheers Russell
  8. Hi @Meds1980 - thanks for uploading the save, I've gone through to the end of the season and I've got the message saying the upgrade has taken place on the 22/5/23, do you not get that message at the end of the season? @jaybee86 it's being reviewed internally for a future update.
  9. Cheers @riccardo.munari I'll get this looked in to Russell
  10. Hi @ch No problem, just had a look through the 2nd save you provided and in this one there has been a change This isn't unusual given the recent success you've had, this attribute and determination can change based on different factors (winning individual awards, domestic trophies, new contract, breaking through in to the first team etc.) so whilst there has been a change, it's not anything out of the ordinary. Can confirm the level of professionalism has remained unchanged. Russell
  11. Hi @riccardo.munari Thanks for raising this and providing the save, do you happen to have a save from before you set the pre-season return date? Cheers Russell
  12. Hi @ch Thanks for raising this issue and providing the save. With regards to the player descriptions, they are decided by a number of mental attributes (both visible and hidden) so these change when a players attributes go up as well as down. If a player goes from 'fairly professional' to 'balanced' it doesn't necessarily mean he's seen a drop in professionalism, it could be another attribute moving up to being a closer score to his professionalism rating. This is what has happened with the example of Leberton - his determination has been increasing which has changed his description, I can confirm his professionalism has not dropped (going forward 6 months with the save you provided none of your players have any drops in professionalism). Hope this helps Russell
  13. Thanks @Stevolf, I'll take a look in to this Russell
  14. Hi @superDISA I was wondering about that because of the way the league is run compared to the CL fixtures, but I can confirm this is working correctly. The thing with continental & international matches they're not as frequent as league matches, so whilst they do have a slight impact on player development, it's not as much as the league that players are based in because that's what the players experience week in and week out. Without going to much in to how it works 'under the hood', it's worth remembering that not everything is set in stone - the 2 players you've show above both have 'variable' PA's, so in one game the PA can be higher or lower than the other, meaning they might have more room to develop (and hidden attributes also effect how well they will develop and progress) but generally speaking playing competitive matches in the Premier League or La Liga will more likely result in faster development than being in the Finnish premier division. You can still do that and a lot of the players will still reach a relatively high level, but you wouldn't be able to sign a young Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar/Griezmann etc. to a Finnish premier division team and expect them to develop in to the players they are now and that's reflected in the game. Same thing if you look at SLB or Ajax in this years game - most of the 'top' youngsters in those teams will probably have to move to a bigger team to reach their maximum potential. As players get older their physical & mental stats will increase as they physically mature and their mentality/understanding of the game takes place (just as physical stats will decline when they get to certain ages like with Jamie Vardy in your game), the technical side of things can always vary, however most of your players seem to have slight rises and falls which is what I'd expect given the level they're playing at and their ages, I can tell you from playing a season with your saves that the players have improved their CA scores, so they have developed but this will slow down. Hope this makes sense, anything further or any more questions just give me a shout. Russell
  15. Thanks @Kenny Yeung We'll take a look in to this Russell
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