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  1. Hi @jayedson With this kind of failed promise there's not a follow up chat it's just a case of 'the promise has failed'. Cheers, Russell
  2. Hi @kevgaleuk Do you have a save from before the bid comes in? Kind regards Russell
  3. Hi @Mobius Do you have a save from before he gets unhappy? Can you try uploading the save on this link - https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Just click it to open and either click to open file search and upload, or just drag the file on to that page Many thanks Russell
  4. Hi @brianshea68 If you click on 'FM -> game status' and scroll down under 'selected nations' you'll note that you've changed the drop down for 'manageable teams' to 'nations only'. Change that back to 'all' and you'll be able to apply for jobs again. Russell
  5. Hi @AB-Daveilliers Will see if we can get a bit more guidance on how much the players are expected to player via the tooltip Cheers, Russell
  6. No problem at all, always happy to help with issues like this, glad we got to the bottom of it! Really pleased you're enjoying this years version Many thanks Russell
  7. If you can upload the save and let me know the name that would be perfect, on the screenshot you've provided it says the target was set on 2/1/25 (did you offer a new contract or talk to the player at all around then?) Many thanks Russell
  8. Hi @drhoangduc2308 It looks like you've set the target in Jan and the player has played 6 games and scored 10 goals since the target was set. The issue is the player has only played 6 league games since the target was set (2/1/25) so he doesn't feel he's played enough to hit the target set in Jan. The screenshot of his season stats you've provided is for his whole season, but the target won't be measured against the season games/goals, it's set from the point you gave the player the target Hope that makes sense Cheers, Russell
  9. Hi @andyrobinson1234 It's an issue we're aware of and looking in to Thanks Russell
  10. Hi @Mickeylad It's an issue we're aware of and looking in to Thanks Russell
  11. Hi @Purplebleeder Yup, this is working as intended - on the 'training - individual' screen you see the training score for that specific week, where as the one on the tooltip is the average since you set the target and the one the player is measured against. In this case it's been going up so the player is pleased with the progress they're making towards the target and expect to hit it. Hope that makes sense? Russell
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