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  1. Had a look at it and it's fine for me, a bit slow the first time but that's just because of all the info is showing, every time I go to it after it seems fine
  2. @nampuk yup, fair point - I'll get that looked in to (think the assistant is only looking at the player opposition instructions) @roykela After watching some of my matches I'm confident they are, I had one situation where the assistant said I needed to mark a player tightly that should have already been (which I believe is caused by the same issue as the point raised above) but the player was being tightly marked when I was watching. Russell
  3. Thanks @robevz Can you upload the save that this is happening on so I can take a look? Cheers Russell
  4. Thanks for raising this @tiago_wakabayashi This shouldn't happen again, If it does can you upload a screenshot and the .pkm file (save the match at the end of it) and we can take a look in to it Cheers Russell
  5. Hi @RodrigoFr This change was by design, if you're adding them to the loan/development list then the idea is you want them to go out on loan and demanding a monthly fee will put clubs off making a bid. You still have the option to set the fee for loan players if you 'offer to clubs for loan'. Cheers Russell
  6. Cheers @roykela Thanks for raising this, I'll get this looked in to Cheers Russell
  7. Hi @MattEng I can't seem to get this issue to reproduce here, can you provide a screenshot and save with this issues so I can look in to this further for you? Details on how to provide files below Cheers Russell
  8. Hi @robevz Does this happen every time you go to this page or is it just the very first time you access it? Cheers Russell
  9. Thanks for the screenshots @roykela So essentially the way it was last year with 'player instructions' was a bug, it was carrying across player instructions when it shouldn't have been - player instructions should only be applied to the specific game they are set for and then reset until you set them again, by position should always be carried over. For example in the second screenshot you've attached - if those instructions were set BEFORE the match (so tight marking on the 2 CMs & ST, show on to weaker foot for DL/DR & ML/MR) they should stay until you change them (i.e. complete that match, carry on to the next and those instructions should be the same) and will apply to players in those positions in the next match. By default when you go in to the tactics screen it shows the opposition instructions by player (the option on the right of the OI column), once you change that to 'by position' it should show your previously set instructions carrying over Essentially if you're setting instructions by position then they are being remembered and applied (you can check this after a match by looking on 'tactics -> opposition instructions' and select 'by position' they'll still be the same) you just need to click the 'These instructions will apply to all players in this position' option to see them in match. I've asked the tooltips to be updated to better reflect that one is 'by position' and one is 'by player' Hope this makes sense, any other questions let me know Russell
  10. Hi @djdookie Can you upload the save that issue is occurring in and let me know the match it's hanging on when you're trying to view those stats? Cheers Russell
  11. Cheers @roykela Thanks for raising, It's a known issue and under review Russell
  12. Hi @malovski Thanks for posting, it's something we're aware of and looking in to Cheers Russell
  13. Hi @Ber-T Thanks for raising this, we'll take a look into it. by 'middle mouse click' do you mean pushing the mouse wheel down? That should be set by default Cheers Russell
  14. Hi @Bertiejj Thanks for raising this - if you select multiple players (using the ticks on the left) then re-select only 1 player does it show them then? Cheers Russell
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