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  1. Russell Hammant

    Deteriorating physical condition

    Hi @jensG Do you have a save from before the break is due to happen? could you upload the save to our cloud so we can take a look in to this? Details on how to provide save games are below Cheers Russell
  2. Russell Hammant

    [Training Camp] - Error with preliminary squad

    Hi @Peterzinho Do you have a save from before you submit the squad? If so could you upload it to our cloud so we can have a look in to this for you? Details on how to upload are below Thanks Russell
  3. Russell Hammant

    Increased "Other" in Expenditure

    Hi @namikoi When you arrange friendlies you keep the gate receipts but any 'fee' that has been agreed is paid by the home team to the away team, however this wasn't showing correctly. Now the fees that you pay to teams that you arrange friendlies with where you are playing at home will have a fee which shows under 'expenditure - other', which is why you've seen the increase in the payments in this area. Russell
  4. Russell Hammant

    training evaluation

    Hi @myfunnygame Have you got a save showing this that you could upload for us to look in to? Cheers Russell
  5. Russell Hammant

    concerns about the player's condition

    Hi @myfunnygame Is the message saying they're concerned about his fitness levels? Have you got a save showing this? If you do have a save and could upload it to the cloud for us to look at that would be great Cheers Russell
  6. Russell Hammant

    Unable to build fitness after the update

    Thanks for the above Just to clarify, fitness wasn't on the latest update agenda and nothing has changed with regards to fitness/sharpness/condition in the latest update. Having played through the save you provided a number of times, I'm not getting an issue with regards to your squad, when I get to the first league match with Anji (10/3) your players have the fitness levels I'd expect and they are around the same as Anji's players. Some teams do have european matches before the league restarts which can lead to them having slightly high levels, however that CSKA squad does seem to have higher sharpness levels than I'd expect so we'll get that looked in to. Keep in mind that because you rotate your squad at a much higher level than the AI (or teams do in real life) this does reduce the amount of sharpness the players build up before the winter break as well. Russell
  7. Russell Hammant

    Unnecessary travel to Welsh teams

    Hi @Lem Can you upload the save that this is happening in so we can take a look in to it? Details on how to do this are below Cheers Russell
  8. Russell Hammant

    Players learning new traits on their own

    Thanks for raising this @bar333 and thanks for providing your save game, we'll get this looked in to Cheers Russell
  9. Russell Hammant

    Player training a new position/role

    Hi @FearNoEvil No problem, is it a specific player/players in that save you think aren't developing or should be able to develop further? Cheers Russell
  10. Thanks for posting this @myfunnygame & @LukaszPRW and providing the save, we'll get this looked in to
  11. Russell Hammant

    Unable to build fitness after the update

    Hi @PaulfromSCB Thank you for raising this and providing the screenshots and save. Your starting sharpness after the break does seem a little low, do you have a save from before the winter break started? Looking at your screenshots this seems to be working as intended, in the 2nd screenshot (1930 game time) all your players are at 100% condition and low sharpness. In the first screenshot (2130 game time) the players have lower condition (as they've just played a match), but their match sharpness has increased by 4-6%.
  12. Russell Hammant

    Wrong Treatment

    Hi @Davidog Thank you for the save, we're reviewing this internally Can confirm this is just a UI issue with the medical centre - your players were treated as you requested (via physio) and not given injections. Cheers Russell
  13. Russell Hammant

    Major staff attribute decrease issue

    It's not linked to a specific job role/position, it's just very unlucky that in your example the 2 members of staff you hired as GK coaches have had this happen. Once the stats have been generated there's no way to correct it unfortunately - the stats they change to are the correct stats and the original stats were incorrect . Like most young staff members they've got room to improve, so whilst they're not great stats now they should develop in to better coaches. If you want to replace them now the only thing I can suggest would be either mutual termination or releasing them from their contracts.
  14. Russell Hammant

    Player training a new position/role

    It's not impossible but obviously tough to achieve as in real life. To achieve a natural position the player must be playing there consistently, there is an upper limit on how many positions a player can learn even if very similar - if you can upload a save we can make sure this is working as intended (details on how to do this below) That's not how role suitability works, it is not 'familiarity' with a role (like position) it's simply how suited the player's attributes are to that particular role therefore it doesn't have to be 100% For a player to perform well in a position/role he doesn't need to be 'natural/100%' Cheers Russell
  15. Russell Hammant

    First Team Training = NONE

    Hi @Codename47 Not this time, it's working as intended, but thanks for raising the issue - always best to make sure! Cheers Russell