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  1. We need screenshots to compare. Want to know their personalities
  2. Yep that kid is a beast. Biggest problem will be a working permit.
  3. What I usually do I look at the stats. If those can use a bump I leave them in the U18. If they're 17 but have decent stats I move them to the U23. I will then occasionally bring one along in matches I should be winning. And drop them in once we're ahead by 2-3 goals. Once they hit 18 and I don't have a rotating spot for them I loan them out to clubs with at least good facilities on the level (or above) they should be playing as a regular starter.
  4. Sadly I do not have saves of before or after the match.
  5. Summary: Player gets banned for next match despite only collecting 1 yellow card Description of Issue: Player gets a yellow card in the first match of the FIFA Club World Cup. After the match I get a message the player collected 2 yellow cards and was banned for the next match. The other player who got a yellow card isn't banned. Status shows he has a yellow card in the competition Steps to Reproduce: Play match, get yellow card wait for news to generate Uploaded file of the match under: Arsenal v Shanghai SIPG.pkm
  6. My first season with Arsenal saw me mainly revamp the backroom staff. And bring in loads of young players. Few players on free transfer. Managed to get rid of Ozil and Mkhitaryan but with hefty 'selling team wages' options.. The staff really was a mess. And the U19 and U23 players were poor to say the least. Won the League due to Liverpool stumbling at the end. Got the Europa League Cup and League Cup. Sadly Liverpool dumped us in the semi of the F(or) A(rsenal) Cup.
  7. I remember from reading that you can make a inconsistent player consistent, or at least remove the inconsistent remark. Playing them in easy to win matches and making sure they rake good ratings for a period of time. I usually avoided players with this as I wasn't willing to put in the time to try this for myself.
  8. Noticed several screens that aren't making use of the extra space. Seems it isn't designed to be adaptive.
  9. Tomas Belmonte Sergio Reguilon Nohan Kenneh
  10. I use the same tactic and having Guendouzi en Torreira in a BBM + BWM let to me winning the league 3-4 games before the end. Took in 19 goals Man C had 29) but scored only 75 (Liverpool had 96). My struggle was the strikers. I had goals coming from my midfield which was good but at times the strikers disappointed me. I think it's my tactic as I brought in Maximiliano Gomez who wasn't effective as well. Calleri who wasn't consistent. Same for Piatek. I have now opted for a young strikers force. Consisting out of Joveljic, Silva, Uriatre (regen) and Aldade (regen), while Almada, Felix serve as back up when I play 4-2-4. And I still have 2 more promising strikers in my U23. Most goals are still coming from my (attacking) midfield but the strikers are following closely. My striker plays as either AF or P depending on the players stats also have Joveljic who plays as CF. I also customise my tactics based on who I play. Cross early with P. work in box with AF. Wings are either IF or W both on support but can change to Attack depending on how things go. AMC is AP or T, again based on the player his stats. central midfielders are DLP/BBM and BWM. When Torreira gets yellow I shift him to DLP and move Guendouzi to BBM. Biggest los has been 4-3 against Cardiff with an average of being 1-3 in scoreline.
  11. I had to sell Nketiah as I have 2 amazing regens and another 2 coming. Plus I snapped up Fabio Silva for 20 million. Smith Row and Nelson have mainly played in the Champions League for me and doing well. Snatching decent numbers in goals and assists
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