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  1. The latest post about filters suggest there is a 'Media Descriptions' condition but I can't find it. There is only Media Handling Style
  2. Find it funny nobody is rushing to sign Ozil for free as his contract is running out with me. Had some issues with Lacazette and Aubameyang not scoring for long period or only from penalties. Look like that dip is over and they're slowly moving up. Still using the same formation 4-2-3-1 Chambers and Holding have been fairly well for me as rotation players. Even re-trained Holding to BWM-D.
  3. Haven't read about this one. Got a 16 foreign player limit with the work permit still present.
  4. No, actually not. The old one was set and forget until you got a message it was done. Now you have to check up regularly. Can group more at once
  5. I've been unable to get the best out of him at Arsenal after buying him for £20m. Playing him in 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and 4-4-2
  6. Summary: Youth intake shows 1 player on february 14th. Player is 27 years old Description of Issue: I activated the release clause of Timo Horn prior to him being fully scouted as it was visible, but I had forgotten that I wanted to set the transfer date at the end of the season. I withdrew the offer, and offered a new one. The option for the release clause was not present. I made a new offer for the same fee (of the release clause and waited a few days. I got a response that the offer was refused. I tried to make a new offer and still saw the release clause fee was not present. This prompted me to start the save from a few days before (in-game). When I went to Timo Horn to activate his release clause I saw that it wasn't present at all. I had him scouted Steps to Reproduce: Sync game to february 14th Go to Youth Intake screen See player who is 27 as the only player on the 14th of february Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Edvin Simson - Arsenal.fm
  7. I failed to realise how important squad personality/determination is. Had a keeper I bought see his personality change from Model Professional/Citizen to Fairly Professional. Having somebody as Ozil as teamleader is influencing things more than I expected. Playing with Arsenal you really need to inject a good doze of determined players/personalities into the team.
  8. I think this affected my 24 year old GK (Traksosha) bought him with a Model Proffesional personality, now he's only got Fairly Professional. Want tot try.
  9. That's odd, I can't create them in my game for the U21 and U18 (Arsenal). EDIT: Ok, just checked my game, just started my second season (19.3.3) and now I do see the mentoring for U18 and U21. Could have sworn it wasn't there when I started my game (19.3)
  10. Getting staff with knowledge of that region is a quick way of raising it.
  11. This might actually not be a bug. I now see it mentioned the recent form table. That would mean the table based on the last 5 matches, which would make it correct.
  12. Summary: Wrong league position mentioned during team talk Description of Issue: During a team talk in the tunnel it mentions my opponent being in 19th place, while they're actually in 7th. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Edvin Simson - Arsenal.fm Playing on Windows 10, FM 19.3.2
  13. I have 4 with 3 having people added for a year so I'm reminded of them. Default (mostly those moved from the U18s that are still worth it) U18s UK (England actually) Top Targets (no expire)
  14. Whoa! Impressive match, Harper. Did you release Ozil on free? ------------------------- Just started FM19 (always purchase after the Winter update). Have a huge learning curve ahead of me with the new features. Some struggles getting proper staff than the editions before. Arsenal's dwindled reputation hurting in many places. That said still got Bernhard Peters (Model Professional) as HoYD and Phil Cannon as Scout, who will later replace Bould as Ass Man. Also noticing more difficulty getting my demands through the board. This is going to be fun (in a positive way). Since Arsenal has a decent group I focused on youth in the back getting Tymon (14 mil), Vagnoman (9 mil), and Mbabu 11.5 mil) while Jenkinson was loaned out. De Ligt slipped through my fingers towards Liverpool. Also picked up Pelayo Morilla (950k) as I plan to not active the buy clause in Suarez (in with patch 19.3) his loan contract. Didn't have enough cash to go after a younger keeper (had a 30 mil kit). Will be a challenge if Cech and/or Leno get injured. Not focused on wing players since Smith Rowe and Nelson will return, so I have to be creative and rotate properly. Had some issues with Lichtsteiner and Xhaka in terms of playing time in October. Was forced to sell Lichtsteiner for 850k. Xhaka might follow as well. Focus for the first season will be to get back into the Champions League and win a cup (Europa and/or FA Cup). Pre-season was great, won all games while playing against the likes of Barcelona and Lazio. And In the league I've been able to keep my head above water moving around in the top 3. beat Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea comfortably. Lost to Leicester City.
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