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  1. I use the same tactic and having Guendouzi en Torreira in a BBM + BWM let to me winning the league 3-4 games before the end. Took in 19 goals Man C had 29) but scored only 75 (Liverpool had 96). My struggle was the strikers. I had goals coming from my midfield which was good but at times the strikers disappointed me. I think it's my tactic as I brought in Maximiliano Gomez who wasn't effective as well. Calleri who wasn't consistent. Same for Piatek. I have now opted for a young strikers force. Consisting out of Joveljic, Silva, Uriatre (regen) and Aldade (regen), while Almada, Felix serve as back up when I play 4-2-4. And I still have 2 more promising strikers in my U23. Most goals are still coming from my (attacking) midfield but the strikers are following closely. My striker plays as either AF or P depending on the players stats also have Joveljic who plays as CF. I also customise my tactics based on who I play. Cross early with P. work in box with AF. Wings are either IF or W both on support but can change to Attack depending on how things go. AMC is AP or T, again based on the player his stats. central midfielders are DLP/BBM and BWM. When Torreira gets yellow I shift him to DLP and move Guendouzi to BBM. Biggest los has been 4-3 against Cardiff with an average of being 1-3 in scoreline.
  2. I had to sell Nketiah as I have 2 amazing regens and another 2 coming. Plus I snapped up Fabio Silva for 20 million. Smith Row and Nelson have mainly played in the Champions League for me and doing well. Snatching decent numbers in goals and assists
  3. With each intake I search the other clubs and try to sign them or shitlist them to sign them in the summer. I try to pick up 17 yo or younger so they get that Homegrown club. Currently trying to figure a way to best beat the new work permit system I got through Brexit (limited to 16 foreign players, british passport helps me. So also shifting my focus to English born players.
  4. Keeping match sharpness up. My first season I didn't do anything and by the time I had my Europa League final sharpness was at at or below 90% for some.
  5. Wondering what some of you are doing in the regular post season (still have to play the EL/CL final)? I do the following but perhaps I could be done differently. Review contracts to expire in 1-2 years. Re-sign. Those going to be sold, place those on the transfer list after the final game of the season. Scout and sign youngsters I was unable during intakes. Set 2 friendly matches in the time between the last league match and EL/CL final Default training schedule for all 3 teams filled in
  6. Can't wait for my season to be over to see what kind of effect his departure will have. Mkhitaryan has been on Real's watchlist for over a season, haven't made the approach.
  7. The latest post about filters suggest there is a 'Media Descriptions' condition but I can't find it. There is only Media Handling Style
  8. Find it funny nobody is rushing to sign Ozil for free as his contract is running out with me. Had some issues with Lacazette and Aubameyang not scoring for long period or only from penalties. Look like that dip is over and they're slowly moving up. Still using the same formation 4-2-3-1 Chambers and Holding have been fairly well for me as rotation players. Even re-trained Holding to BWM-D.
  9. Haven't read about this one. Got a 16 foreign player limit with the work permit still present.
  10. No, actually not. The old one was set and forget until you got a message it was done. Now you have to check up regularly. Can group more at once
  11. I've been unable to get the best out of him at Arsenal after buying him for £20m. Playing him in 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and 4-4-2
  12. Summary: Youth intake shows 1 player on february 14th. Player is 27 years old Description of Issue: I activated the release clause of Timo Horn prior to him being fully scouted as it was visible, but I had forgotten that I wanted to set the transfer date at the end of the season. I withdrew the offer, and offered a new one. The option for the release clause was not present. I made a new offer for the same fee (of the release clause and waited a few days. I got a response that the offer was refused. I tried to make a new offer and still saw the release clause fee was not present. This prompted me to start the save from a few days before (in-game). When I went to Timo Horn to activate his release clause I saw that it wasn't present at all. I had him scouted Steps to Reproduce: Sync game to february 14th Go to Youth Intake screen See player who is 27 as the only player on the 14th of february Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Edvin Simson - Arsenal.fm
  13. I failed to realise how important squad personality/determination is. Had a keeper I bought see his personality change from Model Professional/Citizen to Fairly Professional. Having somebody as Ozil as teamleader is influencing things more than I expected. Playing with Arsenal you really need to inject a good doze of determined players/personalities into the team.
  14. I think this affected my 24 year old GK (Traksosha) bought him with a Model Proffesional personality, now he's only got Fairly Professional. Want tot try.
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