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  1. Thanks all. I've not forgotten this but I've been working on it slowly in the background and done a lot so far. I'll likely post snippets once FM22 is out and I can update the screenshots for stuff I've written so far and the examples.
  2. @Hovis Dexter Updated how? They all still apply now, nothing changed except maybe how the game actually looks.
  3. It's a really good thread. However I'm not sure the kind of feedback you are wanting from me, I don't really have much to comment. You seem to focus on stuff way differently to me, like reputation for example. You speak about this a fair bit and while what you say is true, I personally don't think it's as profound as you think. Also not sure what you mean about relationship between roles/duties and mentality? Personally, I'd rather focus on how the roles all come together to create the style of play I am wanting to create, regardless of mentality. Know what the roles do and what settings they actually have. The game tells you this. I don't think it needs to me more complex other than maybe adding support players will stay/start deeper than when on an attacking duty. But that doesn't mean they don't attack. Also with regards to your thread I'd like to see some actual details of the opposition and what happens in a game. You've kind of touched upon it briefly but no real details or examples of the struggles in the tougher games in Europe. I like the way the thread is going though and you're doing the right kind of stuff. My only bit of feedback would be to make sure you know what a role actually offers your side. For example a quick look at the tactic you posted in the first post, I see only 1 player immediately attacking the box. The Vol's have a large distance to make up and support from midfield and your striker initially drops/starts deeper. I think in the tougher games your play is quite predictable I would hazard a guess. The central midfielders do the same thing just one from deeper areas than the others. There's not much variety imo and the whole tactic relies on the Treq and SS playing well. For what its worth I think the VOL's would be better switched around for better balance based on what I've read so far. But I'm more about giving advice based on what I see happening in a game rather than what's wrote down Like I said though, I am enjoying the thread and where its going. Be interesting to see what you come up with as the thread develops.
  4. I've covered this in great depth many times before. It's not that game changing, the community still asking the same questions
  5. Read the articles then make your mind up
  6. I wrote about this topic extensively a fair few years ago. The images are missing in the thread though. But worry not as I still have them on my hard drive. So if you want to read my thoughts on the system, you can do so in the following link (all images included) Part One https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o36GcU81BHmtY88DC9SnEetWJ7aXaBiCntOCJ8AGZOE/edit?usp=sharing Part Two https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GT64VjEj53M3E64Yw2eFQSfLOSiJY42jL0N-2BDLyIM/edit?usp=sharing Part Three https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P4vvDtXSyYkO2F8d8rdm0B3FC50hH-NG8kltkchB7-8/edit?usp=sharing Part Four https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b4wMBJWixYOjp2NWglCNzepQ5DkZ9FdelziYwbCOB7c/edit?usp=sharing It's a lot to take in and a lot of reading but I cover both the normal and deep version in depth. You'll not find a better comprehensive guide to the 4231 in general in my opinion.
  7. He starts off by stating he won't be releasing it yet and explains why. Then later down says it has to be postponed a little until his wife recovers from long covid. Just have some patience. With topics like this its best to tell the story. There are lots to talk about tactically already though if people wanted to question the OP. There are stuff you can see in the stats that are questionable already imo and even on the screenshots. Take his goalkick positioning one that he posted, ye it illustrated what he wanted to show but it also shows 3 possible problematic things in it too.
  8. Height is used if the player doesn't have to leave the ground. Jumping reach is what's used if the player leaves the ground.
  9. You've all been very kind, cheers for the welcomes and all the feedback so far. Keep it coming
  10. It's not hardcoded as such. More a by-product of the roles/duties he is using. Maybe if the other CM was deeper than the Mez, then the Mez might not be as far over as he is. But I don't think that will help much. I just think its a bad combination in general down the left. Both wide players come inside and the Mez plays in the same space. Even in the examples of good play he posted, you can see that he has 4 players all in a similar area. His IWB, Mez and IW aren't doing stuff that different in the images. Edit - Actually you can kind of see the same thing happening on the right side too in one of the images. There's a bit more spacing than his original complaint. But depending on the phase of play and where the ball is, the same already happens on the right side 100%
  11. It's on the build up phase because the IWB's final position (or towards the end of the phase) is directly in the Mez's starting path. That's why the positions differ the later in the move you get. So when he ventures forward but the ball stays behind him or is played back to your other defenders, he holds his position and the Mez also drops deep. That's why they occupy the spaces they do and that only changes when the ball is really advanced again. Your options here would be to change the duty possibly on the IWB if its becoming a cause for concern or change the role of the Mez. But if the rest of the time, it's working like intended then it's likely something you'll have to live with and a drawback of the system/settings you use.
  12. Che8ers, I will hold you to that! The School of Defensive Arts will be an updated part of the series, it's currently under playing styles. I didn't want to focus on every type of playing style as its very subjective so what I've done is make it more generalised rather than specific. That way the user can form his own opinion of how defensive/attacking they want to be based on the basics I talk about. Also included counter attacking, attacking and a more balanced approach. I cover almost everything in those 4 parts I believe without being too specific and it becoming niche to just a few people.
  13. Cheers. I've covered this in the series as I think it's a common issue people have. Especially the drawing them out/creating space parts. Nice to see you around still Stam and going strong. I'm just looking for specific things that people are struggling with atm. I'm sure if you create a thread though I can contribute considering I've wrote a lot about the 442 over the years. I think this is common and I'll be talking about it. Good to see you still around mate. Maybe I should do a piece on 'why you shouldn't shut up shop' am I right?!! Too kind sir! Imo this is probably one of the biggest factors I see people struggling with on a daily basis. There's a huge piece on attributes in this series that I've done. I'm still here!! Wow that's a lot of stuff. But I will talk about all those things. Not sure I agree about the 442 being the best to start with for a novice/beginner. I think it's better to choose something that you possibly already have a little bit of knowledge on because atleast you should have a basic idea of how it functions. This will be one of the main themes of the series, you'll be pleased to know. This is also a part of the series. Would you believe that I was reading some old stuff from when we ran Susie 2 days ago and you had quite a few posts on there. All the way back in 2003-5. Me and Caleyjag were being nostalgic as we are approaching 20 years now since we changed the FM scene! Where does time go eh?! Without giving too much away, the part you mention is about creating a tactic based on what's in your head rather than a real life match. I've included parts about creating a tactic from just an idea, creating a tactic from something you've seen in real life and creating one from the players you have available. I personally don't believe there are many other ways of creating a tactic. I honestly believe there are only 3 proper ways of doing it. There is a 4th too but that's not really a strategy. You'll understand more about what I mean when you see it. Lots feel the same! I can understand this. It can also be a lot to take in when you're looking at everything. My advice short-term until this project is posted is just focus on one role for now and understand what it's supposed to do vs what it's currently doing. Have a look at the settings the role comes with and see if the player is doing these things. The way I approach tactics, the striker role choses itself based on what the players behind the striker are doing. The type of service, support and what not all determine the striker role for me. If I'm having people cross into the box then I know the striker has to be someone who stays in the box. So automatically that rules a lot of roles out like F9, DLF and so on. Because if I use those roles they all focus on play outside of the box and dropping deep. Now that's not to say they'll never be in the box but it makes more sense to use someone who can utilise the crosses more consistent by being a threat in the box constantly rather than occasionally. Good thanks mate. I hope you're doing well and still doing the running! This is exactly what this project is.
  14. Introduction Hello good people!! Long time no see eh?! I wouldn’t call this a return as such, more I was bored and thought I’d write a massive project for all you beautiful people. I’ve been kind of shut off from the FM Community for quite some time now but I’ve still read the odd article here and there and visited the forum and looked around. It seems that nothing has changed much. Some people are still struggling with tactics and creating or maintaining them. So I thought why not write something but start at the very beginning. Over the years I’ve written about creating a tactic and all the various ways this can be achieved. I want to revisit some of the old stuff and rewrite/update it. My idea is to combine all the relevant topics I've done in the past and make a really in depth series which focuses on every single aspect of tactical creation. Many years ago myself, Buxton, SFrazer, WWFan, Millie and many more had the idea of creating a tactics bible, which we did in some form. I don’t believe the pieces we did still exist, so this is an extension of this and almost like a Wiki. This is a giant task though and will likely take a long time for it to be complete. Some of the stuff I’ve written needs a complete rewrite and others just little changes. I think this would become an invaluable resource for the FM community. I will only release pieces though when I am 75% done with the project and know it will be completed. If I was to guess at what percentage is currently completed I’d say it was around 50% ish. There are all the parts currently completed. This isn’t the order they’ll be in though as there will be lots more added and depending on where I think the pieces fit, will dramatically change the order. Before we start Idea Design based on player attributes Real life example None real life example Translating to FM Seeing if it works Modifying it Maintaining it That's a snippet of how the first article starts. But my main reason for posting is because I want ideas from you before I start doing more stuff. I don't want ideas about topics to cover or what subjects to write about. What I need is for you to post below and in a few short words, explain what aspects of creating a tactic you struggle with. That way I can make sure its comprehensive and represents every single aspect I can think of, if I haven't already. So if you struggle with deciding how to play, I want to know what it is that you struggle with specifically about that. Is it that you have too many ideas in your head or maybe no ideas at all. You might be flustered with all the options you have available and so on. The feedback doesn't have to be strictly about the tactic itself, I'm ideally looking for 'steps' you struggle with instead if that makes sense. As I want this project to be a step by step process without skipping a single step. This makes the project complicated because obviously some steps will have multiple ways of doing things and I want to include everything. So if you have anything you struggle with, please post below.
  15. You need to learn the context of the match and what is actually happening. You could be 2-0 up but not playing that great. Highlights will be all skewed for just the best bits and the stats don't tell you the story of how the match is going. Equally you could be 2-0 down and playing brilliant. So ideally you need to learn how to use everything available to read how the game is actually going. This is important because imo there are mainly two types of managers. 1 - The one who panics and changes things as soon as they go a goal behind. This is knee jerk. 2 - The one that leaves it too late to impact things and change the result/game around back into your favour. You should be somewhere between the middle of those, if not then its tricky. I wrote about this in a bit more detail but the images don't work in the thread which I posted on here. But I still have the piece on my drive, which I can link. It gives you an insight into how I think about the game and try and understand the context. Ignore the result but rather focus on the 'Do I panic or do I wait' message. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fvtb_IBsrfoiaO3Z44DueRIIaHCnXnHv-IfVspbtDSs/edit?usp=sharing
  16. No worries. I have something planned for all the old content I have done in the coming months. There should be a place to read it all again.
  17. I can't find them for that. I have them somewhere but I have thousands of files and not sure where they are.
  18. They can all be found on the drive here; https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2EXFGu1SfcqbzV4RXdZMVlCeFE?resourcekey=0-VbAA20Mr9AjQ6cr-IcazHw&usp=sharing
  19. If you're having trouble with players stacking before looking at any team instruction, I'd start with the roles you use. As team instructions won't really make the players behave like you said, that's more down to the roles you're using and the lack of synergy between them. You need players to attack/arrive in the box at all different times not at the same time. This then creates movement because the opposition will have to readjust their own defensive behaviour and make a decision whether to mark/follow them. This opens up space. Making the opposition make a decision like this makes it so much easier for you. If all your players arrive in attacking positions at the same time then that's the easiest thing for the game to defend against because you're not stretching the opposition or making them make gaps. The key to everything on FM is to make the opposition make a decision and forcing this to be the wrong one. It's much easier than it sounds. This is why attacking at different times works so well, as you give the opposition multiple choices to think about.
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