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  1. X42bn6 - there, I think, you hit the nail in the head. If the basics of teamtalks would be better explained, (like you described above) giving teamtalks would surely change from guesswork to something it should be. I for one would be more than happy to see this implemented in to the game.
  2. Hi, good post by OP. To go further down the same road, why not make the PA star rating hidden for your own team as well. That way you wouldn´t be too keen to release your youths, because some of them might actually make it and maybe you give them a chance in the first team to see what they can do? Your coaches would tell you their opinion like before (f.ex. Player x has the potential to be a good player for this club etc.) but you just don´t see the star rating.
  3. I´ve noticed the same, it´s always on the oppositions formation and not mine. Second thing in this screen is, when you click on opposition player and come back, the formations screen is empty And a third thing i´ve noticed (while we are at it) is that sometimes (like 1out of 5) when the half time teamtalks come up, it doesn´t show the player performance or morale so have to go to tactics screen to check them out. Not a big issue but still a bit annoying that´s about it
  4. Hi SFraser, Good read as always. I´m off to sort my backroom staff out at Wrexham.. Which brings out a question; I would love to hear your thoughts on staff employment with a lower league/non league club with limited amount of coaches. Let´s take Wrexham as an example Season 2010-11 They are playing in BSP, Board are allowing you to have staff as follows: Assman 1 Coach 3 GK coach 1 Physio 1 Scout 3 All the rest stands as 0 (Fitness, 1st team, Youth)
  5. This is exactly how I think about reloading matches. I think I found my soulmate <3
  6. If you mean the blueish box that appears when you hover cursor over i.e. players, then its because they are multiselectable. (Didn´t think of an better word) You can select couple of players holding down the control key and give some commands by right clicking on one of the selected player and it applies to all of the selected players. I imagine you can do that with mail also?
  7. I don't even...

    I´m pretty sure it´s a ME issue like some people have already pointed out.
  8. This Is England!

    So... what happened in the Boston game?
  9. This could be fun, I think they would have included this if it wasn´t for the coaching attributes, that the human players doesn´t have.
  10. So many penalty misses

    Hahaa, Surely enough after posting on this thread my other striker went on and scored our first goal from penalty spot. So it´s 1 out of 6 converted now. It was the Magpies reject Wesley Ngo Baheng who had the nerves to score from the spot on our 5-1 triumph against 2nd placed Mansfield.
  11. So many penalty misses

    Was that on the "new" patch 11.2.1? Seems a bit low for that level of players
  12. So many penalty misses

    Hi, Thought I´ll post my experience with penalties here After 19 Matches played in the first season, we have been given 5 penalties and missed all of them. That has got to be some kind of record if it was to happen IRL. Latest miss happened today in the FA cup 1st round game against Barrow, but it didn´t matter because we went on to win 3-0 anyways.. If anyone plays with Wrexham, i suggest you lot not to use Andy Morrell as your designated penalty taker. Andy seems to have decent Penalty taker attributes for BSP level, but somehow he has managed to squander all of his chances.
  13. ok, I suppose he´s not the quickest player in the league but he should have decent workrate and determination to compensate that. I don´t have FM11 on right now to check. Watiting for the 11.3 patch to start my career... Should be interesting.
  14. How about Kites? Is he anygood on FM11? I was thinking that once Hunt and Kightly get over their injuries that Iĺl have quite good wingers at my disposal. Looking at your preferred starting line-ups that you´ve posted neither one of them are playing regularly.