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  1. Looking for a team in France, maybe. The team need be midtable, isch, and with patience to build the team upwards and with a pretty good youth facility and stabil economy. The team should also be in the top division
  2. Filip Stuparevic looks really good! Only 17 as well. And Dejan Joveljic as well
  3. EDIT: Chilled down for a moment, just a quick question. If you were Crystal Palace manager, how would you play and line up? I dont care at all about playstyle right now. Just wondering if im really that stupid and cant play this game.
  4. Can i someway look what my coaches think of my formation and how they think i should line up? Not game to game but more generic. I know you get the information during the pre-season but during the season?
  5. Im having some issues with facing 4-4-2, i really cant find any space at all and they just run all over me. My thought is, i faced Huddersfield that played 4-4-2 very fluid standard, my thought was that they would be compact and leave a lot of space behind the backline. I used pass into space and made Benteke (my cf support) to an attacking role that would run behind. But im also thinking they leave space between midfield and defence that Benteke can utilise and Zaha be the only one running behind. Or the central midfielder with a role that pushes up between them. Just want to check that
  6. I have totally lost it with my Aston Villa save. 2nd year i finished 6th with a pretty good team. For the 3rd season i didnt loose anoyone that i couldnt replace. I understand that the other teams sees me as a good side that they need to be more defence against. The season as a whole started well, 5-0 against Southhampton in the first game. But after the first 5-10 games it all went downhill. Now in Feb and ive lost 7 straight PL-games and one in the league cup. What do you do when the teams just falls apart, they starting to score own goals, do bad cleareances that hit anoth
  7. Any tips on how to use a treq in a 4-1-2-2-1? I have problems with my IF on either side of him to come in and go deep. I know im not giving that much of info, just want some general tips.
  8. My game just crashed. Is there any crash-file i can send and help you?
  9. How is this even possible? I had such great tactics with Everton. We let 4 goals in in 19 games and lost one. And i rotated these 3 depending och opponent. I hit a bad form under the spring and never came back. This year i just cant get a break, they score all the time and i dont know what to do. How much do u need to change a tactic? And three of them cuz noone is working, and they worked so well last season and with the same team, and its a good team, maybe overperformed a little last year and came 2nd. But this is just absurd:) Just want som tips on how to think in this case. EDIT: And
  10. Having som problem with Harry Kane, hes scores but. Well, not as much as i would want! Hes scored 10 in 24(3), so its not that bad. He isnt gettin in to good positions around the box. Been tryin with different types of setups 4-2-3-1, flexible, control and changing depending on opposition. IF i use fluid, how does that differ to flexible? The main things? CF(S) Winger(A) - Ap-(s) - IF(A) dlp(s) - CM(d) I have been changing alot, but this is what i use right now. I have batshuyai(sp?) and its the same problem with him
  11. Cant get this tactic to click with my Charlton team.. the team instructions is: Balanced Controll then all of the passing etc, is standard? is this correct? Cuz it doesnt work that well.. Just letting in so many goals, just dont know.. They score just on everything they get, dont know how to solve it either, becouse, it isnt even good chances they have.. Just now i had a game against N'hampton.. They had 2 shots on goals, both of them went in of course, none of them where clear chances.. This game, its, i dont know.. They can score from long shots from everywhere, i have no idea.. Wa
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