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  1. Looking for a team in France, maybe. The team need be midtable, isch, and with patience to build the team upwards and with a pretty good youth facility and stabil economy. The team should also be in the top division
  2. Filip Stuparevic looks really good! Only 17 as well. And Dejan Joveljic as well
  3. Thank you! Learned a lot and will take it with me to next season. Lost cabaye due to not wanna sign a new contract. Got a little bit more of a budget now so can improve my side:) Thank you! Im an old patreon and planned to support you again anyway:)
  4. Wow! Really appreciate your help, thank you so much! Its really obvious that im not thinking in all way, example Bentekes workrate and what that gives the team. Thinking to small and precise i guess. Ive made it up, thanks to my 4-4-2 and will more carefully work with my tactic til next season, thanks a lot to you and ofc the others who answered me in this thread. Looking forward to your upcoming video, thanks again Rashidi! Will support you by being patreon again!:) Keep it up!
  5. I still think thats the best formation for crystal palace and something i am a little comfortable with. I have 2 good DMS, Milivojevic and Mcarthur, 2 good cms in Cabaye and Andre Andre. The only good passers of the ball in my side so the creative passing should come from them. I cant see myself playing without wingers because of Benteke should score a lot of goals from crosses. so 2 wingers, one to give Benteke some help up top as IF and running behing the defensive line, which he does pretty good. Van Aanholt is probably my best player this season, even though he has some bad stats, Ward is a good right back imo and fits Benteke with his good crossing. Its just falls to me by looking at the squad that 4-1-2-2-1 is the best. i could play a flat 4-1-4-1 but it really shouldnt make that bit of a difference, im pretty solid at the back and when i played it the attacking werent that different. So, how will i use my strengts? Keep it simple and safe at the back with support from my midfielders who are much better with the ball, they are the ones who can pass it and take better decisions. I have Benteke whos a great header of the ball, so one form of attack should come from crossing and i feel Bentekes role could fit a complete forward on support duty, the problem is maybe i will be isolated because of my two supporting midfielders, and i feel they both need to be in the build up of my play so that they always help the others. Another attacking outlet i would use is if Benteke is making space by coming deeper or roaming either Zaha or Townsend can use that space but i feel 2 attacking on the wings will be to easy for the opponents, but maybe thats good since either Townsend or Zaha is that good besides running, they should be far up the pitch but then they lose space to run at. Shape i feel should be structured, less creative freedom and a little bit more space between my lines. Maybe i should play fluid so my team is more compact? Shorter passes and closer to eachother, but that will be in expense of space. Play with more width so my team are wider and have more space so that my CMs have a wider area of passing maybe? I dont know if thats correct thinking, but i cant go any deeper in analysing what i think is best playstyle for my team or what am i missing? I feel that i have to work this out myself to learn but its tough. Hopefully i wont get fired this season so i really can work with this up until next season. I really like crystal palaces team and all i want is to make it work a little bit more. Just so i feel the satisfaction when im 10th in the league not 15th:) I wanna be safe, not struggling at the bottom! EDIT: Tried something new, went with a 4-4-2 on my assistants request. Modified it a little, but in short the same strategy as my 4-1-2-2-1 and thought behind it. Thought i would get hammered in the middle, but my players acted much better, they actually won the ball back and were aggressive. Just had higher tempo to get the ball up faster. Smashed Newcastle 6-1 and Arsenal 4-0 just like that. This just makes me even more confused, ofc we had played much more direct and could keep the ball easier up top but it was like seeing different players in crystal palace. Townsend actually went wide and did crosses. Even though i had less stability backwards it was opposite. I dont know. Just makes me angry when i try so hard with one tactic, just flukes up a 4-4-2 with the same thought as my 4-1-2-2-1.. uughh. Yeah, Loftus-cheek was up top with Benteke, he cant even shoot.
  6. Ive changed it up a bit, not to much but much less PIs and TIs with counterattacking and flexible, won 2-0 against Watford away which is a good result. Watford is top 5. After the latest game i looked fine, but wasnt looking that pretty. That was without Benteke as well. The biggest issue is my ability to have decent attacks and have more solutions in attack. Zaha is chippin in some goals so that side is fine with Cabaye as mezzala. But i just look to easy to defend against and if i have more men forward i will get exposed. Its the balance between attack and defend thats my biggest issue and ofc my right side. Ward is decent and a good crosser, in front of him we have nothing, Puncheon is doing well but i want a speedy winger. For that i have Townsend and all he can do is run and shoot, Townsend is more capable of a attacking role but isnt doing what i want (PPMs i guess) so i have him on support, to help out more defensively and because i want him to hit crosses in to either Benteke or Zaha and not just "run around a bit". Ive tried with an attacking role and its a little bit "meh" sometimes. I will stick to my current setup the season out to see how it fares. It just so unsafe during the games, im never in control of the game because i dont have an attack to rely on. Squadwise its just the decision making and passing. So many easy passes and decisions are very bad. And they have simple options but to often they choose the wrong pass and opportunity. And that leads to us being countered or not creating much at all. Cabaye is the only one that can make those sort of passes and by far my best player, he should to everything in my team to be exact:)
  7. Indeed, thats what im feeling every game and i dont know what to do about it. If i fix some holes there will be new ones. Anyway, looking forward to your videos and maybe read your book again for the 3rd time:)
  8. Im still going with palace. Its a hard challenge, for me, because the squad are so bad in multiple ways and with a small budget. Thats why i chose them in the first place! But its really tough. If you could do a video about Palace that would be great, i think a lot of people would learn from that!
  9. This helps actually, gives me hope:) Thank you! Yeah, i missed my op a little bit. I dont have 2 roaming midfielders, only one who is either B2M or Mezzala depending on what i feel. The other one is DLP or CM with som PIs. I will try and look it your way, maybe i try to hard and should tone it down a bit. I played counterattacking for a while and didnt condede in 8 games but only scored 1 so i made my team a little bit more threatening going forward. I will read that guide again and see what im missing. Thanks!
  10. So, ive been playing FM, or CM since 97 i think and i should think im pretty good at it but, the last 2,3 years i cant do **** at the game, it never goes my way. Ive been reading Bustthenet and Cleons guides multiple of times. But i cant get it right, i cant read the game and im trying so hard and used pen and paper to describe, watched previous games in 2D for example but i dont know what im doing is wrong or right for that matter. I will explain my team and setup. Im Crystal Palace, average team but not to shabby. I decided to scratch my current tactic and make a new one with no PIs or TIs to learn what they do (again) when i try them in matches. A very physical team, strong, fast but not that good with the ball, decisionmaking is bad, so is passing, teamwork, first touch. Ive decided that 4-1-2-2-1 is probably the best formation for my team. GK (D) FB(a) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) DM(s) DLP (s) Mezzala(s/a) Winger(s) IF(A) CF(s) Mentality is standard right now, want to begin somewhere and standard seems like a good start. Shape is flexibel, because i really dont know which shape to go with. I have tried multiple setups in midfield, DLP as the defensive midfielder, Mezzala, AP, CM and DLP as the 2 midfielders. And i have tried to be smart to change the roles depending on opposition but i cant seem to catch a break. I have Benteke, duuh, which started the season well with 7 goals in 14 apps but have gone dry and scored 8 in 29. Zaha as the IF to the left have scored 10 in 29 which is pretty good. Ofc im weak at the flanks, but my team overall is decent and should come around midtable and some decent football and defending should they be capable of. I have Cabaye and Andre Andre as CMs, both of them are good midfielders and can pass the ball. But nothing is happening attackingwise. I cant win 2nd balls, in every game the opposition is all over me and just plays wonderful football. Im not really giving that much information, i know, but i just want to be able to enjoy the game and know what to look for in games. I can tell you that i have never tried so hard in a game to be good at it, im even reading the guides from Cleon, Rashid at work for hours sometimes:) I must have watched like 30 games this season in full "mode". Even Rashids youtube videos is taking up so much of my time:) Thanks guys btw! So, bad passers of the ball, fast wingers, strong forward and 2 good passers in the middle, 3 because Milivojevic is pretty good as well. My thought is short passing as PI for the backline and DM, i guess it should be short passes becuase they are bad passers and have bad rating in decisions etc. the 2 CMs have risky passes and direct or mixed. I want to use the sides but not have TI to "play wide" to have my team more compact. And hit crosses to Benteke, if that isnt working then we have Zaha with pace to hit their backline, or Cabaye whos supporting Benteke from midfield with shots or through passes. What should i read? How can i finally learn? 20 years of CM and FM, i should be able to play pretty decent imo. I know i should be a better team, but i hate to be Barca, City, Real etc. If thats a criteria to learn the game i will do it, but not my biggest wish:)
  11. EDIT: Chilled down for a moment, just a quick question. If you were Crystal Palace manager, how would you play and line up? I dont care at all about playstyle right now. Just wondering if im really that stupid and cant play this game.
  12. Can i someway look what my coaches think of my formation and how they think i should line up? Not game to game but more generic. I know you get the information during the pre-season but during the season?
  13. Im having some issues with facing 4-4-2, i really cant find any space at all and they just run all over me. My thought is, i faced Huddersfield that played 4-4-2 very fluid standard, my thought was that they would be compact and leave a lot of space behind the backline. I used pass into space and made Benteke (my cf support) to an attacking role that would run behind. But im also thinking they leave space between midfield and defence that Benteke can utilise and Zaha be the only one running behind. Or the central midfielder with a role that pushes up between them. Just want to check that im thinking a Little bit correct? Because i cant really take advantage of the space while Huddersfield really took advantage of it and scored easily. EDIT: Using 4-1-2-2-1, flexible, standard usually tactic with a lot of emphasis on crossing, shorter passing at the back and letting my cms do the risky passes/direct passes.
  14. I will actually try to use them both as attacking fullbacks. Ive gotten som real issues with my defending after a being so safe at the back the first couple of games. I Think it is of my problems to read the opposition. Maybe against some teams i can play them bot as attacking i a defensive view as well, i guess they will be higher up and a Little more aggressive to get the ball back. Zaha is doing great as Inside forward(A) to the left, doing a good job of running behind when the team im facing is high up. Just wish i could defend better but its a work in progress, a loss to Burnely bottom of the table with 7-2.
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