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  1. What does "get further forward" PI do? For example, what is the difference between an IF(su) with get further forward and an IF(A)?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm writing this thread with the objective of findind new ideas to adopt into my tactic, in which for the first time I am using a 4231 with deep positions instead of the traditional 4231 with AMR/AMC/AML. In my journeyman save after getting sacked by Bordeaux I found myself managing a struggling ManUtd and after a 2nd place and a 4th place in a very tight Premier League this year I am 1st for now, using this tactic for half the matches. Sweeper Keeper (Def) FB (Att) CB (Def) BPD (Def) FB (sup) BWM(Sup) DLP (Sup) W(sup) CM (ATT) WM(Att) CF( ATT) TI: Positive, Shorter passing, Play out of defence, Bring ball into the box, Fairly narrow Pass it long, Distribute to fullbacks, Counter, Counter Press High Line, Much Higher line of engagement, Prevent GK distribution, offside trap PI: Mark tighter, press more, tackle harder on to all midfielders and the stiker except the the DMs The Left midfielder is supposed to be an inside forward, so he has dribble more, cut inside, tries risky passes Right winger has get further forward MC on attack has dribble more, tries risky passes, roaming and moves into channels The idea is to use deeper positions to mimic a realistic 4231, following the tips from Cleon 4231 thread, where he argues that it is possible push players as high as you want with roles and tactical instructions. I have to say i like the defensive positioning with this tactic, i'm seeing VERY satisfying counters where my RM intercepts the balls between CB and FB. However, while the movement and the pressing of the tactic seems okay, i find that in some games, especialli against defensive 5-3-2/5-4-1 our possession goes down the drain, even if we still manage to create chances. I'm seeing 35% possession with 10/15 shots against their 0. My guess is that since i have a deep formation the opposing defensive teams tend to play out from the back and keeps the ball for a long time before committing to midfield, with our high pressing being less efficient than it could be. Another problem that i am findind is that the MC bombs forward whenever we have the ball, getting much further away from the defence. I want him to basically play like a trequartista, getting back to get the ball and then assist or go into the box, while at the same time press a lot with the forwards, for this reason i chose the CM(attack) role, but it seems to me that even with the PI I gave the role is more of a runner than a creator. Do you suggest other roles or maybe pushing him in the AMC slot? Lastly, while I really like the counters that we are getting, sometimes I feel we should be able to "camp" in the opposition area, I figured that i could switch some roles to support to do so but I am afraid that doing so would make my players too deep. Do you agree? I am sorry for the screenshot in Italian, I just realized that i should have switched to english to make it easier for the forums, later i will update my post. Anyway, how would you set up an offensive 4231 with deeper positions? I would love to hear your thoughts, this the first time that I am straying from my usual 4231 and I have to say it has been fun to see different movement patterns than the usual!
  3. yes, i owe his previous club 50% of the total of the next sale would I get notified of this? I have been checking on and off in the clauses section in 2 season and the option never comes, i guess its only fair, i would never negotiate away such a clause with a 50mln player...
  4. i guess that i have to eat the (profits) loss, i will try to milk some value out of the player with loans. Thank you for your help
  5. is there no way to negotiate and buy out the clause? like you can do with other clauses?
  6. Have you ever managed to remove the % of future fee/profit from one of your players? I'm managing Man Utd in my journeyman save, rebuilding them from 6th place to hopefully world beaters. They have a stacked but very unbalanced squad ( all attacking players from midfield to forwards) and i need to offload some players. I have 1 striker valued 59mln who is my third choice that has a 50% future transfer fee, is there any way to remove it or ask the board to negotiate? I have also several young players bought for 10/15mln by previous manager with 40/50% future transfer clauses and i would like to remove them if possible. Since i can't sell him I am loaning him with 100% wages and a monthly fee for now, is there any way to solve this problem?
  7. Glad to see you back, can't wait to read again from you! The "art of ... " series was my favourite content on this sub. One thing I would love to see is an explanation of stats "interpretation", I would love to have a rough idea of what the stats of a player might mean in context. Every year in may/june I try to review contracts and decide who to sell/replace and having an 'objective' review of player performance in the context of the tactic would be great but I don't feel confident in my assessments. Another thing is how to maximize performance for a specific player, examples of tactics instructions/role combination to maximize the performance of a goalscoring CF, the assists from a trequartista etc. Lastly, squad building in the long term WITH the u23/u18 in mind. Would love to know how many players to keep in each squad, and how to create a natural progression from u15 (bought or not) to first team
  8. It reflects real life perfectly, in this case: 1) your staff predicted he could grow more 2) He didn't grow much 3) They adjusted their evaluation of the player I'd say don't focus much on the stats, play him and follow his developmente like you are doing. If he truly stops getting better you'll have to decide what to do, but if he stops it just means that he wasn't that good in the first place, misjudgements happen! EDIT: looking at the stats i'd play him as a CAM, he is pretty good still, look at it this way: if he isn't good enough for you, you can offload him to man UTD and get a boatload of cash
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