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  1. Thanks for your replies, its given me much food for thought.
  2. Hello everyone, Apologies for creating a new thread but I couldn't find any answer or guides for my question on here or elsewhere on the internet. I was wondering if there was a guide or any advice/hints on what attribute level (e.g. 7/20 or 13/20) would correspondence with a scale of Very Poor - World Class? e.g. 1-3 - Very Poor 3-8 - Poor 8-11 - Adequate 11-13 - Decent 13-15 - Good 15-17 - Excellent 17-19 - Exceptional 20 - World Class Any help would be greatly appreciated. Alfie
  3. Hello Smurf, I have decided to use a custom build site for my laptop and this is the spec I am nearly decided on. Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD IPS LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ (2.8GHz, 3.8GHz Turbo) Memory (RAM) 8GB Corsair VENGEANCE 2400MHz SODIMM DDR4 (1 x 8GB) Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti - 4.0GB GDDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1 1st Hard Disk NOT REQUIRED M.2 SSD Drive 256GB SAMSUNG SM961 M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3100MB/R, 1400MB/W) Do you think this would be good enough for 3D Matches and a database of around 80,000 players with 10-15 leagues? Is a 15'6 or a 17'3 better to play FM on? What would look better? Any help you can give would be much appreciated!
  4. Thanks for that Smurf. I was thinking about getting a custom built one with the highest specs I can get as a work colleague advised the processor and graphics card can be very hard to upgrade in a laptop. Do you think that is a good idea?
  5. Hello, I am looking for a new laptop to play football manager on and need some advice on what to buy. I have read what has been written and it seems that the processor and the graphics card are most important (sorry If I am wrong!). I would like to play 3d matches and have the game run quickly with a large database and about 13 leagues. My budget can go up to £900 (£1000 if the laptop is top notch) if that helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for a new laptop to play football manager on. I would like the 3D Match Engine to run with no lags whatsoever and want the game very as smoothly as possible whilst having a large number of leagues. The highest price I would go up to is about £900 and I am a real novice with this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone, Have started a new game as Tottenham and want to sign the best Head of Youth Development possible but I am not sure what the crucial things I should be looking for are. I have read that Personality, playing style and mentality and high 'managing youngsters' and 'judging youth potential' attributes are important but I am not sure what are the most important things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Is there any other way of improving the work rate attribute than just the individual focus training for certain positions?
  9. Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked but will there be a 16.3 database update and if so, when will this be?
  10. Hello everyone, I recently tried to update my FM2013 with this update and I followed all the steps to add the fix to my game. I also have made some changes to my database and labelled it 'Alfie2'. However, when I tried to start a new game with the fix and my database changes I kept getting this message: Warning: Could not process rule group settings in ALFIE-PC/C:/Users/Alfie/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/Editor Data/Alfie2.dbc At least 2 Nations must be specificed for qualification system. Could you advise me on how to proceed? I don't know if it is linked to the real name fix but I would really appreciate some help.
  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether anyone could help on how i could create the new Under 21 league that has replaced the reserves league. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Hello, i am starting from scratch so please forgive my stupidity but how do i get all of the faces available? it is all going above my head. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. I have checked it and it is 8 Feb but i want to start the actual tournament in October, could i start the actual tournament a season ahead in 2012/2013? would that make it work?
  14. I am only running one database and i tried to change it to January 1 2012 and it said it can't lie between 29/09/2011 and 06/05/2012.
  15. I changed the reputation levels to the ones you suggested but this hasn't worked. Please help!
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