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  1. some thoughts about your tactic, i would swap the 2 midfielders and play the attack minded on the left spot and make the right back attacking to create a natural overlap. Maybe try another role instead of mezzalla especially if he isn't left footed to actually go wide behind the inside forward who cuts inside.(ramsey is right footed, a simple cm attack woud be perfect for him). also at dmc spot i would try an anchroman or a simple DMC role, that position is the crucial point of any tactic with one defensive midfielder, and certainly pjanic isnt't that type of footballer, he is great but furth
  2. He has been training for two years now as a ball playing defender and i use him as a central defender. As you can see the tactical familiarity bar is accomplished, his position/Role/Duty is the right one
  3. i have the same problem, been playing all season with same roles but the tactical familiarity is low, if a player let's say a defender is trained as ball playing defender and i use him as central defender the bar of the tactical familiarity is competent or at best accomplished. so my question is you have to train the same role tha you use a player in your tactic in order the player to gain tactical familiarity ?
  4. me too same problem and except the DM and the striker comes short instead of near post
  5. Well i had similar problems in FM20, i took over Monaco in Beta and tried 433 with similar TI's and it was nightmare. I dominated possession but the football we played was awful side passing no forward thinking and all the time balls over the top of my defence. When the full game went out i started again with Monaco and had the same issues. I was trying to emulate pep's football with IWBs, wingers playing very wide and all these fancy things pep does with Man City...and at September during the break for international games i sat down and said "come on man, you play FM since 1998 there has to b
  6. As i said i manage Southampton, on the right wing Redmond who is very similar to Sterling in 37 appearances has 12 goals and 12 assists, on the left wing Tadic in 41 appearances has 9 goals and 19 assists. One thing i really love is the diagonal passes especially down the right wing which is something i didn't notice when i had the wingers in the AM strata. It may help that my right full back is IWB and occupies the MCR slot who is on MCa duty and makes lots of forward runs so it's a kind of an overload on the right side of the pitch. When i started playing this way i used fluid but i noticed
  7. I would start with a simple 4141. The fullbacks are definitely support and probably depending on the opponent one could be IWB. At DMC slot when Fernadinho plays he is probably more of a DM(s) and Toure DLP(s). The two wingers hug the touchline but they do not cross so we have one realistic option in FM, WM(a) with stay wider,dribble more*, cross less often. The double 8's in the 2 central slots is one interesting trick he did this year with these exceptional players. David Silva is more of a roaming playmaker and Kevin more like a central winger CM(a) with PI's dribble more,roam from position
  8. Nice write up and i hope you find success. I recommend reading this excellent article about the decline especially in europe of the classic No 10's http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/03/26/trequartista-engance-classic-no-10sstruggle/
  9. This is the main problem with the 442 even with a defensive forward on defend he will not harass the opponents defensive midfielder, i have tried several methods but none proved to be successful. The only trick is to specifically man mark the DMC with one striker
  10. I would recommend to have a tactic with 3 flat in midfield, it would be beneficial for Lallana and Wijnaldum and probably they will operate better in the half spaces and might also gives you better pressing
  11. Arsene is trying the last 10 years or so (after his invincible team)...
  12. I don't know why but the positioning in a flat three midfield compared to one with a DMC is much better and this helps very much in pressing traps. Especially the functioning of the 2 outer midfielders is great and they seem to perform a lot better than in a 1-2 midfield triangle. Certainly the pressing as yonko mentioned is much better when is executed through Pis, and this is one thing SI must address in future versions of the game. When i use the global pressing as a TI it seems that the other team has at least 2 pirlos in midfield and always they make the ball over the top for the forward
  13. And i quote from the in-game description as to what is defensive mentality: This mentality is best employed for matches that you are favorites to lose and in which you expect your opponent to put you under extended pressure. It aims to keep men behind the ball, to restrict space in your half, to slow things down and to frustrate the opposition. It relies on direct balls to the forwards followed by sharp and quick passing to score goals on the counter. Pretty accurate and similar to real life defensive football. But then comes someone like Cleon or Rashidi ( which i respect for the help yo
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