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  1. Okay, didn't know that, thank you for the information!
  2. Hmm okay, sounds odd to me.. But thank you very much!
  3. Okay fair enough - but what about the price money? Isn't it weird that i'm getting absolutely nothing for 1st place in the championship?
  4. Look at last season, thats what i'm talking about. My season in the Championship
  5. But i have only gotten 3 mil for the whole season in TV money.. @Nacaw
  6. Hello lads. I'm playing a save with Fulham, and got promoted in the first season as the winner of the championship. But i haven't received any price money and almost no TV-revenue. Is this a bug, or is there no price money in the Championship? And if it's a bug, how can i fix it? The new season in the Premier League is about to start, so it's not because the season hasn't ended yet.. Can anyone help me?
  7. Yeah, your suggestions made sense! I think the problem is, that all my opponents are very defensive against me, almost always 10 men in their own penalty area. And i can't seem to open them up, therefore not creating the CCC's.
  8. This is the tweaked version of the tactic: Any further suggestions? Anyway i will try some of Dimitris advices too.
  9. I have now tried out your advices in the last 3-4 games. Both the roles and instructions. But unfortunately it hasn't been any better than before. I'm having 60% possession and like 15 corner kicks every match. But scores less than 1 goal per match in average. I'm having 0-1 CCC per match and in average 1.5 half chances per match, so I'm not creating big chances at all.. I'm starting to think that FM 20 just isn't my game, because literally nothing is working for me. In all my saves with different teams and different tactics, i can't score goals, no matter what i do...
  10. Thank you guys! @Experienced Defender and @DimitrisLar! Will try some of your advices and report back! Atm i'm first in the league with 6 wins and 1 draw, so its going pretty well, only conceded 1 goal. But most of my games is a 1-0 win, so i will maybe run into troubles and try your advices!
  11. Hello lads. I'm currently playing as Hamburg, and i'm still in the pre season. But my first couple of matches didn't go as i expected/hoped. I'm struggling in creating space and chances, as my opponents have taken a very compact and defensive gameplan. As i'm one of the top sides in the 2 Bundesliga, i expect the same things to happen in the league, and i therefore need your advices. As one of the better sides in the league, i intend to play possession football with a lot of movement from my attacking players in a 4-2-3-1 which fits my squad best. But in my friendlies i have struggled to break down my defensive opponents. I have tried making my IW(A) an IF(A) instead, but doesn't seem to help. I have also tried playing a higher tempo, which hasn't helped either. In the last game i even conceded 2 goals from open play against a lower league side. So: What am i doing wrong? What can i chance in my tactic, any advices?? Mt PI's: Im using a split press, where i have ''close down more'' on my front 4. I have tried adding ''roam from position to my front 4 as well, but doesn't seem to have the desired effect. My tactic:
  12. Thank you for the advices, will definitely take a look at them!
  13. Hello guys! I need a good left wing or right wing for Stuttgart first season. Budget only 4,5 million. Any suggestions?
  14. Thank you for the advices mate! I ended up 3rd, just missing the automatic promotion on goal difference to Fulham, and then lost in the last minute of the playoff final. Very frustrating. Should have tried Watkins on the left, looked like it worked pretty well for you. And i scored a lot of goals from corners too, Pinnock scored 12 in the league and Jansson 6 i think. But great advices, and good luck in the Prem mate!
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