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  1. Great pictures, how do you source these pictures?
  2. Hi, I have found an issue where the goalkeeper on either team will roll it straight out to the opposition and they will proceed to tap into the open net. This has happened three times and i've only played 6 games
  3. Just won the league with Gateshead, amassing a total of 111 points. Luke Armstrong scored 39 goals in 46 games. Managed to sign him for 6k in January. Luke Molyneux (On Loan from Sunderland) got 17 goals and 21 assists in 48 games. Jordan Williams (On Loan from Rochdale) got 13 goals and 14 assists in 44 games Greg Olley scored 10 goals and 16 assists in 51 games
  4. I am currently gateshead, Luke Armstrong has 14 goals in 14 games he's on loan from Middlesbrough could be a good permanent player. Luke Molyneux is an assist king and will player a lot higher, has 12 assists in 14 games.
  5. Not sure if this is in the right forum but is there a way of removing the training schedule from the processing bar between days?
  6. I had him for my Crewe team on loan first season. Scored 36 goals in 44 games! Definitely in the game
  7. Corey Whitley from Dag & Red has been phenomenal for my crewe team. Player of the year two years in a rows 15+ goals and assists first two seasons. He then got 23 goals in league one all from Right wing.
  8. I am using this skin, love it. My only issue is when I'm playing a game I can't get the stadium to show up on the pitch options. I have the 2d picture view in the background. If I click any other tab along the side like updates of other games going on the stadium shows up. How do I get the stadium picture on there?
  9. Hi, Sorry if this has already been posted but I can't seem to find on preferences how to turn off generated faces for reg gens and my manager. I find them laughable to think they're used and look truly awful, how can I disable them?
  10. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a database where all players are unattached? There was one before on a previous FM.
  11. Is it possible for a player to like you once he has decided to dislike you? I have Donnarumma in goal for my West Brom team. I'm in 2018 and his contract runs out in 2019, he will not sign a new contract as he stated he is unwilling as he dislikes me. I have praised his recent form, his training and his conduct but he still dislikes me. Is it possible for him to change his mind? Any advice?
  12. Maybe Wrexham, they have a nice stadium and biggish fan base with potential, were once upon a time the biggest club in Wales.
  13. I loaned Jason Williams a striker from Southend for my Barrow team and he scored me 30 league goals in the first season, including 6 in one game.
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