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  1. Just reading an article on Saido Berahino and was wondering if anyone has brought him in from the cold (Zulte Waregem) to see if he can crack it again. Not sure what his stats are currently like but will check after work.
  2. Was great for me! Had to sell him to Ipswich on the cheap as he was going too leave on a free in the summer.
  3. Anyone managing in league two or League one need a consistent leader/man mountain this is your guy. Make him captain immediately, sorts out any issues out I have when players start moaning.
  4. Here is Leon Maloney, always delivered for me when playing and is a great impact sub in League one. Well worth the small fee I paid at the start.
  5. Think he must have been injured on mine as he hasn't developed at all, here he is on mine two years older and nowhere that level.
  6. First of all love the skin. I do not use the df11 facepacks so the current player faces are far too big can anyone advise me as to where I change the coding to make the pictures slightly smaller? How do I remove the frame of the DF11 pics too?
  7. Looks a great find, gutted I didn't find him before I started my Wrexham save, he's at Vitoria on mine, played over 20 games in their top division.
  8. Is it me or are all Boltons youngsters overrated, nearly all their youth team in my save are at least league two level. Is this because they were all playing for the first team when they had no players at the start of the season?
  9. Leon Maloney I got for my Wrexham team at the start of the first season for 14k (in installments) from Portsmouth. He's RW and has the potential to be a championship winger and on arrival was a leading player in the national league. He was even in the dream starting 11 in the season preview. I signed Thomas Oualembo who has been mentioned on a previous post and can confirm he's amazing, scored 20 the first season in an average team but my second season when I was promoted he scored 40 goals in 46 games. He will not sign a contract and wants to leave but nobody has met his release clause of 1.9million even though theres 20 odd clubs after him.
  10. Signed this guy for Lincoln from Porto for £1.1m I'm in my fifth season, so he's only 16 at the start of the game. Not sure id his stats are random but he has developed into a really good striker with plenty of further development. Signed this lad for my Everton team after I left Lincoln, only 16 at the start of the game at Anderlecht, would be worth keeping an eye on all your saves.
  11. Recommend you take a look at Malik Batmaz, I bought him from Karlsruhe for 300k. He plays as a striker but as all the attributes to be trained as an attacking midfielder. Before I left Lincoln to take the Everton job I rejected an offer of 3.5 million from Norwich, only 19 at the start of the game so plenty of potential.
  12. Not sure where to look but is this applicable to this years FM? I play only commentary and would like stadium backgrounds during match day? Also - is there a way of changing the changing room image to a real life changing room image?
  13. I'm in my third season and Ronan Darcy has signed for Newcastle in the premier league so that on the face of it is a cracking signing. I am currently Lincoln in League One sitting in second in January. I recommend to everyone Malik Batmaz a striker playing for Karlsruher in Germany, got him for 200k and is banging them in. Top of the training charts every month and is now being linked with top championship clubs and PSG of all clubs?! P.S - Does anyone know how to screenshot on a Mac? I would like to post a few images of players I have come across
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