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  1. - Playing as Forest Green, took in Callum Wright on loan at start of 21/22 season - Purchased player outright during January transfer window, new contract included clause increasing salary after 25 league games played - Save game attached on 22 Jan 22, post transfer but before triggering clause Steps to Reproduce - I have uploaded a save game called "Callum Wright K issue.fm" - Save game will load on the 22 of January 2020 - Observe Callum Wright's contract entered into on 06Jan22 with clause increasing salary after 25 league games played - Play Callum Wright
  2. I have also experienced this issue: - Playing as Forest Green, Odin Baily was on loan at start. I did not check what he had been promised (Central Attacking Mid, Shadow Striker) and was playing him as a Striker - About halfway through 20-21 season got the interaction as above, tried to "convince" choosing the option that said something like 'do you really care, I'm playing him a lot'? Coach went away but player was unhappy of my treatment of him. - From then on played him in requested position. At end of season coach dialogue came up and he recognized that since that talk I h
  3. - Playing as Forest Green, hired Antonio Murray who was playing for Grange Thistle as my Under 18s Assistant Coach, game (1) set join date at start of next transfer window and (2) included his salary as a future player salary payroll "commitment" (noticed because it put me over budget) - Save Game says too big to upload but I may have successfully uploaded it to ownCloud (hard to tell), called "bug rpt - hiring player as coach.fm" - I also uploaded Save Game to OneDrive and it is available here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqj_fRA8vJKJsAXMnfbwRz_VmqBw?e=J1uTEz - If you advance game to
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