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  1. I hope you'll do it. I'm managing FC Isle Of Man using your DB and i really enjoy my career
  2. @davie77 Do you created two Uzbek teams, Olimpic and Neftgazmontaj from scratch? i can't find them in FM database. Are them any team that changed his name in this season?
  3. @davie77 Mate now i have the correct informations about Uzbekistan new leagues format: SUPER LEAGUE - FIRST DIVISION -14 teams - 28 games - 3 asian cups spot: League champion qualificated to AFC Champions League group stage 2nd placed qualificated to AFC Cup group stage 3th place AFC Cup playoffs - 13th & 14th placed relegated in Pro League -12th placed do relegation playoffs against Pro League 3th placed PRO LEAGUE OR PRO LIGA - SECOND DIVISION - 10 teams - 26 games. After 18 games the table is divided into two parts: 1-5th placed play the promotion playoffs with 8 matches four home and four away. 6-10th placed play relegation playoff with 8 matches four home and four away - 1st and 2nd placed promoted to Super League - 3th placed play playoff against 12th placed in Super League - 10th placed rlegated in Birinchi Liga, third Division - 9th placed play playoff against 2nd placed in Birinchi Liga, third division BIRINCHI LIGA - THIRD DIVISION - 12 teams - 24 games - League winner promoted in Pro Liga or Pro League - 2nd placed play playoffs against 9th placed in Pro Liga or Pro League
  4. @davie77 Uzbekistan Premier League called Super League still remain with 14 teams and have the same format with one sure relegation or two relegations if 13th lose the playoff: 14th placed is relegated and 13th placed if lose the playoff against second placed in Pro Liga. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Uzbekistan_Super_League So i assume that promotions for Pro Liga, the second division, are one sure promotion or two based on the result of the playoff: the team took the first place is promoted directly and second placed if win the playoff against 13th placed in Super League I don't know where to find information about second division relegations and third division promotions. Football federation website don't mention anything about the rules and i don't understand russian or uzbek There is another update that regards national cups. According to the Instagram football federation account, the Uzbekistan cup in your file become the only national cup except the super cup and change her format in one with the group stage mixed between teams of Super League, second and third division. The other cup, previous League Cup with group stage format was eliminated
  5. @davie77 there are some changes to do in your Uzbekistan file about the format 2nd division have 10 teams not 8: Third division now, according to the Uzbekistan footbal federation website, have a new format formed by one league of 12 teams Here the Uzbekistan football federation if you want a closer look https://pfl.uz/uzb/tournaments/tournament/1-liga
  6. Can i continue with my save or i have to start new one?
  7. I''ll try it immediately. It works for home and away games?
  8. @Ozturk58 i sent you a PM with my save file. DId you received it?
  9. @Ozturk58 If i give you my save for testing your tactics, can you create some tactics that can works with weak teams of lower leagues?
  10. @lionel messi i'm at the end of the first season with Isle Of Man. Are there relevant changes in the new update to restart from the beginning for the second time my save or i can continue with it?
  11. Unfortunately not. Are the only ones i can found
  12. I don't know if they are in the pack but i would ask two stadium: The Bowl - FC Isle Of Man Sportpark Lindenberg - Weimar
  13. NOFV-Oberliga Nord and NOFV-Oberliga Sud trophy Regionalliga Nordost trophy
  14. @lionel messi North West Counties League Division One North and South have both 4 promotion spot. In your DB only the first classified get the promotion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–21_North_West_Counties_Football_League
  15. No background competition for NOFV Oberliga Sud, NOFV Oberliga Nord, Regionalliga Nordost. Please add them
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