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  1. @Mr.Robot MAD KASHMIR or RUN LIKE HELL all worked well with Rangers if you have an wlite team that can dominate league.
  2. @aj2kuk At the moment it does not look like the IR will be available without the mod on FMT..
  3. @Bossyboss Still top team so just sort docs. The top tactics are still strikerless but can use the Lpool resulys so P111 is still god for top team.
  4. If xbox version is the new FMT version for PC, why is the xbox version being provided free with the full fat PC version.. Many prefer FMT but play the full fat for challanges such as Dafuge.
  5. @Mr.Robot If Elite then RANGERS Tactics that are found by sorting for highest goals scored.. Off hand the only narrow tactic would be SPIRIT IN THE SKY with 3arb. Otherwise AC Milan tactic or a narrow 4231
  6. @DmitriyGromov If you have an elite squad, then the Rangers tactics. If you use a Salah type player as a striker, you should get close with most tactics, but the higher scoring tactics are best bet.
  7. FM 21 TACTICS GOOGLE DOCS https://bit.ly/knap2021 YT Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILCgjDOjzTjS2OjaTpwxJg Tactic table available from Baden Powell FM HUB DISCORD Just ask for an invite Weighted attributes Pdf Attribute_Weights.pdf.pdf35.17 kB · 59 downloads Filters from The Prof filters_110854 (1).zip182.39 kB · 25 downloads TEST RESULTS You can use results in a few ways. Top covers say top 5 Clubs in Division Mid the next 7 and then under dog. Just use totals as an all round tactic. Use best top at home and best underdog away or difficult games. You can mix and match with your preferred formations. It is just a guide to help identify right tactic. AWAY GAMES SUS With regard to Away games it depends upon your own risk factor. I am gung ho and prefer to attack and perhaps win 1 game in 3. If isk adverse then use a defensive tactic and perhaps draw all 3 games. As a defensive formation I would use 4141 as it has a DM and protects wings, and KINGSTONIAN 4141 would be my choice. I use 3 DLs std higher much higher. If AI are going for balls over top then std but if AI attacking you can leave at higher ormuch higher. The LOE can be adjusted with or without DL adjustments. The simple answer is just drop LOE.. I use Cautious positive and attacking mentalities. For a SUS these are ideas to use. Use 4141 formation Remove pass into space Stop WB runs by go ing to defend or no nonsense FB Use Defend on DM or most defensive MC Change mentality Positive/cautious Add Time wasting Change from counter press and counter and full SUS would be to regroup and hold shape I tend to judge what to use by how the game is progressing as you may just to want to control game rather than a full SU SHOUTS FROM CADON Calm Down (win by 1 goal diff) - Praise (win by 2 goal diff) - Berate (loss by 2 goal diff) - Demand More (loss by 1 goal diff or draw) TRAINING (39) THE ONLY Training Schedules YOU will need for Football Manager 2021 - YouTube MARTINHO Guide to set up for Clubs especially Newcastle ROBER GUIDE TO CLUB SET UP New_Game_2 (1).pdf 322.53 kB · 27 downloads
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