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  1. @knap have you tried using a Shadow Striker in place of one of the strikers in your 442 tactics? I'd imagine that would be the most effective 4411 AMC role as it mirrors a pressure forward in many ways?
  2. The issue I see with this approach is the match engine is never set in stone. It changes 2-3 times per FM edition and these changes radically shift the balance from playing wide, to narrow, and different shifts in striker combinations etc. So if pressure forwards are not working in a particular edition and I demonstrated 5-10 saves where Vardy was ineffective - he gets a boost, then SI changes the match engine - and he becomes unstoppable. It's a really difficult science to perfect using that particular method. If the match engine was more stable I would agree that its definitely the way to go.
  3. So is it better that I post how these players have performed in my saves as opposed to pure their ratings?
  4. He created the most chances in europe in his first season, that should mean something - is he consistent? no, does he go missing in games yes but so did the whole squad under puel and there is a consistency rating in game.
  5. Fair rebuttal - I think the fact there's a new rating system largely puts to bed any debate from me as I will have to wait and see what that is and how we stack up against the rest - still find Maguire's aerial ability a bit of a concern compared to others though.
  6. @tomlcfc Onto Maddison: https://www.90min.com/posts/6345618-gary-neville-compares-james-maddison-to-eden-hazard-after-impressive-season-at-leicester-city http://www.sportbible.com/football/news-james-maddison-holds-a-very-impressive-stat-in-his-first-season-20190227 https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/international/england-squad-2019-james-maddison-leicester-city-gareth-southgate-messi-hazard-a8824231.html All of the above articles reference the fact Maddison per official stats created the most chances of any player in EUROPE'S BIG 5 LEAGUES Yet here is his "creative" attributes in FM: Maddison: 16 pass, 14 dribbling, 15 technique, 16 free kicks, 14 vision (!), 16 flair, 13 decisions, Whoscored had maddison's average rating at 7.20, Other Creative Players in the Prem: Christian Erickson: 17p, 14d, 17t, 17fk, 16v, 13f, 17d (also underrated imo) - 7.08avr - 179CA Dele Alli: 15p, 16d, 16t, 10fk, 15v, 17f, 13d - 6.95avr - 164CA Jonjo Shelvey: 17p, 13d, 15t, 14fk, 18v, 13f, 14d - 6.80 - 135CA Juan Mata: 17p, 13d, 15t, 14fk, 18v, 13f, 14d - 6.70avr - 151CA Granit Xhaka: 19p, 12d, 17t, 12fk, 17v, 12f, 13d - 7.03avr - 146CA Comparing to that list alone - let alone me going into further statistics, whoscored ratings, transfermarkt valuation and big 6 club interest - Maddison should be much higher across the board My suggestion would be: Passing +1 to 17 Dribbling +1 to 15 Technique +2 to 17 Free Kicks +1 to 17 Vision +2 to 16 Decisions +1 to 14 Maddison is also a very quick and nimble in a phone booth type player yet you have him at 13 acc, 15 agility and 15 balance. +1 to all of those would be more appropriate based on all of my viewing but at least +1 to acc. CA 141 to 152 PA 160 to 165 Maddison has only had 1 year in the prem so I would understand your hesitancy to follow through on such a huge jump to his CA - If you were to see it through to around 148 I probably wouldn't argue with it but he is criminally low at the moment - 3 points higher than Grealish who plays in the championship.
  7. Really appreciate you getting back to me @tomlcfc and appreciate the hard work you put into this great game - however, I strongly disagree with the approach of just basing your ratings on what you see on the pitch. Interest from other clubs, pundit acclaim, rating websites such as Whoscored.com and your fellow researcher's ratings of similar players should offer additional insight into a players CA/PA and attributes. Reading tabloids while I agree is a bit ludicrous - the wide spread reporting of Man City and United's interest in Maguire would seem to suggest (where there's this much smoke there has to be some fire) that they are interested - as the Man City researcher said - compared to his english national team counterparts he is quite underrated. I think you've hit the nail on the head in your description of Maguire's weaknesses yet rate him a 15 in positioning and 14 in teamwork suggesting he positions himself very well? In reality, he gets out of position up the pitch and doesn't have the speed to make up the ground. I'll concede I was a little bit ambitious suggesting he needs a speed boost. But he simply is a better overall player than you have him sat at the moment. For his skill on the ball: (technique, dribbling, first touch) Joe Gomez has 14 technique, 14 dribbling and 15 first touch Vertonghan 15, 13, 15 Laporte 15, 12, 14 Kompany 14, 12, 14 Lovren 13, 11, 14 Johnny Evans is 14, 10, 15 Maguire sits at 13, 14, 12 which to me seems low here - I would say 13-14-14 would be more accurate when comparing the above. Currently at 12, his first touch is the same as Sean Morrison (?), Mangala and Christian Kabasele and lower than the likes of Matthias Jorgenson and Phil Jones. For his aerial ability: (Heading, Jumping Reach, Strength) - aerials won per game in prem Filip Benkovic has 18 heading, 18 jumping reach, 14 str - NA Sebastian Prodl 18 15 17 - NA Jannick Vestergaard 15 19 18 - 3.7 (23 games) Kevin Long 17 16 17 - 3.3 (5 games) Willy Boly 17 17 17 - 3.8 (36 games) Harry Maguire - who dominated the world cup with 5.9 per game, and then had a solid premier league season with 3.8 - has 17 heading, 15 jumping reach (@ 194 cm) and 17 strength... Physical/Aerial presence you would surely agree is a strength of the lads... it just isnt reflected as such in game. Not asking for huge shifts here either - I think 18 heading and 17 jumping reach is fair, maybe 16 jumping reach if you really want to be harsh but strength should arguably be 18 in that case as you would seemingly be making the argument that he uses his body to out muscle players to the spot of the ball. Finally - your opinion that "you really dont think hes that great" is fine, everyone is entitled to one. But... 1.Pretty much every tabloid in the land reported on manchester united's interest in Maguire last winter and Man City has been reported to like him this offseason to replace Kompany, again widely reported by nearly every journalist that covers the prem. 2. WhoScored.com had his rating for the season a 7.01, a 7.22 in the world cup - Laporte whom plays the left Cb role for Man City had a 7.05 but has a CA of 161, yes a different type of player but a 14 point CA diff is a bit much. 3. TransferMarkt rates him the same value (45m euros) as Rudiger (151ca), De Vrij (157ca) and Manolas (161ca). 4. If Man City bought him - he would shoot up to 155+ instantly to reflect his ability with the other CBs in their squad. I'm not suggesting something this high for him but it just needs to be a factor in where you rate him for the game to be accurately reflected. Leicester is swatting interest from big english clubs in real life and therefore should also be in game - for that to be a reality you need to adjust his ratings to reflect this ability that real scouts for some of the biggest clubs seem to beleive he has. 5. Comparing him to current english national team Maguire: 147CA, Stones 158CA, Joe Gomez 149CA. Overall changes to Harry Maguire: First Touch 12 to 14 Jumping Reach 15 to 17 Heading 17 to 18 Concentration 12 to 13 (12 seems low to me for an intl capped starting premier league CB, slight upgrade to 13 as I anticipate you coming back and saying his lack of concentration has lead to goals, true and 13 is still low for the prem.) Positioning 15 to 14 CA 147 to 151 PA 153 to 157 to reflect your own thoughts (which I agree with) that he has about 6 points of growth in him.
  8. Agree with your rationale for your changes I just think you're being a little heavy handed. If you halved the adjustments I think you'd be about right
  9. Feel like Leicester's key core of young players: Maguire, Ndidi, Chilwell and Maddison need a look I'd of thought they'd be of a slightly higher CA given interest from the likes of the big 6 clubs. It bothers me that players tend to only get upgrades after their big moves to the bigger clubs. Maguire at CA147, PA153 despite interest from City and United seems off to me - would've thought he'd be somewhere around the CA155, PA160 level to better reflect his abilities and transfer value. Aerial ability is the area he definitely lacks in in-game ratings with 17 heading and 15 jumping reach being just slightly above most other centre backs in the prem despite it being a noticeable strength of his seems off to me. Dribbling and first touch should both be 13 or 14 for me too and wouldn't be against a positioning drop. I think he's quicker than reflected in game as well - I'd suggest 11 for acc and agility with 13 for pace (+1 on current numbers) The others I think have the right spread of attributes just probably need a +1 to the key attributes in their respective roles. Maddison finished the season playing out on the left more too and had previous slotted in as a MC rather than an AMC so those positions should be added.
  10. yep running a couple - why do they ruin the league structure?
  11. In version you gave me season 2 never starts as well - dont know if youve fixed this
  12. I think at Tier 1 NPL would be best to have everyone on contracts
  13. I dont think this will occur - best ones will move upwards (somewhat accurate) but because there is little to no scouting then there will be very little movement
  14. Im fairly confident that 99% of players who are div 4 and below are on non-contract appearance fee only deals
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