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  1. Yes you can add and remove but you must use the tool to rename all the files in folders first
  2. You can only do <30k players at a time, so please just do regens 15-17 then re run it for 18-20, then 21-23 etc
  3. Heres a couple from my current save
  4. The probability of seeing Neymar on one of your brazilian regens is 0.0067%. So the chances of seeing Neymar at all in a european save is something more like 0.0007% or once in 135 thousand regens.
  5. Fixed - download is now available again: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d6-mgoXTMA6qxAEGwSpUW3Mtoam5ye4T/view?usp=sharing
  6. I have noticed an error with the download - will be reposted in the next hour or so - apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d6-mgoXTMA6qxAEGwSpUW3Mtoam5ye4T/view?usp=sharing This tool will autonomously replace the NewGen's within your save game with faces from the sortitoutsi facepack - it will do so based on Nationality and Ethnicity. (For nations such as England, France, US and Australia where there are sometimes darker skin tones which do not have a secondary nationality indicating they should have a darker skin tone - and vice versa there will be some minor errors where the incorrect photo is allocated ~2% of the time - you can just manually update these if they are in your team or a rival team and become too obvious) It is very dependent on you following the steps below, so please follow them carefully and in order Readme - NewGen Replacement Tool *** THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON WINDOWS COMPUTERS. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. *** YOU WILL REQUIRE MICROSOFT EXCEL TO USE THIS TOOL. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MS EXCEL, THIS WILL NOT WORK, THERE ARE NO WORK AROUNDS. *** THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH ONE SAVE AT A TIME, IF YOU WISH TO USE IT FOR MORE THAN ONE SAVE, PLEASE CREATE FOLDERS OUTSIDE OF YOUR FM20 FOLDER FOR EACH OF YOUR SAVE GAMES AND COPY & PASTE THE CORRESPONDING REGEN REPLACEMENT FOLDER TO THIS FOLDER. WHEN LOADING THAT SAVE, PLEASE CUT THE FOLDER BACK INTO YOUR GRAPHICS FOLDER, ENSURING YOU HAVE MOVED THE CURRENT FOLDER OUT TO A SAVE GAME FOLDER. 1. Install the free version of GenieScout: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm-genie-scout-20.html - If you have an older version of FM, please install the relevant version for your year 2. Install fmXML: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmXML-for-windows.html 3. Download NewGen Replacement Tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d6-mgoXTMA6qxAEGwSpUW3Mtoam5ye4T/view?usp=sharing 4. Unzip the zip file into your FM Graphics folder (where you place any other facepacks, kits, icons etc.) 5. Move the "Genie's.glf" file to your GenieScout layouts folder (C:\FM Genie Scout 20\Layouts\) replace the current one 6. Open Football Manager and enter your save 7. Open GenieScout and load the game 8. The fields visible should be "Name", "Nation", "Unique ID" 9. Filter for Regens using the Player Filter tool 10.Extract the list as a CSV 11.If you have added faces to the folders provided, please open "Samaroy's Rename Replacement Images.xlsm" and run it, it will take 15 mins to complete but is required before using the Replacement Tool. 12.Open Samaroy's NewGen Replacement Tool.xlsm 13.Press "Step 1" to recreate folder limits - this step is essential if you have added photos and performed step 11. 14.Press "Step 2" to select the extracted csv you created in step 10. Selecting another file may corrupt the tool and you will need to delete the entire thing and re-unzip it 15.Press "Step 3" - this will fill your regen replacement folder with regens - the naming of this folder is crucial, if you change it, it will not work. 16.Run fmXML, select the Regen Replacement folder, select all filenames are IDs, then hit "GO!" 17.Re-enter Football Manager, clear cache, reload skin - done When updating this for a new batch of NewGens - repeat steps 6 to 17.
  8. @knap have you tried using a Shadow Striker in place of one of the strikers in your 442 tactics? I'd imagine that would be the most effective 4411 AMC role as it mirrors a pressure forward in many ways?
  9. yep running a couple - why do they ruin the league structure?
  10. In version you gave me season 2 never starts as well - dont know if youve fixed this
  11. I think at Tier 1 NPL would be best to have everyone on contracts
  12. I dont think this will occur - best ones will move upwards (somewhat accurate) but because there is little to no scouting then there will be very little movement
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