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  1. yep running a couple - why do they ruin the league structure?
  2. In version you gave me season 2 never starts as well - dont know if youve fixed this
  3. I think at Tier 1 NPL would be best to have everyone on contracts
  4. I dont think this will occur - best ones will move upwards (somewhat accurate) but because there is little to no scouting then there will be very little movement
  5. Okay one thing im noticing is finances need to be re done. Managing Knox City - making a 150k loss each week. Wages are the main problem here - staff usually volunteers except first team manager and best players would be on $100-250 AUD per game rather than $1k. Sponsorships for clubs such as this are usually around 10-25k per year (based off cricket clubs at similar local level). Then ramp it up from there as the levels go higher - wouldnt have an issue with you just blanket adding from tier 5 and below this wage / sponsorship structure then scale it up at tier 4 3 2 1 etc.
  6. Can't wait for this mate! Hoping it'll be done when I start my unemployed, no badges no playing experience career save on the 3rd of Jan
  7. So iv'e been thinking for a while, as have many other more senior members of the community, that the AIs development of younger players is absolutely dreadful. But there seems to be an obvious fix? It seems player development is hugely linked to playing time. But almost too much? Sure playing time is a significant factor in developing as a young player. Getting senior games is vital. But if the AI isnt built to give younger players more of a go then surely you just tweak the %s that are assigned to training ground development, tutoring development and the other more passive forms of development. Hate seeing so many young studs in the game never developed by there AI clubs meaning unless I pitch in and buy them they never seem to reach their potential.
  8. Keen to take a look under the hood at a few roles to see exactly what they're coded to do? And then potentially play around with a few I don't believe work as they should if the coding is straight forward enough.
  9. Yeah I like this - I feel like this is similar to how the club managerial system works - the ass man gets the caretaker role and sometimes gets given the role full time - although certainly not often enough for my liking Overall like the idea but I feel like this can be done via a tweak of the relationships tab and maybe an implementation of your suggestion within the coding of the game - Making a caretaker or for national teams the u21s or u23s coach automatically in the running for a vacant senior position
  10. Not sure if this is the case in real life? I feel like it is in SOME select few nations but would depend on results etc. in which case it would be reflected in the game already through relationships and confidence with FA
  11. I'm at a total loss as to why this isn't already a thing. Why is it when i do a press conference I can't just immediately recieve some feedback as to how what I just said impacted my players, the board, the fans etc. With simple numbers. Eg. Alexis Sanchez lost confidence (-30 morale, & -2 finishing, -1 decisions for next game) - Note: im not even sure this is a real effect of a press conference just merely offering an example for ease of understanding SImilarly for training - why can't you show me the numbers associated with the various training options? Eg. Training Attacking 200% in Passing, Vision, Off the Ball, FInishing, Crossing, Long Shots, 75% in everything else GIve me the relevant feedback into what the choices I am making are actually doing. I know there are guides out there that suggest what does what, but why not just incorporate in numerical values for us to see and then decide based on that? Some may argue that this is "unrealistic" and that in real life you wouldnt know exact effects - Im 95% sure that in terms of how it is coded it is simple numerical values - so tell me what those numbers are just like you tell me how good a players ability to cross the ball is with a simple number out of 20. I feel like this alone would make all the features in FM feel more important. At the moment a vast majority of players leave training, team talks, interviews etc to the Ass Man because they are either unsure how the features work and how to best handle them or they don't believe they actually have any effect whatsoever and so they don't bother wasting their time with them. By providing the community with the actual effect of each action, i'm sure everyone would spend more time on these side features and actually gain some enjoyment from dabbling into them every now and then.
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