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  1. Love this! What mentality, shape, TI/PIs will you use?
  2. ericstpeter

    Tactics Balancing

    I like this website a lot. It's very heavy but it's an encyclopedia of FM theory. https://www.guidetofm.com/
  3. I might have missed it but what is your overall mentality and shape? Standard/Flexible or?
  4. ericstpeter

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    Shrugging emoji
  5. ericstpeter

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

  6. ericstpeter

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    I've followed this post (like many) and love @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! 's stuff. I've played around with the original formation a bunch and found a new take that is really working for me. I love the Cruyff Diamond and think this really is a great representation for FM18. It very much holds the Diamond and shifts nicely from a 3-6-1 type shape in defense and transition to a 3-3-4 in attack. PIs: Everyone with the exception of the middle CD is set to "Mark Tighter" SK S = Distributes to CD Off Center CD's = Fewer Risky Passes AM A = Move Into Channels, Hold Up Ball Both IF A = Stay Wider F9 S = Roam from Position
  7. Taking a shot! Here's my take: As for PI's: GK - None CWBs - None CDs - Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter HB - Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter CAR - None AM - Mark Tighter, Fewer Risky Passes, Move Into Channels, Hold Up Ball, Mark DM CF S - Mark Tighter, Move into Channels CF A - Mark Tighter Most of the TI's/PI's are designed to create and fast counter-attack (Pass into Space, Move into channels) and a good defensive press (Close down more, Get Stuck In, Use tighter marking). AM marking the DM should help with a high press
  8. ericstpeter


    These look very cool. What TI, PI, Structure, and Mentalities do you use for these?
  9. ericstpeter


    I think it's a cool set up. Do you have any team instructions or player instructions?
  10. ericstpeter

    Marcelo Bielsa

    This is for ‘17 but still works
  11. Looks like all three fields require an answer @goqs06
  12. ericstpeter

    Tácticas del "Maestro" Tabarez

    Mi espanol no es genial, pero empezaria con also como esta ... una defensa solida con presionar a los delanteros para ganar la pelota y contadores rapidos 4-4-2 (Centrocampista derecho como centrocampista defensivo derecha) Contador/Estructuardo TI: Jugar Narrower GK = GK D RFB = FB A RCD = CD D LCD = CD D LFB = FB A RM = IW S RDM = DLP D LCM = BWM S (PI: Carrar Mas) LM = IW S RST = DF S (PI: Carrar Mas) LST = DF S (PI: Carrar Mas) Esto es solo una suposición de mi parte después de mirar un par de artículos. Creo que este sería un buen punto de partida.
  13. ericstpeter

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Love to see you back posting! The new formation is very interesting. Care to share your TI's, PI's, Mentality, and Structure?
  14. One can only hope. 🧙‍♂️