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  1. Not sure. I I’ve used customs from the beginning because I like the “instant result” button on mods.
  2. Would you mind laying all the PI’s you use again? I’m having a hard time being sure I have them right.
  3. Great thread! I’d love to see what PI’s you use. (Sorry if I missed it)
  4. I second that. I’d love to see the PI’s! Can’t wait to try the tactic.
  5. Hey guys. Looking for your input... What’s the best way to set up a low block, medium block, high block defensively? What LOE/D Line position and TI’s do you use for each?
  6. It’s love to see you tackle the same type of post for attacking instructions. I think this type of things is very informative.
  7. https://dictatethegame.com/2019/04/22/amazing-ajax/#more-15852 take a look here. It’s not really something you can replicate in this version of the game but you can get close.
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