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  1. I've noticed that in pep barca tactic xavi and iniesta roles have the instructions to man mark dml and dmr. If i face an opponent who plays without defensive midfielder, do I have to change the instructions to man mark cml and cmr ? Or leave the instructions the same?
  2. I'm trying both tactics in my Inter Milan save. I use Real Version when i'm predicted to win and Inter version in tough Champions League games and against Juve in Serie A. I'll let you know how it goes. I was also reading your klopp thread but i couldn't understand which is the final tactic cause i see two different versions attached
  3. I like this!!! I sometimes try to create filter for legend like maradona, cruyff, Ronaldo but without success. I for sure will try this filter
  4. This could be very interesting! I see a lot of guys particularly on YouTube that study the opposition report and set some Oi's that are very useful in game. But I don't know the values to look for, i'm a very beginner player and i'm trying to have a more depth experience
  5. Omg!!!! Could you share your tactic? I'm trying to recreate pep barca style but i'm really struggling in %possession and in goals scored
  6. Ok i hope you'll upload today your opening post promise interesting things
  7. me too i'm trying to replicate pep barcelona tactic but i'm really struggling. What results are you achieving with your tac?
  8. someone knows if i can find anywhere the thread of sebastian tiki taka? i rode it yesterday but i wasn't home and now that i want to download his tactics the thread just disappeared
  9. I want to try your tactics but i want to know when do I need to use the three different version? when the standard, when the offensive and when the defensive???
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