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  1. What role are you playing him in? Just curious, if you don't mind me asking.
  2. They said a few times already that the timeline isn't coming back for sure. Guess they might change their mind in the future, but doesn't seem likely. No idea about the bug, if it's been reported then I'd assume they're aware of it and will fix it when the other priority stuff is dealt with.
  3. looks awful to me in that screenshot alright, the edges of the stars are super blurry
  4. I'm Chelsea in this image. Still finding it relatively easy to restrict the AI into not being able to play the game. Kinda disappointed that this wasn't dealt with better. They still seem to be setting up extremely negative/cautious in a lot of games that I've seen considering the caliber of players they have. This is with all my own tactics/instructions, no exploits. Surely Spurs should be at least able to manage a shot of any kind after 3 corners, 86% passes completed and 45% possession?
  5. set him to man mark a centreback and he'll probably just sit beside them when their teams in possession? I haven't tried this, just assuming
  6. How long does it take for you to create the tactics? How do you know when you want someone to shoot more/less or stay wider? I can only assume you're watching full matches to analyse what needs to be done, and that it takes a pretty decent amount of time. you're specifically looking for ways to make the game broken, as you've said. I don't see that the average person will really struggle with too many goals from their strikers ruining realism because the majority of people aren't touching PI's. The only way this would ever become a mainstream problem for SI is if you can pick from
  7. I'm really enjoying the match engine in this edition so far, particularly the pass/cross interceptions. I see a lot of players cutting off passing lanes now, and rather than the pass just going directly through them like it would in previous editions they'll actually block it. It's definitely much more noticeable in this than previous editions. Removes all the annoying low cross spammed goals from fm20
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