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  1. Hi guys, as the title says, Football manager 20 is part of the humble fight for racial injustice bundle. It is $30US and you get a load of games and books. Some of the games have been on previous humble bundles, but quite honestly there are so many games there (including surviving mars, eastside hockey manager, this war of mine, bioshock remastered, nba 2k20etc) that even for a few repeats, it is a pretty good deal. Well, better than the last few humble choices anyway! ;) https://www.humblebundle.com/fight-for-racial-justice-bundle?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_fightforjustice_bundle
  2. quick note @Jack722: you mention Sabitzer twice when discussing overlaps "Across all formations we have: Players dropping deep with other rushing past them 442: Poulsen being overlapped by Werner and Sabitzer, Kampl and sabitzer" Another interesting read! I like the idea of having multiple formations based on the opposition, but I am not personally a fan of 3 at the back. If I was to bring this to my team somehow I might move the CB to DM. Maybe you would be interested in this thread from a few years ago: Ignore the American football name, he has an interesting take on how he approaches games.
  3. I remember there was one version of FM where crashing was a 'feature' where you had to save every week or risk losing everything frequently, was that the 2012 one?
  4. Hi @zyfon5, I am not entirely sure that is what he meant. Have a look at: where Hunt3r says: "Tempo is purely a setting for when you have possession as it controls how long a player takes before making a decision with the ball, whether to run, shoot, pass etc." So I read this as I wont affect the forwardness of the pass just the speed (forward passing would be passing directness). However, by having a higher tempo it would mean they move the ball around quicker, allowing a player (say a DLP) to find an open man (say a raumdeuter) easier if a switch is to happen as the defense hasn't had time to react.. Apologies if I have misunderstood what you were saying. @Chip I think a big factor in deciding tempo is what is the opposition doing. If they are closing you down quickly, especially the defenders, then a low tempo could mean they get caught on the ball easily and then losing it. In that case, increasing the tempo might help. If you find the opposition is giving you lots of time and they are sitting deep, then a lower tempo will give you a chance to hold onto the ball and make better decisions. That is my take on it anyway.
  5. fair enough @CounterSurge I misunderstood your post! could you do something with the TM? I mean try to move him to the wings and try to bully a FB, the BBM run past him and the FB on the same side as the TM hug the line (even if the FBs aren't very good, they can take a man with them, or find themselves in space to make a cross to somewhere...). Then have the CM on the other side as an out ball so that a switch of play can happen.
  6. the things that stand out to me for a poor team @CounterSurge are your full backs and the BWM. I wonder if your fullbacks are too attacking for a poor team. I would bring them back to at least FB SUP, maybe even DEF to keep them closer in line with the CBs. Also the BWM is going to run around and leave his position to get the ball, perhaps leaving a hole which I guess you don't want if you are defending deep and hitting them on the counter, Perhaps consider an Anchorman or a DLP DEF.
  7. I would echo some of what @zyfon5 has said in terms of defining how you want to play. There are a lot of TIs there, perhaps consider erasing all of them and see if they are really needed by watching some games. In terms of roles and duties, most seem logical to me, but I wonder if the BBM is a bit too aggressive. In a 4-2-3-1 you generally want the CBs and CMs to stay back and cover, especially if you are looking for the FBs to get forward and provide the width. Maybe consider a CM Sup or something like that. Although now that I look at it a bit more closely, you are focusing play down both wings but have an AP in the centre, which might be a bity odd. The playmaker role is a ball magnet role, but you are asking the team to not focus play to the ball magnet role.
  8. Great guide @llama3! If you intend to update this in the future, maybe a suggestion is to look at how different areas can combine with each other. I know you have looked at this in 'wide partnerships' and 'building a team', but I wonder if adding the same great analysis that you have in the wide partnerships to other areas would really help us, eg:: Wide midfielder + central midfielder central midfielder + forward forward + wide midfielder Full backs + central midfield etc Anyway, thanks again for the guide.
  9. One idea is to just give up on having real players and simulate 20 years into the future and take over then. That would help reduce the annoyance of seeing people who have retired or at a different team than now, or not seeing somebody you want to see as they don't exist in the database yet. You could just role play some scenario that sees you somehow jump into the future, or maybe you are the current superstar from Australia who has scored 23 goals from 78 matches and is just about to retire and is ready to take their skills into management!
  10. @Jack722 It seems you are doing well in terms of identifying problems (something I have struggled with!). let's see how your changes go. Would it be worth going through them one by one and trying to fix them rather than all at the same time? I mean then you can see what affects your decisions make. For example: you could focus on Hazard first (as he is the key player) and see if you can get him right and then move onto Higuain. I think Cleon used to be big on making one change and seeing what happens (or Rashidi, sorry memory is a little fuzzy here). I mean the aim of this save seems to be get the tactic right, then maybe you can start a real save using it later.
  11. I was thinking about how to apply this yesterday for my Liverpool save on FM19. I came up with a lot of similarities to yours @Jack722 but I notice some big differences (mostly in midfield). I am using the same formation (4-3-3). Up top, I am obviously trying to use Firmino (CF), Mane (LW) and Salah (RW). I have the same roles for CF and LW (DLFs and Ifs) but I am considering whether to put RW on IFa or Raumdeuter. I will experiment with this and see what happens. Now I think about it, I wonder what would happen if I play Salah as another forward, such as an AF or a poacher and leave the RW empty. Might that allow for more penetration and give more space for the RCM and RFB? In midfield, I wondered whether to have an AP on the left side of CM. This would allow an overload on the left and give a chance for a through ball to Salah. I have no idea whether to make this an APa or Aps but again I can experiment. I guess another option is to have a non-playmaker role here with changes to their PPMs to encourage the through ball, but as you state have a playmaker here would encourage the ball to this side (a ball magnet). I guess I want to avoid the ‘exploit the left flank’ at the moment to allow for versatility. Lallana might be the best option here. On the right side of CM, I am a little torn here. My thoughts are either go with a BBM to try and have an overloading run, or keep things much simpler and have something like a CMs as a second out ball and for extra protection. Both Keita and Wijnaldum would be suitable for this (actually Henderson too). I have kept your idea of a DLPd, but I might experiment with a DLPs just to see what it offers here. This would be Henderson's position. I wonder if the DLP could be moved from DM to CM, again it will be worth experimenting with. In CD I have the same as you, but I am also thinking about the FB position. Liverpool’s FB have ‘get further forward’ so I think maybe just have WBs here. I am less worried about crowding the LW so this can add to the overload on the left (and possibly to a cutback from Robinson to Salah) and Alexander-Arnold can be the width on the right (but I can’t remember if he has the 'cuts inside' ppm). My thinking is then I would have: Overload Through ball Switch of play Third man combination Possibly an overloading run I am not sure if I am attempting too much here, but I am quite excited about the role of Firmino here, basically where he goes can run what the team does. If he goes to the left side, then the team can look for an overload, through ball or switch of play (the slow approach). If Firmino goes right then the team can look for a combination play and release Salah quickly (the fast approach). If Firmino stays central then either it can start an overloading run (if I decide to use that) or the team can use Firmino’s intelligence and he can choose to either slow down the play and go left or play the ball back deep, or go fast and release Salah or keep going himself. I am still working on team instructions! 😉 For your team Jack, do you think that having Hazard on a playmaker role might be beneficial as it will get him the ball more? Also, how would you change things if certain people are not available? I mean if Pedro is out, then Willian may not be able to do the same thing (He might be ok for a Hazard replacement). Would you look to another player and just keep things as they are? For Liverpool, if Firmino is out, then I have to think a bit. I am not sure Origi can play that role, so either I have to consider other players (Lallana or Shaqiri maybe) or look to change the role. Like you said, this does allow for more interesting player development, it gives a clear identity to what I want people to do. It does give me a quandary though when I can see a person fulfilling multiple roles, I guess I need to lay off the PPMs for them! Also, does anybody have ideas for other 'attacking patterns' we could consider?
  12. 13th isn't bad! what were you predicted at the start of the season? Mid-table safety is a nice start and you can build on it from there.
  13. HI @TheBigBoss, I am no tactical expert but what it seems you are doing is using the same tactic from the championship in the premier league. The problem with that is in the championship, you were obviously one off the top teams and could dictate play, basically go 'at' the opposition. In the premier league, you are likely very much an underdog just trying to survive the first year. So, in real life, how would you expect a newly promoted team to play? How would they attempt to stop stronger teams from scoring and nick a goal themselves?
  14. maybe I understand: he is set to join Manchester city on 22/05/2034 and the current date is 13 June 2033, So he wants to join Manchester city now?
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