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  1. For me, the selling point is when their wage demands get too high. even for a big club, I cant force myself to give 200,000 euros a week on salary. I would never sell a future star at 19 unless they were demanding it or I had mismanaged the finances somehow. Even if I had mismanaged the finances, i would try to find another way to make money. I don't enjoy contract negotiation time! I tend to lose half my Liverpool team!
  2. Maybe I am over thinking this, but could the bad rating be due to unhappiness over the contract? Once he gets a new contract, morale may pick up and so will his ratings? Just a thought
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I was going to set this up for myself to see, then realized I have FM21 on gamepass and FM20 on Epic therefore no editor...... doh!
  4. Hi guys, a quick question: Has anybody played around with the editor and put a club into massive debt (like 1.4 billion euros)? If yes, what was your experience? Did the club just pay it off or was it a cool challenge? I am interesting in making a Barcelona challenge for myself! Edit: changed million to billion. oops!
  5. off the ball, technique, and maybe work rate, crossing or finishing?
  6. hi @stopazricky, consider this: After making some changes to the roles and duties, dont advance the game. Create a new save game just before a match, call it "tactics play around" or something similar, and repeatedly play the same match. First time - remove all TIs and watch the game in full and see what happens. Then replay the match and only add 1 TI if there is something you see that needs to be changed. Watch the match on full again and then replay again with only one more TI. Rinse and repeat. Maybe that can help identify what TIs are really needed.
  7. Sorry, I mean when you watch the game, do the changes give you a better attack? basically, are you happy or still see a problem?
  8. is it more to your liking in terms of what you see on the pitch?
  9. The thing that stands out to me (basically adding to what zabyl is saying) is that all the defenders are on defend duty, the midfielders (including wingbacks and inside forwards) are all on support and the forward is on attack. Perhaps consider more variation. Like zabyl says, perhaps change 1 inside forward to attack, and the wingback (not on the same side as the attacking inside forward) also on attack. Possibly also consider changing the centre mids to something more penetrative, like having the DLP on def to add defensive support, and the other midfielder on cm attack to get forward mor
  10. but wouldn't buying an unlockable suggest that the bank balance wouldn't be negatively affected by this? I mean otherwise it is not really a benefit here to purchasing an unlockable.
  11. @francyfaraci Mine is working fine on game pass. Perhaps just try reinstalling it.
  12. Well, I didn't know this was on xbox game pass! Downloading now and I will respond once it is complete.
  13. wow, interesting situation! sorry, i cant help here but i am interested in the answer!
  14. it does make for an interesting save: make Messi's contract huge and Barcelona's debt at more than 1bn! Bring Barcelona back from the brink and make the team in your image. might be worth a play with the editor.
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