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  1. Gamepass is a very good deal if you intend to play lots of games. There are often discounts for the first 1 or 3 months (like 1$) so it is worth it to test it out. However, if the only game you want to play is FM, then just go through steam.
  2. Hi, so there is no editor on gamepass, but you can download anything and use it, eg: tactics, skins etc. I do not know for the beta, sorry.
  3. On previous versions of the game, some skins had a way of showing the opposition roles, plus other details about the opposition too. Not sure if any skins do this on FM21.
  4. Awesome! For me: being able to identify what is going wrong. I tend to be one of those people that ends up thinking this is not going right, and changing so many things in desperation that it becomes a mess! Can't wait for this project! NOTE: what does this mean? None real life example
  5. Possible meaning: "How are Pogba's ppms determined? Pogba has the ability to do quarter turns (see video below, i had to look it up!) and I would like to see this added to the game. Maybe give him a 25% chance of doing this. I hope it can be added to the next version of the game." But I am not entirely sure on this.
  6. Maybe "plays one twos" ? Or consider just leaving him as he is, you dont have to use lots of traits.
  7. Hi, I am not expert, but a few things stand out to me. There are a lot of support duties here. My initial thoughts are to change one fb to attack, the opposite winger to attack and one cm to attack. Consider an IF instead of a winger on 1 side for another goal threat (maybe the attacking side). Maybe also think about changing TM to support (is a tm a good role for gegenpress?) Also I am not sure how well balanced works on gegenpress, maybe try positive or attacking? Again, no expert but maybe some others can chide in.
  8. Could it just be simply that he has no positional ability (no stars at WB not even awkward, but accomplished at FB)? So the staff see he has no experience there and rates him low based on the position rather than the attributes? Just a guess.
  9. It depends on definitions. According to the political compass, left and right refers to the amount of government control in economic affairs (with authoritarian and libertarian being the amount of government involvement in social affairs). Another way is left is liberal and right is conservative. Anyway, your point is made, it is an interesting thread. My earlier post was just in response to a question of ethics being subjective, so I tried to add a definition in that could be used/debated.
  10. I guess 1 of the websites Speedyol linked could be useful in providing a (somewhat vague) definition for an ethical football club: We rate clubs that live some or all of the following: positive ownership practices, social inclusiveness, environmental footprint, ethical supply chain, and positive impact on the community No mention of left or right leaning politics. I guess that could come from our own biased views on left and right: where some argue that left is liberal and right is nazi. The political compass suggests otherwise, however I feel I am getting far away from what we are looking for on a computer game forum!
  11. To answer " My experience has been that any load requiring a loan fee would not happen (as no clubs have a transfer budget). I would assume a free loan could happen, but I haven't tested it.
  12. i don't have the game in front of me, but i think if you set up the team page to have all the attributes in the order you want, then go to preferences, print screen then choose html, you can export it and then open it with a web browser. Finally, copy and paste all from the browser into excel and print. Sorry, if i got details wrong but maybe someone else can fix any mistakes.
  13. For me, the selling point is when their wage demands get too high. even for a big club, I cant force myself to give 200,000 euros a week on salary. I would never sell a future star at 19 unless they were demanding it or I had mismanaged the finances somehow. Even if I had mismanaged the finances, i would try to find another way to make money. I don't enjoy contract negotiation time! I tend to lose half my Liverpool team!
  14. Maybe I am over thinking this, but could the bad rating be due to unhappiness over the contract? Once he gets a new contract, morale may pick up and so will his ratings? Just a thought
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