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  1. Understood Rashidi, I hope he gets better soon. Sometimes there are more important things than football!
  2. Perhaps also try this: Sporadicsmiles has an excellent thread where he works through his ideas to develop a tactic. I am not saying copy his tactic, but perhaps work through your ideas like he has done: How do I want to play? What shape do I want? How do I want to score goals? Where do I want players to move to? What roles will allow me to do these things? What player/tactical instructions do I need to do these things? Do I need opposition instructions? Then perhaps you can use the thread you have created to work through your ideas and post them here. Then, you can arrange your thoughts and possibly see what you need to do, and if you do not spot any issues, somebody else can give advice. These forums have lots of great posters that would love to help!
  3. No, I am not saying have all attack down one side and all support down another (not that that wont work in some situations, but I am not sure that will achieve what you want to achieve). Rashidi has started a guide to positions which is not completed, but gives an idea of what the roles can do. To quote Rashidi when it comes to full backs: On defend duties he holds his position and crosses from deep · On support duties, decisions and his individual mentality will influence his play. He will choose when to do cross, play the through ball. His job is to support the midfield and attacks. · On attack duties, the fullback will cross more often and look for chances to move higher up the pitch. Therefore a FB on attack will push higher up and one on defend will stay deep. Therefore a FB on attack duty will be closer to the winger (and be more aggressive in what he does). Whilst Rashidi hasn't finished more advanced roles (by the way Rashidi, I am looking forward to reading those!), if you look to the in game description of the roles and the player instructions, a winger with an attack duty has 'get further forward' ticked whilst a winger on support does not, attack also has a higher mentality (more aggressive). So, a fb on defensive duty will stay back and a winger on attack will get forward leaving a gap between the 2. this means on that side there will be a hole as shown below: In fact what your players are doing may be something like: So the players on the left will be closer together. Therefore, if you want to focus play down the right, you need to get players into positions where they can get the ball, at the moment the right winger is in a better position to finish plays off as he will be closer to goal. If you are dead set on keeping the FB and Winger roles on the right as they are, then perhaps consider the DM on the right, if you can get him in a position to exploit the hole being left, then this may help things, like this: However, you need to consider the roles in combination, By doing this there is now a huge hole in central midfield (especially with a BWM)! Perhaps try this: get a piece of paper and note down where you want the players to start (starting position) then make a note of what you want them to do (go forward, stay in position, come deeper, cross, cut inside etc). Then examine the picture you have created and see if it is logical. If it is logical, then you can start to look at the roles and duties and see how your plan can be achieved.
  4. Hi Ausbrown, I am no expert, but what I see is this: You have 3 ball magnet roles: target man, advanced playmaker and deep lying playmaker. These roles have it hardcoded to receive the ball more than other roles and they are all central. Therefore the other players will look to get the ball to these ball magnet roles more than other roles, which can result in higher central possession. Secondly, there is a huge gap between the right winger (who is on attack duty so will be very advanced) and the full back (on defend duty, so will stay back). On the other side is a winger on support and a full back on attack which both will be closer to each other and able to link up together, in addition also they will be closer to the midfield and offer links from the midfield to attack. The right side doesn't seem to offer this link. Therefore, if you want more play down the right: Consider a playmaker or target man on the right hand side to attract the ball more and taking off some or all of the other ball magnet roles. Think about the right side roles to be more active in build up play. Do you want the right side to be a part of build up play or to score goals? At the moment it would seem there is a greater chance to score goals on the right with build up through the centre and left side. Maybe consider a support role for the right winger and a more aggressive role for the right full back to get them to link together and with the midfield. Or maybe think about dragging the right winger to MR to start deeper and then attack the opposition full back head on (could be useful if your right winger has lots of pace and can dribble past the full back). Maybe some others will have some better ideas too.
  5. Hi Arsenal457, I am no tactical expert, bit perhaps consider the CM roles to be generalist roles while many other are specialist roles. By this I mean that if I do not have any special requirements for the CM other than positioning (if I want deeper I choose the defensive role, more forward minded the attacking role, somewhere in the middle the support role) I would choose the CM role. However, if I want the central midfielder to something special (specialization) then I would look to another role. For example, if I have a midfield 3 and the opposition have a midfield 2, maybe I want one midfielder to put lots of pressure on the 2 opposition midfielders so I might choose a BWM role. Or perhaps there is space in the midfield so I want to exploit it, I know that the playmaker roles are ball magnets so if I choose one of those roles (DLP for deeper roles, AP for more advanced roles etc) then they will look to be a magnet for the ball in central areas. And as stated earlier, the CM roles do allow for greater flexibility, but I am not great at playing around with those. For me, I have no problems using general roles unless I have a specific reason for using another one, however there are people that are much better at tactics in these forums than me who can offer much better ideas!
  6. I am hoping that I have not turned this into a negative thread about FMT because I agree with the OP (in fact after looking at this thread I am trying FMT again and the missing transfers are not currently a game breaking thing), however it would be great if being able to use updated databases was included at some time as I believe this would increase the amount of people using FMT. I am somewhat tempted to use fake players (is that an option in FMT??) and fast forward a few years so that the players are all unknown.
  7. I would agree with most of this, however the 1 thing that stops me from using FMT is that you cannot use an updated database (especially relevant for fm18 now when I want to use Liverpool!). Perhaps you could also add that you can't turn off the first window transfers (not a deal breaker).
  8. You really want a challenge? Let me design your tactic! I am the worst fm tactician in the world!
  9. I have noticed people in these forums mentioning that physical attributes were the most important thing at lower leagues, perhaps run a test at a higher league to see the results? The only thing i would suggest is look at the required attributes for the role you have given them and rank those higher than the other ones.
  10. It would be a shame for this thread to die, especially if people could ask questions and give adive on how to combat the problems. Whilst there are some great threads out there, i often struggle to identify things and this thread may provide people like me with a point to start to identify problems and seek help.
  11. I have noticed the same thing with the touch version (not the regular version). I have created my own view for selection, but whenever I go back to my team view the default selection view automatically shows up. I can only assume there is a box we have to check somewhere in preferences but I have not been able to find it. This is certainly not a major issue, just annoying to always have to change views.
  12. Thanks Neil. Kahna, I have heard conflicting reasons for the block, ranging from Tibet issues (FM stating Tibet was a separate country) to financial ones. It is annoying, but I guess over the new year I will be heading overseas, so I can purchase it then. Hoista, thanks, but hong kong has completely different internet rules. Facebook, youtube etc are easily available in HK, I am not sure why FM is available in HK and not here.
  13. Yeah, i think I will just bite the bullet and buy it. I posted a message on the steam forums and a few people in China have said they have successfully paid for it and are just waiting for the release date to see what happens. I am curious if other countries are seeing the game show up in steam. Anybody in Cambodia or South Korea etc had a look?
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