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  1. I am hoping that I have not turned this into a negative thread about FMT because I agree with the OP (in fact after looking at this thread I am trying FMT again and the missing transfers are not currently a game breaking thing), however it would be great if being able to use updated databases was included at some time as I believe this would increase the amount of people using FMT. I am somewhat tempted to use fake players (is that an option in FMT??) and fast forward a few years so that the players are all unknown.
  2. I would agree with most of this, however the 1 thing that stops me from using FMT is that you cannot use an updated database (especially relevant for fm18 now when I want to use Liverpool!). Perhaps you could also add that you can't turn off the first window transfers (not a deal breaker).
  3. You really want a challenge? Let me design your tactic! I am the worst fm tactician in the world!
  4. I have noticed people in these forums mentioning that physical attributes were the most important thing at lower leagues, perhaps run a test at a higher league to see the results? The only thing i would suggest is look at the required attributes for the role you have given them and rank those higher than the other ones.
  5. It would be a shame for this thread to die, especially if people could ask questions and give adive on how to combat the problems. Whilst there are some great threads out there, i often struggle to identify things and this thread may provide people like me with a point to start to identify problems and seek help.
  6. I have noticed the same thing with the touch version (not the regular version). I have created my own view for selection, but whenever I go back to my team view the default selection view automatically shows up. I can only assume there is a box we have to check somewhere in preferences but I have not been able to find it. This is certainly not a major issue, just annoying to always have to change views.
  7. Thanks Neil. Kahna, I have heard conflicting reasons for the block, ranging from Tibet issues (FM stating Tibet was a separate country) to financial ones. It is annoying, but I guess over the new year I will be heading overseas, so I can purchase it then. Hoista, thanks, but hong kong has completely different internet rules. Facebook, youtube etc are easily available in HK, I am not sure why FM is available in HK and not here.
  8. Yeah, i think I will just bite the bullet and buy it. I posted a message on the steam forums and a few people in China have said they have successfully paid for it and are just waiting for the release date to see what happens. I am curious if other countries are seeing the game show up in steam. Anybody in Cambodia or South Korea etc had a look?
  9. I do feel somewhat for the OP. Whilst the mods and others have given some great advice, I too feel that sometimes I almost need a troubleshooting checklist in order for me to begin to get an idea of what I should be looking for.
  10. Just a quick update if anybody is interested. Green gaming said it was unavailable in this region, however another person on steam said they have successfully bought it and are just waiting to see what happens on the day it is released. Perhaps green gaming made it unavailable due to other reasons.
  11. Hi guys, I connected to steam this morning and it has Football Manager 16 available to buy in China, whereas in the past the other versions were not available. Are other people noticing this? Will it be blocked later? And is it available in other countries that were previously blocked (South Korea, Cambodia etc)?
  12. Hey guys. I have been trying to look at opposition managers and come up with tactics to counter them. However I am confused by the difference in "coaching style" and "playing mentality". For example, Harry Redknapp's coaching style is general, whilst his playing mentality is attacking. I have seen managers with an attacking coaching style. What is the difference between coaching style and playing mentality? Also how do you guys counter varies manager tactics that are displayed in the manager information screen, such as pressing style or passing style? If this has been answered before, a link would be great! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey guys, another question for you! What impact does team cohesion training have? Does it affect moral? If so, if I am hitting a slump and moral is down, would changing training to team cohesion help? Thanks Again.
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