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  1. maybe I understand: he is set to join Manchester city on 22/05/2034 and the current date is 13 June 2033, So he wants to join Manchester city now?
  2. just as a thought: why not separate key and secondary and then see what that shows you? This may help your analysis. For example: I have downloaded a tactic for FM19 that explains key and secondary attributes that are suitable for the tactic in the eyes of the tactic's creator. For Full Back (just a quick selection of players) the scores are as a percentage: Key Secondary Gomez 74 66 Fabinho 73 70 Alexander-Arnold 68 68 Robertson 73 73 Moreno 72 66 Henderson 77 74 I am wondering if also separating the key and secondary attributes into technical, mental and physical might offer something too. FB Key Total Tech Men Phy Sec Total Tech Men Phy Gomez 74 73 73 75 66 70 62 None Fabinho 73 70 72 75 70 69 71 None Alexander-Arnold 68 68 70 66 68 70 66 None Robertson 73 70 74 71 73 70 75 None Moreno 72 70 68 78 66 68 64 None Henderson 77 70 81 74 74 73 75 None This would tell me that Alexander-Arnold needs to bulk up a bit to play the role, Gomez needs to improve his Off the Ball or I need to forget about him in that role unless there is an injury crises, and Moreno may need brain surgery! I don't know if this too much info as the purpose of this thread might be to reduce the amount of data to look at, but I thought I would put this out there. I am now also seeing perhaps a reason why the eds mention there are limitations to this. I mean Henderson is my 2nd best centre back as well as my best full back according to this method!
  3. Hi Zanman77, be aware that website hasn't had an update since the 20th Jan 2019. So the 'update for 2020" I assume means the year not the game version (unless the author was able to see 9ish months in the future!). I still think debate needs to happen on the accuracy of some of the information on that website, but I guess that can happen after you complete more of the guide and then updates can be made as the community (hopefully) can discuss things more.
  4. but are they really? a FB in an attack role is a defender? Can the FB Att be grouped in with a CB? An anchor man DM is a midfielder? Just like a Just like a CM attack? an AM Advanced playmaker is the same as a shadow striker? Therefore, when averaging defenders, a team with FB that are on defend duty will have different averages than those that have attacking Fbs. In addition, maybe crossing on defenders averages about 9, but for a Cb it is 7, for a FB it is 12. An average winger may have crossing at 14 whilst an IF has 11. So my argument is more in-game categories in the position comparison would be beneficial. I like the work that Zanman777 is putting in, I think we just need more data to make it work better. If the game doesn't have the tools for this, then perhaps the community can start creating the analysis.
  5. Would love FM to have more options in getting the average ratings for the league. I mean what to classify a FB? A DM? A winger? Are they defenders, midfielders attackers? I guess it depends on your system. Whilst I can change the classification in your spreadsheet (or make new ones for my team), I can't then compare them to other team's average. I wonder if something can be done with player descriptions and comparing them? I know this would require huge amounts of work, but say I would get all the "attacking full backs" for the league and getting the attributes for them and creating your own average? Then perhaps they may also need to be divided into whether they are developed or developing (or star, first team, backup etc) in order to get an idea of how they compare to other players that are in a similar stage of development rather than having the average attribute changed by youth players etc. I am fully aware that means going through every team and analysing them! Ouch! You seem to love creating spreadsheets for analysis (including role analysis!), any chance of a spreadsheet that automatically analyzes every team and creates user changeable averages? (just kidding!)
  6. I have looked at the website a few times and you are right, it is a bit of a mess! So well done on trying to simplify it! That website takes creating tactics and makes it into trying to decipher a thesis..... That would scare many people away, especially those that already argue that creating a tactic has become too complicated. However, I wonder if other parts of that website could be added to your work. For example: https://www.guidetofm.com/tactics/choosing-roles-duties discusses penetration, solidarity and support, and gives an advised score (that score is debatable and would be interesting to see people's ideas on that). Then further down it looks at each role and duty and applies a penetration etc score to it. On the same page it also discusses how each position provides attacking cover, provides defensive cover, applies defensive pressure and plays safe and analyses each role and duty for this. It also suggests what roles to partner each role and duty with (see why this webpage is so complicated!). I also thought it may be better to divide the columns into styles from the bottom of https://www.guidetofootball.com/tactics/playing-styles like direct attacking football and analyse what would be suitable for each style. Then use that model to generate discussion and see what people could do to alter and improve it. It could also show us what could be wrong in the website's thinking and help us to understand tactics better. A few quick notes: I believe I have seen the mods on the SI forums say a few times that not everything is correct on that webpage, but I am not sure what parts are wrong. Also don't worry if people do not immediately reply to your post. Many people may not have checked the website you got it from and therefore might be confused. Maybe update your OP to explain a few concepts to help those reading the files.
  7. Hi Ashking, I am certainly no tactical genius, but generally on these forums people ask what you are trying to achieve. How you are hoping to score goals, how you are hoping to win the ball back etc. By doing this, you can start to visualize how your team should play and work on achieving that through the tactics creator. Having said that, when watching games, do you notice the centre backs can be left by themselves? At the moment, the wbs will push forward, and the dms (bwm def) may look to attack the opposition with the ball and try very aggressively to win the ball back. With potentially the wbs upfield and the dms acting like heat seeking missiles, that may leave the cbs exposed. Edit: Perhaps have a look at other threads to see how they work through their thoughts. For example: this one by sporadicsmiles looks at how he wants to play, gets a base formation, looks at what he wants the positions to do, then gets the tactic to do just that. Whilst I am not saying go into the depth that sporadicsmiles has, but perhaps sitting with a piece of paper and considering these things will help. And if you are motivated, you can put them on here so that we can see what you are thinking, then we can offer advice to A) whether what you want to achieve is a good idea, B) how to achieve this.
  8. might this just be related to coaches? I remember on previous versions that if you didn't have a coach on an aspect (defending, attacking, fitness etc) then people would complain.
  9. There have been a few threads on this in the past: Here seems to provide the best information which says that there was a security update to windows 10 that made some older software unusable. The link says to have a look at this which explains the problem and offers some solutions down the bottom. HOWEVER: I am not sure of the ramifications of doing this, I am not sure if this will provide a security risk for your computer, perhaps someone else can offer advice on this. @FrazT was involved in that thread so he/she may be the best one for that.
  10. Interesting idea. What could also help is if the team is failing to achieve "how you want to play" in a particular game, that there is some help to determine why. For example: if I want to control the ball with a slow patient build up, keeping the ball on the left to hopefully release somebody on the right, and it is failing in one game, the assistant manager can offer some help as to why. If the opposition are closing down a particular player causing them to lose the ball a lot, or the mentality of the opposition makes my choice of mentality not able to achieve what I want, or there needs to be an increase or decrease in tempo, the advice can help us to look at that. This could help somebody work out why the tactic is not doing what they want and therefore be in more control of their tactic. Whilst this wont guarantee them a win, it could help them understand the game better, which may encourage them to create their own tactics more.
  11. You are probably right in me needing a better understanding of football, and I do see the concern of making the game too easy for some. However, I have seen enough threads in these forums of people being confused as to why they are failing and understanding the ramifications of their decisions to suggest that some further in-game guidance could be warranted. Does SI want the game to be applicable to only those that are football experts or to the general public? Finding a balance is not easy, however I wonder if some people get turned off from the game due to frustration of not knowing what is happening. I have seen some movement in the game towards tactical help, such as providing frameworks for tiki taka, gegenpressing etc. There is also assistant manager advice (which many on the forums tell us to ignore) so it seems that SI are trying to help. However, it can be difficult to watch the game and analyse what is happening. Perhaps just having more useful assistant manager advice would be enough, I don't know, but something could be beneficial. Or a guide perhaps. I certainly don't want the game to be ruined for those that are knowledgeable and/or want the challenge, but some need help too. Like I said before, it is finding that balance somehow.
  12. I would personally love future versions to have a way of explaining to me how I lost (or won!). A way of me understanding my tactical choices better and how the opposition's choices affected my tactics and the result. This alone would radically change the game for me and make it more enjoyable. I am not good enough at the game to notice ME flaws as I just assume everything is my fault!
  13. I decided yesterday to run an experimental save om FM18 where I made my assistant manager CA at 200, gave him really high attributes in the editor, and then would follow his advice pre-game and in-game. My hope was to learn something about tactical decisions that would help me make choices in the future. However, when I was editing his attributes, I came upon this: I didn't know what to do, so if I was unsure I just put the attribute at 10. My logic was that putting everything at 20 will make him want to do that more, whereas 10 was the middle road. I turned off any preferences such as formation or tendencies. I set my formation as a 4-4-2 with standard mentality and the team shape as flexible to allow for changes, and these were reset after every game. I only ran 3 games as the results did not work out as planned. Basically he gave formation advice (based upon the formation weakness in the scout report, which since his tactical flexibility was 20, he was willing to try any formation. As the other teams only had pre-season friendlies, this was not particularly useful.) and once he gave a mentality suggestion (from standard to control for a home game). At no time in pre-game were there any other pieces of advice. During the game there was some advice, usually related to passing length and crossing. My initial thoughts are that since I gave many tactical attributes as 10, he did not favour or hate them, he just tended to ignore them. I would guess if I put some of those at 20 (such as width), then he would tell me to do that every time. When I have time I guess I can check that out. So, if the assistant manager had a preferred formation, mentality, and tactical preference, I would assume that would be part of most of his advice. Again, not confirmed, just based on a quick test.
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