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  1. Hello, How do you guys proceed when a first team player returns from a long term injury? Do you play him for a few minutes in the first games, gradually, until he reach an acceptable match sharpness?
  2. Thanks and sorry. Glad to know that, I'm happier now lol.
  3. Sh*it, one of my most talented players it's injured for 5 to 6 months. Will his attributes decline much? And if they do, can he still recover them and still improve? I'm scared that his physicals might not be the same and then will be hard to improve.
  4. His positioning is not good for DC or BWM, but using him in the midfield is a better option.
  5. Hello, How do you normally set up your crosses? Does it makes sense to use whipped or low crosses if I have fast strikers? With whipped crosses the ball goes with some distance from the grass but with strength and pace, right? Tks.
  6. Hello guys, If a player has 2 star CA and 4 star PA but already with 22 y old, can he still reach full potential? Thanks.
  7. Thank you all. @CRN711 yes it is possible, I dont know how is it in FM18, but in FM17 when you are seeing the analysis, you have a bar below the field with 2 circles that can be moved. That allow you to see the analysis of any specific period of the game.
  8. Hello guys, What do you think of him? Would you sign him? Jumping reach is horrible, but overall he is good. Tks
  9. mikcheck

    FM17: Opinion on this player

  10. mikcheck

    FM17: Opinion on this player

    Thank you both. @D_LO_ You say that we may not be a good defender because of his low jumping reach?
  11. Hi all, Question: Imagine you have a player that you'll either usim as Poacher or AF, would you give a AF role to him if he has average/below average dribbling? In this case I'm talking about a player with 12 for dribbling in the Spanish league. Thank you.
  12. Thanks, that makes sense, the fact that they'll higher up due to mentality. One more thing, who normally drops deeper, DLF or F9? tks
  13. Hello, If I use Hold Position PI for a BWM on a support duty, it basically means that we will be really on a defend dut? Tks
  14. @Cleon do you have any article on pre-season training and how do you set it up? Thanks.
  15. Cleon, so in theory and based on what I've read from your posts here, low team work and composure may not be a bad thing for a player whose job is to finish chances without too much thinking?
  16. Cleon, did your really mean a DLP or DLF? I've never thought of having a DLP with a low team work. That's interesting. It's an attribute that I always value in any position, but I guess it can be effective in certain roles, like a true Poacher. Looking forward to read your article.
  17. Ladies and Gents, So I had a player on loan for 2 years and played on the right side as a CWB (A), but loan period is now over and his club will start to play him on the first team and will ony sell him for 90M I need someone now to play on that side and it's a important role in my 4-1-3-2 formation. However the only ones in the game who could play that role are really expensive, so I thought about the player in the 1st you can see below and train him for that position on the right side. What makes me think he could be good there? Both positioning and off the ball are not bad at all, he is fast, decent crossing, can drible and decent work rate. The only problem is marking and tackling. He can certainly develop but those 2 attributes will always be poor. The 2nd player below can also perform that role, but I still prefer the 1st one. It's curious that they're both left footed. What do you guys thinks? Thank you!
  18. Thanks. I think I've found a good one!
  19. Hello guys. When you are looking for an attacking fullback very important for your tactic, either a wingback or a complete wingback, which attributes your look for? Do you favour attacking attributes over defensive? In this case i'm looking for a CWB on the right side, but for me is always difficult to decide the best attributes for a fullback when looking for one. Thanks.