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  1. Thanks. Do you think a roaming AM(a) can work with the AF(a)?
  2. Thank you all for your answers. I had a bad season, finished 8th. I reckon that my team is not great, overall, but I should've done much better. Anyway I thought that the tactic was too defensive and too deep, that why I've pushed both DMC's to MC's. It looks like this: But given that I focus down the left and Aranguiz is much more better than Bender with the ball at his feet, shouldn't be better if I switched them? CM(d) on the right and CAR on the left so I have my best ball playing players on that left side? The reason why I use CM(d) on that side is b
  3. Hello, I'd like to know your opinion about this tactic for my Leverkusen team please. It's more of a counter tactic, mainly to explore Bailey's runs. Thanks.
  4. I'm yet to see that inability that people talk. My penalty taker scored 9 in 11 and the other one scored 4 in 4. Are you sure you're choosing the right player?
  5. This is a lovely ball bandicam 2021-01-18 18-56-14-625 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  6. Could you be more specific please? Are you referring to attacking and defensive unit players? Group defensive with defensive players and attacking with attacking ones, even if they play in different positions? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Is there any way to change the career stats history to all competitions instead of domestic league only? I know it's always been like that, but I think it should contain the stats from all the competitions. Also, is there any place where I can see a player career stats from all the competitions in the past seasons? Thanks
  8. Does it work if I have a mentoring group with different positions? For example, a model citizen central defender with a young right back? Or a resolute central midfielder with a young central defender? Thank you.
  9. Hi there, I know that it's not possible to train tackling as a individual focus, only role training. But isn't it a attribute that barely increase? Like flair, for example.
  10. @Experienced Defender I wonder why do think 442 is not a good choice for a team like Bayern?
  11. But is it too easy just in this version tho? You can always overachieve with a team with good players if you know the basics of creating a tactic and put the right players in the right positions. I think it's always been like that.
  12. Is it on reddit? haha well it really was a crazy deal, I've never sold a player for so much money, not even close! Man City paid Lautaro's release clause in my 1st season, €111M. Not much I could do there.
  13. Sorry but where can I see that map? I should really start to pay attention to all those statistics, because I barely do and I think it can be interesting to know some things.
  14. I'd be more than happy to sell him for half of that, but Chelsea just kept raising the bid
  15. Thanks. I understand what you mean with the ideia of WP and it makes sense to have one there. Zaniolo and Camavinga (the other one who plays on the right) can perfectly play the role, but that would mean that the DLF wouldn't see much of the ball nor have much space to operate, because he's on the same side. I need that right midfielder to stay not too wide but not too narrow, and I feel that the WP, because he is a ball magnet looking for the ball, he would be too narrow for my liking. So that's why I don't use that role there. As for the underlap, I hadn't tried it yet, but it make
  16. I'd like to know how would you set it up with those players I have in my starting 11, if you don't mind. Thanks. As far as playing style, and as you can se by some of the TI's, and considering that it's not a top heavy formation, I want to give the opponent some time with the ball while at the same time having that little bit of space for my pacey attackers from the left. My 2 strikers are the only players who close down more. I also had Regroup as an option, but I don't think I need it, maybe in those difficult away games. Thanks, that's also a good setup
  17. So the season is barely over and he's already transfer listed Looks like they don't really care much about money
  18. Hello there, I'm using a 442 and initially I had the DLF(s) on the left like this and I think it makes sense, DLF(s) coming deep creating space for IW to attack: But I thought it could be fun to have my creative and technical players on the right side of the pitch (WM, DLF and DLP that sometimes it's just a CM(d) when Torreira plays there) and my best finishers on the left (IW and PF). I want to focus on the right and have the left to attack the space. Do you think it could work? I'm not sure if both IW and PF won't deny space for each other, even thoug
  19. Yes the one I really try to avoid is the long shots one, but Zaniolo refuse to unlearn it and I've gave up too. Tried it about 6 times already. From my experience so far, I couldn't make any player unlearn PPM's that they already have before joining the club. That's why I'm starting to get hesitant about bringing players with certain PPM's. Yeah "stays back all times" for an attacking fullback is not good if your tactic really requires an attacking fullback
  20. Hi there, I've noticed, at least in this 21 version, that it's very hard for a player to unlearn his natural traits. Until now, all my efforts did nothing. I just gave up because they just wont unlearn. For example Zaniolo has "shoots from distance" and I've tried to make him unlearn that for 5 or 6 times, but to no avail, he still has it. Do you guys pay attention to that when signing new players? Can a player trait keep you from signing a talented player? Like someone you'd see as a DLF(s) with "gets forward whenever possible"? Thanks.
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