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  1. I fancy doing a rebuild with Sheffield Wednesday and possibly a European save with Villareal. Might have to play a season with PSG just for the fun of it as well.
  2. You can try to request to the board to have more coaches allowed.
  3. Difficult to say as we don't know what team you're managing and your quality vs Arsenal's.
  4. I'd imagine that will come down to a player in a deeper positions attributes, if he has good vision, anticipation & decision making he will make the best choice (either play direct into a player or pass into space).
  5. You can still operate with a higher line of engagement and pass into space, it just means the players won't be able to do so as often as there will be less space to exploit.
  6. There's no way I'd sell him unless I was desperate for the cash. He's still only 22 and you could mentor him which should help his mentality. If he's not ripping the league up with those attributes I'd look at tweaking your system, I wonder if PPM of 'gets into opposition area' is hindering him, as he's not a great finisher, I'd rather he stayed outside where he can dribble, play a killer ball or a take a long shot with his attributes.
  7. I don't disable it, however I generally don't do much in the initial transfer window. However, if a key player gets a longterm injury then I want to be able to replace him (as I would in real life).
  8. Which players have you signed more than once on this years FM? For me, I've just signed Yaya Sanogo for a second time
  9. What are you defenders like? are they quick enough to play a high line? or intelligent enough to use the offside trap?
  10. Yes I agree slightly more direct is fine, it's just the above post was recommending shorter passing which I don't personally believe is the most effective way of transitioning with speed. However, it's just my take/preference with this system, to be honest it's largely down to the players at your disposal as to what will work best. I will have a look through your post now
  11. This isn't how I'd personally play this system. For example even if your player plays a pass forward if it's shorter it gives more time to your opponents players to get back into position whereas with a more direct approach the oppostion have less time to get back which means there is more space to exploit.
  12. Would disagree in regards to the shorter passing TI, if you want to transition the ball up the field quickly you need to be playing more direct and passing the ball into space ... otherwise he could end up with a possession oriented system. I'd also add: Pass into space Run at defence Higher tempo Distribute quickly
  13. For me, I'd say the musts for gegenpress are: Pass into space High to extremely high tempo Counter press Counter Higher to much higher DL/LOE More urgent to extremely urgent press To pull this off your players need to have excellent physicals, which might be an issue for your team. So you might want to scale elements of it back, so the intensity isn't as high otherwise it could be counterproductive.
  14. You can also holiday the match day and the assistant will pick the team/tactic.
  15. A few that come to mind Millwall, RBL, Istanbul Basakehir
  16. Won the league on this years FM with Werder Bremen in the second the next season Bayern won the title. Mainly down to having European games which I didn't have the previous season. After that I overhauled the squad and won it back to back before moving onto a different save.
  17. Just make sure he doesn't become any unhappier - play him regularly, interact with him (if you can) - eventually his unhappiness will go as long as he doesn't have anything else to be concerned with.
  18. I was struglling to get a save going recently, but now I've got one I'm really enjoying. Sometimes you just need a break until a club or project inspires your next save.
  19. He plays in Sweden so might not be in your database if you haven't got the Swedish leagues loaded.
  20. Aston Villa - Grealish Palace - Eze Everton - Rodriguez
  21. I wonder if you ask the keeper to 'take more risks' will they distribute to your chosen player even if marked.
  22. I've had couple of VAR offsides go my way, but 99% of the time you're right. Personally, I don't like the delay of the referee going to check the screen when in real life they get informed by the VAR team (In England, at least)
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