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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for the additionnal Brexit (sorry !) I've been looking for ~45min on the forum for a full list of possible Brexit scenarios but could just find a myriad of complain topics. How many Brexit scenarios are in the game ? So far, over 4 differents saves, I always end up with the "17 foreign players + 8k£/w" scenario. Anybody how many other scenarios there is and what exactly they do? Thank all !
  2. Hi guys, I am on my first save with Bristol City, so far pretty successful ! However, this is mainly due to my team being pretty strong on the defensive side while we manage to knick a lucky goal or two in the attack. Overal, most of my players manage to win games without having very good rates at the end of the game. Also, I would like much more "counter" goals. Quick passes up to the penalty area or even playthrough the opponent defensive line. So far it's rather coming from free-kicks, corners or lucky crosses... I am feeling like I am missing a little something here to turn this into gold but I not sure what. Oh, and my striker rates are very chaotic. He often gets 6.4 to 6.7 rates for two games before making a huge performance the next game. My assistant however tells me he is "very consistent" (!?) Here is my main tactic, a 4-1-4-1 (which I guess changes as a 4-1-2-2-1 when attacking) : TIs : How I want to play the game : 1) Defense : rock solid at the back. Very solid at the back (I love a cleansheet!). What I'm going for is a defensive line not pressing much (to avoid creating spaces behind the defensive line) WHILE all the other players try to get the ball back once the opposition is in our 30 meters (eg : see below PI for the LW). This way my defense can stick in place and avoid creating holes while the midfielders harass the opponent to get the ball back and avoid easy long-range shoots. 2) Attack : Quick and dirty My main objective is to score goals "wrong-footing" the opposition. Once we get the ball back, two options : - quick distribution to the DLP which should launch even quicker the WM, IW or striker. - or even simply bypass the DLP and go straight for the pass to my four bombing players (WM, IW, Mezz, F9). All these players are not epic goal scorers but they are pretty quick ! Ideally, I would like max 5 passes before one of them as an opportunity to shoot. A typical play would be for instance : - DLP taking the ball back, passing the F9. - F9 controls in the center of the oppisition field, pass into the channel to the Mezz. - Mezzala runs to the side with the ball then pass it to the IW which made a run inside behind the Mezz - IW dribble past defense and try to shoot or pass it to an unmarked F9 or WM (or B2B). I guess I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what... Any help or suggestion is welcomed !
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