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  1. In Premier League there seems to be a 3 week break in November between fixtures, game 11 being played on 2nd November and game 12 on 23rd November. Whilst there is an international break on the 16th November there should be a set of fixtures on 9th November. The fixture which should be on the 9th November seems to be arranged for the 14th January.
  2. Hi My U21 manager will only select players from the U21 squad and will not select U18 players unless they are selected as 'available for the U21 team'. However if I do this my U18 manager will not select them for the U18's. The AI managers seem to be able to select U18's for U21 games without a problem and they still play for the U18's as well. The games are not on the same day and are approx. 2-3 days apart. What do I need to do to be able to resolve this? Thanks
  3. Hi Not sure if this has been mentioned, I've done a quick search and couldn't find anything. The rule in the English Premier League about the registration of players is any player born on or after 1/1/92 (for this season) do not have to be registered however when reviewing my registrations for this season it says that players born on or after 1/9/92 do not have to be registered. For example, Gary Gardner and Jores Okore at Aston Villa are not in the main 25 man squad in real life and are in the U21 list but on the game I need to register them in the main squad.
  4. Hi Wondering if anyone can help. I'm trying to run FM2013 but everytime I've tried to load Steam tries to install a update. When it reaches 99% the message 'ERROR: Could not open file bin/FileSystem_steam.dll My virus checker says that this is a trojan detected and steam will not load. I have tried restoring my computer without success and I've also tried reinstalling steam. I now cannot access Steam at all and cannot load FM2013. Can anybody help? Thanks
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