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  1. Plenty of teams seem to be able to, I had a player there with 40 different contract offers before he eventually left
  2. Yeah for some reason all teams are, but I edited mine to be amateur for realism purposes but they automatically turned semi pro at the end of the first season anyway. Losing all of my players every season is certainly going to make the challenge a bit trickier anyway
  3. Did the part time terms eventually become available? I think it's maybe something to do with the board asking me if we wanted to turn semi pro, I agreed and it was due to take place at the end of the season, however it seems to be hardcoded in the database that the team turned semi pro straight away even though the progress bar is still progressing Trying to do a youth challenge, got promoted first season to level 11 then just lost my entire team because I couldn't offer them contracts.
  4. Am I missing something in that I can't seem to offer anything other than non contact terms as a semi pro side? I have a wage budget of 1.4k a week yet can't over part time terms, and even on non contract terms I can only offer £20pw as an appearance fee.
  5. Cheers for the quick response, will await his reply! Attempting a youth only challenge with Boro Rangers. Their badge is the old school Boro badge from yonks ago so pretty keen to get it
  6. Yeah I already have the pack, however he hasn't done the North Riding Premier League so the team I'm playing as isn't there Also do level 11 teams not enter the FA Cup?
  7. Is the North Riding league included in the database? Wanting to play as Boro Rangers who I believe are a Level 11 club
  8. How would I change a badge for a Level 11 team to their real badge?
  9. I've managed to get AFC Telford to a top 10 Prem side in the mid 2030s, at this stage I'm only really interested in top players which makes it much more difficult. Some of the foreign players I have are incredible but filling out the squad which British/Irish players is so difficult
  10. Sounds promising then. Finding it hard to get decent home grown players, they only seem to generate at the top 6 clubs who just want obscene money for them
  11. How common is this? I got the version of Brexit that means a max of 17 foreign players and with how overpriced English players are it's a bit of a struggle to stay under that quota. I'm sort of relying that a few of my foreign players will eventually take English as a second nationality but I was wondering what factors effect whether or not they will do this?
  12. Is it a good idea to chuck a player into the first team straight away as soon as they are signed from an intake? Is it likely to help or hinder them?
  13. I do appreciate the reply but yeah I was more looking for a couple of tweaks rather than wholesale changes. I really like the idea of inside forwards so they are kind of integral to the tactic. Changing the striker to maybe a pressing forward or a target man on support duty might be worth a try though
  14. Thanks for the response - The idea for the tactic initially was to have the 3 up front all on attack so that they were regularly in the box together, rather than isolating the man up front. Then the mezzalas would push wide a bit and offer the support to the wing backs as they came forward. It generally works ok and we do score a lot of goals, but the striker just doesn't seem to get any of them. I think you could be right in that he gets crowded out in the box, which is probably what opens up the space for the others to score so many.
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