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  1. I believe it's the latter
  2. I'm managing Jomo Cosmos in the South African Premiership, and I have a young CB with the potential to be a very good player for this league, but he's nothing special at all and is valued at only 30 grand. A team in my league bid 250k which I accepted then noticed loads of teams were after him, I stuck the asking price up to 500k and more teams came in so I kept rejecting the lower offer and increasing it. Repeated this all the way up to £5 million which is apparently the ceiling and he's off to Inter. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Is it an exploit in the AI to keep them coming in over and over again by increasing the price? I'd have been delighted with the 250K for him never mind £5 million!
  3. They have been playing Euro qualifiers and friendlies. I applied for it and never heard back
  4. I'm playing as Gibraltar United and when the national team job game up I decided to apply for it. About 2 years later they still haven't made an appointment. Is this a known issue?
  5. I try to turn AFC Telford into world champions every year on FM, found it easier on this FM than on any other
  6. Not a small squad by choice! 3rd season in the Champions League and about my 5th or 6th in the PL after straight promotions to it with AFC Telford and we still have among the smallest wage budgets in the league despite challenging at the top. The board still refuse to build a new stadium so we are maxed out at 12,500 each week which is a pain and is really holding us back. They say the fan base isn't there yet when we ground shared with Wolves while in the Championship for a bit we were getting crowds of 20+k. Anyway rant over off to bed as we're away to PSG next and I can't face another defeat tonight and still retain my sanity
  7. I've threatened that before with no success so I don't want to risk being sacked. We've started the season with 5 straight defeats after finishing 2nd last and a CL semi final last season which is just marvelous
  8. Yeah they've told me no to transfer and wage rises, my squad is decimated by injuries and was tiny prior to that yet they expect me to achieve a top 4 place with barely a penny to spend
  9. Surely if this was the situation in real life a bit of common sense would be used and the transfer would go through
  10. What is considered the better option, play a sub standard player in his natural position or playing an excellent player outside of his natural position (e.g a RB at LB)?
  11. Happens to me all the time, usually in the last third of a season
  12. Feel like that would be cheating a bit though, it just would have been nice to get a message saying the club are expected to fail CL regulations unless we make X amount of money
  13. It's a bit frustrating because I got the message just as the season ended, it didn't give me any time to sell players in order to meet the requirements
  14. This is the first season as a top 4 club and our stadium only holds 12,500, which I think is a primary reason for low funds as we can't afford a new one. I'm apparently on course to pass Champions League regulations so I have no idea how far over I am
  15. I finally got my AFC Telford team to the champions league, and while we were "on course to pass financial fair play regulations" I was denied a license for it and will miss out. What am I mean to do? The only way I can increase revenue is play CL football, without it we will just sink further and further into the red